Monday, 13 September 2010

My Angels

There are no words I can say that would express how I feel about these two lovely girlies.. Friends? No. Sisters? No. Angels?? YES!!

They certainly are angels.. I am eternally in-debt to them.. Their kindness, generosity, sweetness, loving nature makes them a pair of the BEST people I have come across in my life..

I wish I can say more but I am lost for words.. So I will simply wish them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY..

ANONY & ZAWI :* :*

Love u both :*


Anony said...

<3 <3

Anony said...

FourMe elaaa al abaaad :D :D

" I am eternally in-debt to them" - hmmmm ya3ni etha 7asaltay el Graff ra7 ta36eni eyaa ?? looool


Hope said...

Happy B-Day 2 them
Allah y5aleehom lech

MIB said...

Happy b'day ya 7lwaat..el3mr killa Inshalla!<3

Rabbi y5alleehn lich, sweetness..

*..And this was just to save my ass frm gettin' kicked!;P(jk)*

swera said...

Happy Birthday to them wel3omer killa nshalah! Allah y5alehom lech ya rb :*

Journal Entries said...

happy birthday twins! ;)
3asallah ekhaleekum 7g ba3ath wala eghayir 3alaikum..

the boudoir. said...

kil 3am wuhma ibkhair..o ya7athhum feech wallah:*

Anony said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely wishs :D

Lost said...

awwww happy bday<3