Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Chemo- 9

- 9 Chemo's down. 3 to go.

- Took 3 chemos instead of 4 again and all at half dose because I'm too weak.

- Very tired need usual couple days to recover :(

- Scan results no change. Didn't get worse and didn't get better. Staying on same chemo. If after 12 not cured possible Radiation and MORE Chemo :((

- 3eedkom Mbarak in advance :(

p.s. Girls, Danderma, Zon, Swera, Q8othug thank u all S000 much I loved the package but too tired to say more. Thank u :**


Anony said...


Anonymous said...

if it was up to me,

i'd give you my strength

i'd give you my health

my heart

my soul

even my bones..

i'd give it to you in a heart beat

i'd give it to you without blinking

i'd give it all not to see you go through all this

not to see you in all this pain

i'd give it to you even if it costs me my life.

if it was up to me i'd give it all and more.

but it's not :(

all i have is praying .. all i can do is pray and pray and more pray

pray for your health

pray for your smile

for your life

for your heart

for your mother

for years to come.

for cheerful times.

for every wish to come true

i'll pray and pray

and more pray.

i'll pray in this life

i'll pray for this life, and the after one.

i'll pray for as long as i can, as hard as i can.

I will pray ..

swera said...

*hugs* & *kisses* hope u will recover from this one soon ;*

Jacqui said...

Salamat galbich inshalla.. Inshalla ya rab you finish hal 3 chemo sessions and find yourself all cured inshalla ya rab.

I don't know what more to say bs you're in my prayers o enshalla alla eshafeech mn hal marath o etgomenlena salma o ghanma :*

Yours truly said...

*Big Bear Hug*

q8othug said...

take care and rest plenty...

3eeditch mbarak in advance

Journal Entries said...


3eedich embarak =*

Aurous said...

enshalla ya rab 12 and not a single session more..
3eedch mbarak ;*

Hope said...

3eedech mbarak hun o te8abal Allah 6a3tech
o InShallah this nightmare will B over soon & u'll get ur life back & u'll get everything u wanted or ever asked 4
7abeebti u'll always B in my prayers
Allah YaShfeech o YaShfi mar'9a el.moSlemeen.. InShallah u'll B cancer free in no time *hugs*

foshyaa said...

ra7 elkether o ma bga ela elqalel enshalla ;* wenshala betseren nfs awl wa7saan ;*