Monday, 13 July 2015

Pain! Pain! Pain!!!

Pain. I've tolerated every level of pain. I've been living with pain. In pain.

I've been taught to accept pain.

To tolerate pain.

To feel immense pain yet disconnect my mind from pain.

I know how to and when to numb pain.

It's chronic pain.



Sometimes, like this instant exactly I want to scream off of the top of my lungs!




It hurts so bad. It's not only ripping through my flesh but through my soul.

It's so painful. It's like a dagger twisting in my heart and slashing through my flesh from head to toe.

I'm in PAIN!


hissi said...

your courage always amazes me, you don't know me that well, but I love you, you're an amazing person and I don't know if there's anything anyone can do or say to help relieve your pain (I could knock you out? lol) but just know that there are compassionate hearts with you on your journey.
stay strong, like you always do :)

FourMe said...

Thank you darling xx
The knocking out part seems awesome just about now as my pains like to kick up come night time lol.

theperksofbeinglikeme said...

you're so strong you can kick pain in the ass!!!

Unknown said...

I hope that you've seen a doctor for all this pain that you're going through.

FourMe said...

In theory yes.. In reality, no. Such is life.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know if you still check out your blog, but I know I do. I’ve been here since 2012, it been now 6 years and every single time I go through your tweets or your blog I just can’t tell you how much I admire this blog, the thoughts , the inside out spoken words, everything .. god bless you and give you strength to keep fighting it