Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chemo Brain

We all complain about memory loss, we can't remember where we placed things, phone numbers, names, etc. With the fast paced life this became the norm. Yet that is nothing compared to Chemo Brain.

Funny name, the first time I heard the term I thought my oncologist was joking. Apparently after Chemotherapy your cognitive memory is affected. 50 percent of chemo patients recover from Chemo Brain whilst the rest will suffer permanently.

My memory is in tatters. First months after chemo it was Very bad, I'd forget everything and anything, I was in the 'chemo fog' as they call it. I would forget things, names of family, faces, things that I knew, memories, I'd be in mid speech and all of the sudden stop because I cannot remember what I was talking about. With time it has improved I'd say 70-80% improvement. But still suffering a bit, mid conversation memory loss is still a problem. Forgetting where I place things and minor things here and there.

I've got Chemo Brain! Ohh and Chemo Hair apparently but I'll explain that in an other post.


Nemo said...

You have to know that no matters what happen to the brain (strokes, .. ) it is so flexible (neuroplasticity) that it can recover everything with cognitive training (,
I'm sure u'll gain everything back cuz u're the bravest person I've come to know :)

Anonymous said...






FourMe said...

Aww thanx babe! I know its a passing thing just need time :)



Not funny :/

Who u again? :p

Jacqui said...

I have old people brain LOL! :P

Shayouma said...


Anonymous said...

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plz check it out and know that we r behind u wishing u to get well...
3asa alla yegawmich bl salama o yeb3id 3annich kl shar

Expat and the City said...

I have a blonde brain ;P

q8othug ~ stop smoking crack! heehee