Saturday, 7 May 2011


--A year exactly today I was told Happy 29th Birthday, you have Cancer! --

My world halted, shocked, pain, sadness, Chemotherapy, hair loss,
nausea, heart scares, lung scares, shoulder scares, more Chemo,
tiredness, lethargy, endlessssssss doctors, tests, scans, million
needles, REMISSION, 1st 3 month check, and today 2nd 3 month check.

--Fast forward an exact year --

Congratulations you are Cancer FREE and you will enter your 30th
birthday stronger than EVER and a SURVIVOR :D

ALF IL7AMDILLAH :D Allah ya7fithny o yshafeni o yshafy kil mareeth.

p.s. I kicked Hodgkin's Lymphoma's ASS baaaaaaaaaby ;)


Anony said...

U kicked it ass!!


Rumaitha said...

You kicked it hard baby ;)

Alf il7amdillah..!! I'm glad you are all fine and well.

Anonymous said...

nice (y)

i think i will make a badge out of this for you ^___^

swera said...

alf alf el7mdellah darling :*

Anonymous said...

el7mdella kel 3am w enty b5air & cancer free :*

LWDLIK said...

I'm so happy for you. Was a little scared to pass by, so glad I did. WTG sweety! Awesome stuff!

Jacqui said...

El7emdella o enshalla dooom you are healthy and without any health worries! Allah edooom 3alaich el se7a o egawmech bl salama mn kel shar enshalla.. :D

Anonymous said...

il7emdillaaaah! ive been your silent reader for a long time, but i have to tell you: i look up to you. allaah y6awel b3umrch oo ya7fi6'ch. low agdar chan dazatlch thbee7a;p (family tradition)

Standy said...


wallah best news of the year.. alf 7amillah 3ala el salama!!