Tuesday, 9 November 2010


This is truly what I needed.. A break from the horrid treatment and all the sickness, needle poking, tension, sadness, depression, and endless cancer related crap.. 3asa Alah la y3oda..

The girls have truly truly made this trip worth it! I don't have time to a7ik my gar3a mn kethir eloya, if it's not the girls, it's the other girls, if it's not close family, it's family friends, if it's family friends, it's distant relatives. 6ab3an ely yz3al mn 9ob wily ytsharah mn 9ob etc.. Ely ygol ana yaya agtheha zwarat! I need FUN not formalities!! Almost every day I'm out breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. Funny thing is trying to make time for people by making plans and cancelling plans, I'm over booking and double booking people :p

Got my scans soon, honestly I'm not so optimistic about them, had several nose bleeds since I got back, did some blood tests, and so far I gotta wait it out. Dunno just fed up of all the sickness crap, I don't wanna go through more treatments :( Wayd ta3abt wnhad 7aily.. Ppl get the flu and complain and I had to endure 12th long and painful sessions :(

Plz plzzzzzz God let me be cured plz I beg of you let it all disappear and never come back.. I wanna move on with my life.. I wana live what comes in good health and joy, yakfeny sadness and ta3ab.. Ppl preach about my illness and wish they're in my place just for the ajir.. Ya talk is cheap, lo y7oshkom flu t't3boon let alone what I have and how destructive it is..

Ely eyee mn Alah 7ayah Alah, if am cured alf il7amd and if not ham alf il7amd.. Alah 3a6a w Alah khatha.. Am doing ely 3alay w akthar..I'm in God's hands o 3alaih twkalt..


Dont.Dwell said...

I feel really lame for bitching about a flu ;(

Bs all it does is makes me respect u more and more for ur strenght :D

hathak il yom I was watching a video about genetic disorders and stuff for uni,

Part of it talked about those who suffer from cancer as a result of it being hereditary..

anyways this one women went through breast cancer 3 times!!!

oo she's still here today to talk about it plus is raising a kid whilst knowing ina one day he might get it as well,

il shay ily made me tear up was the fact that she's still smiling...

allah y9aberch wybal'3ech b5abar 7elo yfar7 galbch :D

p.s. heres the link of the video incase ur interested bs its mainly to do with genetics


Glitter said...

Love u and love ur attitude ;*

Standy said...

inshallah maykoon feech el el 3afiya and everything will turn out to be positive,,

Jacqui said...

Ya rab enshalla enshalla enshalla bethen allah eshafeeeech o ewakher 3anich hal maraaath el (for lack of a better word) maleeeq!

Ya rab shafy FourMee o khal se7at'ha o 3afyat'ha eredon laha!


Welcome back btw :*

the boudoir. said...

this is exactly what u needed, coming back...winshallah hl nafsiya helps a lot in winning this battle..u r amazing u know that!? one of a kind..wallah y3awthich hal sina bayam a7san..i hope u enjoy ur time as much as possible

Anonymous said...

يا رب الله يشافيج

والله إنج في بالي و دعواتي

Anonymous said...

enshalla no more cancer ya raab


Noora said...

3aleech 7ettat attitude 3ajeb jedan ;p allah eqawee emenich ;**

ely etesharah eroo7 enam a7san, u bs enjoy ur stay here o0 qayrai jaw trayeqai 0 taqaday o0 ta3ashay o0 have a blast ;)

allah la ya5lech min ahlich o0 ur friends

me said...

Hi fourme. I have few things to say to you. You are a hero. You are a superwoman mashallah. And you will enshalla live until you are OLD. You will be 80 year old and people will come to you to sign their copy of your book.
I left you a comment on danderma's post about your gathering.

I first want to say that I read people's suggestion of a book and i really think you should publish your posts into a book. The publisher would help you with the editing. You could publish your book as a diary. You have a great sense of humour. You will inspire many people sick or not. You inspire them into loving life. Into being strong. The ones who lost people they love. The ones who are sick. The ones who are clinically depressed. The old people. The molested people. The blind people (auto version of your book will help :) The happy people. You are an inspiration to all.

Second, and i am terribly sorry for bringing this up again, please please please (and this is what i mentioned on danderma's blog) please Fourme, consider, just consider, controlling your foods quality. Please. Some people would tell you that food won't harm you. It does when your immune system is weak. oil sugar. Try to eat more food with antioxidants. I know you want to shoot me right now. But i was a bit considered about your tweets about cupcakes and the junk. it is bad for you. Be healthy. Help your body gain its strength. AS i mentioned in my other comment, i personally know a person who got treated from cancer by changing her eating habits. will you consider that?

me again said...

and sorry for the many typos. *concerned.

FourMe said...

Thank u all:*

I know what u mean with watching what I eat but for past 6 months I've been literally deprived of food. I can only eat certain things and not allowed sooooooooo many others!

U cow,d call these days as a rebellion phase, in a way I'm celebrating end of chemotherapy for now. I just wan a eat and not think of consequences as now for a change I can actually taste food and it's not bitter or tastes like metal as it has been for past 6 months. Will change eating habits soon don't u worry. And thank u for ur concern dear :)

me said...

Don't freak out. I'm not stalking you :p
I'm glad you are going to stop your food rebellion soon :)
and keep blogging. Keep tweeting. be angry be happy be whatever you want. You have many silent readers. Not just the 400+ :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...