Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I'm Pending

Let's make this short..
12 Chemotherapy sessions done..
1000 pills a day done..
Scans, bloods, and more scans done..

Results? No clue yet :'(

I've had enough of sickness and don't think i will be able to take more..

Allah kareem.. What's done is done..

And what's meant to happen will happen..

Can't escape my destiny..

il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al..


الـسـنـبـلـة said...

simply this is the life .. allah y6amnch 3ala 9i7tch nshalla :)

happy eid :D

Anonymous said...

Enshalla everything is fine , la et7aten;*


Sarah said...

prophet Muhammad (peac be upon him )
said :
" خير الدعاء دعاء يوم عرفة

and u were mintioned in my du3a <3

b24n ellah enik ttshafeen (:

MushuThaLohari said...

FourMe, I come to check your blog whenever I have time, and when I see a new post, my heart starts beating very quickly. I know this sounds weird, but it feels like I'm actually waiting for MY results.

You are in my prayers, dear, and insha Allah mafee 2ella kel khayr.

PS. Eid mubarak! (:

Hope said...

Allah yeShafeech

ME: the buzzkill said...

Fourme, 7amdela 3ala salamtich o enshala ya rab forever healthy and strong. I check your tweets today over 20 times :) i'm so happy for you.

btw this is me, the person who asked you to eat healthy lol
Now can i say something please? please don't shoot me, but dont' forget to always eat healthy food. Take care of your immune system. Let it grow strong and you will notice a huge difference. Strengthen it. Literally. Eat your damn broccoli and prunes girl :) now i will stop being such a buzzkill. Enjoy your week. it's saturday. a new week. a new beginning :)