Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Laugh

This whole ordeal has taught me many things and changed me in many ways. It taught me how to appreciate having a sip of water and not feeling nauseas, waking up in the morning and being able to eat, being able to walk without the aid of anyone. Those little things people take for granted but for someone like me I become extremely happy when I can do and enjoy such.

Most importantly it taught me happiness, contentment, and joy. Before I was diagnosed and got this sick I used to laugh at something funny, conversation, or what have you. I laughed yet I NEVER felt truly happy, I'd laugh on the outside yet on the inside I was sad (because of many reasons). My happiness was never complete because I was unhappy.

Fast forward to pain, cancer, chemotherapy, and physical/mental pain like you can't ever imagine, and I'm happy. When I laugh nowadays I feel the joy in my heart, I feel my insides giggle with joy, for once I truly feel the happiness and joy of laughter! When I laugh I truly laugh, even my laugh sounds different! Alf il7amdillah that through this misery I was blessed to see and experience the simplest joys of life that I took for granted when I was "Normal".

I wish you all joyous laughter that makes you understand what happiness is..

To laughing my dears..


Social Butterfly said...

Il7amdilla =)
Through all this you have become who you truly are and want to be =D
Good Morning!

ولاّدة سابقاً ... رانيا السعد ...رانية المنيفي حسب الأوراق الرسمية said...

النمو الروحاني الذي مررت به هو تطور لا يصله سوى الأولياء ولو كنا في زمن آخر ومكان آخر لأصبحتي
سانتا فورميا
ولكان لكِ مزار بين مزارع العنب في مكان ما في إيطاليا أو فرنسا

بالنسبة لي أنتِ: سانتا فورميا
وأنا أحج لمزارك السيبيري لتعمني البركات ولأصحو من أوهام صغائر الأمور

أحبكِ..وأجلّكِ..وأحترمك لأبعد الحدود

Rumaitha said...

Alf el 7amdillah..!!

Goodm orning w 3asa ayamech kelha laughters and joy.

the boudoir. said...

beautiful words

may all ur days b filled with laughter

Dont.Dwell said...

"When I laugh nowadays I feel the joy in my heart, I feel my insides giggle with joy"

Allah ytamem 3alaich inshalla,

That phrase is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...


pun intended


doona said...

3asa doum mo youm ;***

falantan said...

this might be weird.. but my dad used to say we gain happiness only through depravity.

we are deprived of something, and when we get it then we become really happy.

so this should lead to the wealthiest being the most unhappy. and the poorest being the happiest people on earth?

Allah ytammem 3alaich o ybalghech the real everlasting happiness beljannah inshalla.

الزين said...

دائما المرض وحدة الألم تجعلنا نرى الأمور بشكل افضل

وتتغير مقاييسنا واحساسنا بكل شي

انا اعتقد لأن الألم هو الوحيد القادر على تنقية الإنسان ورفعه درجات كثيره عن مستوى بقية البشر

وكل مازاد بحدته
كل ما اصبحنا اكثر نقاء

جميله انت بروحانتيك
شفافه وعذبه
ماطره دائما بأمور غفلنا عنها
مبهره كضوء الفجر
حميمه ودافئه كنور الشمس

ولج مفعول السحر على اللي حولج

تدرين شكثر احبج صح

عسى ربي يحفظج ويرفع عنج ولا يخسر التعب يارب

من مثلك هم من يستحقون الحياة

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration to me. allah ygawmech bessalamah inshalla:) i will learn to appreciate the small things in life and keep smiling for the simple things we are granted:)

Gloria said...

I hope that u will be ok :) everything will be alright^^

Redish Rose said...

im so happy for you wallah

lamikayty said...

and the bible says a merry heart doeth good like medicine...Keep laughing dear. praying for you

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