Saturday, 20 November 2010


اللهم لك الحمد حمدا كثيرا
اللهم لك الحمد حمدا كثيرا
اللهم لك الحمد حمدا كثيرا
اللهم لك الحمد حمدا كثيرا
اللهم لك الحمد حمدا كثيرا
اللهم لك الحمد حمدا كثيرا
اللهم لك الحمد حمدا كثيرا

*And I'm born AGAIN :D

Allllffffff e9alaaaaaat w salaaaaaaam 3alaaik ya 7abeeeeb AlllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH w mo7amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD Gololooo0o0o0o0oo0oo0o00oo0oo0o0o0o0o0ooooooooooooo0o0o00oo0ooo0oo0o0o0olllllooooooooooooooooshhhhh hehhehee yes yanait ela shway :p la laa I take that back yanait rasmiii :D Far7ty b3omry akthar mn ay fr7a fra7t'ha mn gabil aw bfra7ha :)))) YA RABI YA KAREEM TAMIM 3ALAY HAL FAR7A :*

*I am 1 day old!! Forever now my birthday will be known as 19/11/2010.

*Alf il7amdillah :)

*I still cannot believe it ! Hehehee I'm still in shocking shock :p I don't even know what to write! Well let's start with this...

I FourMe with God's will I beat Cancer :D
I beat Stage 4 Cancer :D
I beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma :D
I beat 2 tumours :D
I beat 12 PAINFUL Chemotherapy sessions :D
I beat hair loss, weight gain, breathlessness, high blood pressure, high heart rate. PAIN. Like no other paaaain.
(1tumour is still there and some stuff around heart and other on spine and all that but NO active Cancer for now, I will be scanned every 3 months)


And for now:



ربي اسألك رضاك عني و توفيقك بالدنيا و الآخره و أن لا تجعل بقلبي غيرك و أن تعينني على ذكرك و حسن عبادتك

‏​‏​‏​يارب انت الشافي والكافي والمعافي فاشفي مرضى المسلمين من كل داء وعافهم وأتم شفاءهم يا أرحم الراحمين
Ya rabi ya 7abeebi ya kareem tshafi mrtha el3alam kilhom Alahoma AMEEEEEN.

لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله


Anony said...


Anonymous said...

I just cried my eyes out reading your post ;"D
Alf 7amd o shiker lik ya rab!
Ya rab tashfe baji martha il muslimen
Alahuma amen

Anony said...



Alfff alllf il7emdellllaaaaaaah ;D ;D

Anony said...


*tasjed sajdat shuker*

Anony said...
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Rumaitha said...

I seriously cried as I read this. Alf el 7amdillah. The best news I 've heard this morning.

Allahuma ishfi shefa2an la ye'3aderu sa8aman le kel el umma el islamiya.

Alf al 7amdellah.

Anony said...


IN UR FACE CANCER!! As If u thought u had a chance against her!!!



;'D ;D ;D

Anony said...

Goloolololololololosh lool

Yaraaaaab ya7fethech min. Kel shar o ytamen 3aleeeeeeeeeech ilse7a wel3afyaaa o ykhalee hal sa3adaaa matfareg galbech ;**

Il7emdellllaaaaaah ;D

PaLoMiNo said...

Kololololshhhhhh ;*********
al7mdelaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ya rabyyyyyyy ;****
Mama Oo baba Oo bros and Sis all ybrkoooon lich baby ;*****

Ur the besttttt ;*****

Mutairy said...

الحمد لله على سلامتك
و إن شاء الله بداية لحياة سعيدة و مليئة بالأفراح

Adi said...

You were always a fighter and you kicked cancer ass =)!

swera said...

kolololooooooooshshshshshshshsh alf alf alf alf el7mdellaaaaah yaaaa raaaaaaab :*

o nshallah this mother fucking bitch called cancer will never ever know its way toward ya ya rba! wesaaaaame3 egoool Ameeeeeeeeeennnn :****

reemas said...

i think u made people cry in this post more than they ever cried in other posts :p
FourMe we r so happy for u.
U earned it big time.
here is my last post:

reemas said...

i think u made people cry in this post more than they ever cried in other posts :p
FourMe we r so happy for u.
U earned it big time.
here is my last post:

Kumail+ said...

الحمد لله عالسلامة

Standy said...

wallah you have no idea how happy i am for you...

inshallah it will never come back...

alf 7amdillah 3ala el salama *hugs*

الزين said...

مو عارفه اكتب شي

قاتل الله الكلمات العاصيه


انا من اقصى قلبي سعيدة


Social Butterfly said...

il7amdilla ya rabee =D
We all had faith in you!! We knew you could kick cancer's butt!!

Allah maa ega9er!!!

Alf Mabrook!!

DuchessX said...

ALF IL 9alaaaat wil salam 3alaik ya 7abeeb allah mo7amaaaad kololololololololesh 2alf 2alf mabrook wil 7emdellah 3ala salamtech CONGRATS on beating cancers ass ;D

Anonymous said...


I am very HAAAAAAAAAApy for you!

Anonymous said...


I am very HAAAAAAAAAApy for you!

Expat and the City said...

This is wonderful news! I am so very happy for you and your family. You are such an inspiration. I wish you a long life of happiness, good health and good times! :)

MushuThaLohari said...

Ya Allah ya Kareem!!!

Alf, alf, ALF el hamdu li Allah 3ala salamtek, FourMe! And yes, I have to admit that I cried too when I read this post - I ran to my mom, and told her the good news, and I could see her eyes growing teary as well, though it was the first time she heard about you.

What you've been through is no small deal, yet you survived. This is a (rather long-ish, sorry!) quote I've sneakily stolen from some forum, which I wish to share with you, because I find it to be a very beautiful and inspirational one. Insha Allah you have enough time/patience to read it:

"Q: I've often heard people say....'Allah only tests those He loves' in fact I've said it myself many a time. However in Ibn Qayyim's book 'Sins and their Evil Effects' he says...

'When you see anyone in a difficulty, understand that he is being punished for a sin'

But doesnt that contradict the first part? Are the two compatible...Allah's love alongside punishment?

A: Abu Hurayrah (radiallaahu 'anhu) reported that the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) said: "Whenever Allah wills good for a person, He subjects him to adversity." [ Bukharee and others ]

'When you see anyone in a difficulty, understand that he is being punished for a sin'

That does not contradict the fact that Allaah tests those whom He loves. Since Allaah loves a person, He is punishing them in this life so that they will be free of sins in the Aakhirah and on the Day of Judgement. We know that for any suffering a Muslim goes through, some of his sins are expiated, and the reason he goes through the hardship in the first place is because of his sins. The following Ahadith explains it:

MushuThaLohari said...

Anas (radiallaahu anhu) reported that the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) said: "When Allah wills good for a servant of His, He expedites his punishment in this life; and when He wills retribution for a servant of His, He holds his sins for Him to judge him by them on the Day of Resurrection."

Abu Hurayrah (radiallaahu 'anhu) reported that the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam) said: "Hardships continue to befall a believing man and woman's body, family, and property, until they meet Allah (swt) burdened with no sins." [ Tirmithee ]

Abu Sa'eed al-Khudree (radiallaahu anhu) reported that the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) said: "A muslim is not afflicted by hardship, sickness, sadness, worry, harm, or depression - even if pricked by a thorn, but Allah expiates his sins because of that. " [Bukharee and Muslim]

'Aishah (radiallaahu anhu) narrated that once some pain afflicted the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) causing him to suffer and turn about in his bed. She said: "Had one of us done this, you would have blamed him." He (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) replied: "An ailment is intensified for the righteous. whenever a believer is afflicted by a hardship, whether it is a thorn or more, a sin is taken off from him because of it, and he is elevated by one rank (in Jannah)." [ Ahmad ]

So because Allaah loves this person, He sends him trials and problems here, as a 'punishment' in this Life, so he won't be burdened with it on the Day of Qiyamah. If the person is patient for the sake of Allaah, then Insha'Allaah the above hadith apply to him.

"Indeed amazing are the affairs of a believer ! They are all for his benefit; If he is granted ease of living he is thankful; and this is best for him. And if he is afflicted with a hardship, he perseveres; and this is best or him." [ Muslim ]"

I pray to Allah that you heal completely, and become a healthy young lady again, insha Allah. I pray to Him that all the things you lost during these trying time, you get them back tenfolds, insha Allah. I pray that you always stay hopeful, beautiful (inside & outside), strong, humble and God-fearing - just the way you seem to be now, insha Allah.

I'm off to spread the good news to anyone who's willing to listen! :D

Shayouma said...


Shayouma said...

ALF ALF ALF el Hamdilla!

Muuwwwaaah! :

Manal said...

masha Allah
mabrook 7bebty
mbrook o 3aleech bel 3afya el 2eradah el 8aweyah
ya 3asal
ma sha Allah

doooooooom mestansa
o met3afyah
o eb9e7a o 3afyah


the boudoir. said...

il7imdia il7imdila il7imdila:***

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can say is this is AMAZING. So, so incredibly happy for you and best wishes in your new beginning!

enigma said...

YESSSS!!! el7amdillaaa! I am so happy for you!

7e9a said...

congrats !!
really happy for you <3

zuz said...

alf el7emdella, soo happy for you

Anonymous said...


alfff el7emdillaah lik ya rabbbb news ever!! wallaah i'm so happy for you ;*

w ee wallaaah u kicked it asss *dances out of joy and happiness*

*jumps up and down*


Sque :D

Anonymous said...

al7amdellaaaaaah al7amdellaaaaah al7amdellaaaah

ya rab lak el7amd welshikir ... wallaah madry shagoool !!! kint agra oo abchy oo ath7ak oo a9afig LOL !!! oo ared agra marra thanya at2akad .. ma sha2 allah .. esmella 3alaich .. 3asa allah ey7afthich oo yab3eda 3annich 4ever inshalla

9ebartay mashallah 3alaich oo kella eb2ajra .. oo al7amdellah rabby estejab lech oo lekelman da3alich .. oo allah 7abab khalga fech oo sakharlich nas la et3arfenhom wala ey3arfonich yad3oonlich min kil galbhom sub7an allah .. al7amdlah 3ala hal ne3ma ..

i called my mom abasherha .. oo khawaty .. oo my bro elly ra7 el7aj oo kint emwa9eta yad3y lich .. hehe wanasa .. my mom fe bait yaddy .. wana akalemha asma3ha etgool 7ag khalaty ennich el7emdellah .. rabby 3addach elshar :D
elkil yad3y lich ena rabby eytamem 3alaich oo ya7fithich o yas3idich .. oo elkil far7an lich .. oo entai testahlain sweety :*

barky for ur mom .. pls hehe :)

3asa allah eykhalech laha oo eykhaleha lich .. OMG min 9ijy far7ana !!!

A7LA KHABAR 9ijjjj


Um Mit3ib said...

7imdilaaa 3al salamaa ya galby;****

alf alf alf alf mabrok !

* L said...

Mabrooook :)
i am soooooooo happy for you!!


Journal Entries said...

I'm SO haaaapppyyyyy!!!
a7la khabar sima3tah min fatraaa

il 7imdillaaaaaaaha oo aaaaalf mabroooooook :*

Glitter said...

I couldn't be prouder of you,
nor happier for you..



noora said...

اللهم لك الحمد حمداً كثيراً طيباً مباركاً ملئ السماوات و الأرض و ما بينهما
اللهم لك الحمد حتى ترضى

alla yaqsel ib marathich kil thnobich ;** 3asa rabbi etamim 3alech o yaqneech ib ahalich o rab3ich wla y7rimich minhum wala ya7rimhum eyach... o hathy 3ala ras ur mama ;**** 3asa rabbi efare7 gulbha fech AAAMEEEN

meem said...

el 7imdellah =)
shiftaaai, giltlich .. you are strong o YOU MADE IT =D

please dont forget the people who stood with you ;*

Anonymous said...

I've been following you silently from the moment of your diagnosis to your cure. I lived with your pain and prayed for you.
While reading this post I couldn't hold back my tears. Allahuma laka al7amd.

I am sooooooooo happy for you sweety.
Keeep your spirit up.

Well Wisher said...

اللهم لك الحمد و الشكر أنت الشافي المعافي وحدك لا شريك لك فلك الحمد كله و لك الشكر كله!

!!!!!{هذا من فضل ربي}

Alf alf alf alf alf alf 7amd oo shikr ya rab!!!!! :D :D :D 7abeebty FourMe Alffff mabroooooooook!!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!! \o/!!! Yaaay!! :D :D :D I'm so so proud of you!!! You stayed strong even though at days you felt weaker than weak.. You never stopped saying al7amdillah and counting your blessings even though you were going through one of the hardest thing anyone can possibly go through..

You are an example of how to beat cancer!! I wish you could write a book or somehow print your posts into a book dedicated to ppl fighting cancer.. I'm sure your words will help them through it..

il7imdillaaaah ya rab al3alameen 3ala hal bshara.. Allah ya36eech il9e7a wil3afya doom ya rab oo ykhaleelech a7babich oo ahalich wikhwanich oo kil min wigaf wiyach :*

To cancer free days ya rab!!!

La ninsa ako nas lail7een battling this gruesome disease, fa ya rab kama shafait FourMe ishfy marthana oo martha ilmuslimeen oo martha il9ara6an kilihum ya ar7am ilra7imeen! Allahuma albis'hum libas al9e7a wil3afiya inaka 3ala thalik qadeer..

Anonymous said...


RembieMonsterRose said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you God, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting so looong for you to write this post > and here it comes :D Alf Alf el 7imdillah 3ala salamtich ya mantaaa kareeeeem ya RUB :******

falantan said...

Alf il7emdella ya Rab,

o il7emdella 3ala estajabat eddo3a'. Allah ma y5ayeb thann 3abdah etha a7san ethann feh.

There you go, you just got a 2nd chance at life :) make the best of it

this is truly inspiring wallah, if we can only learn. facing death and then being spared.. it truly wakes you up. if we can only learn.

Aham shai 3asa Rabbi ytammem 3alaich this awakened and happy state. o as you said, e3enech 3ala 7esn eshukur wil 3ibadah 3ala hanni3mah il3atheema.

Anonymous said...

احساس راااائع لمّا تشوف دعوة أستجيبت =)))

الحمدلله ..ألف الحمدلله

الله يخلي هالبدايه بدايه خير ..مرات العمر ما يبدى إلا بعد ما نمر بأشياء على قد ما تضعفنا ..تقوينا

حمدلله على سلامتك و كل سنة و انتي طيبه
من جد ما اعتقد في اغلى من هدية ربنا لك بالصحه

بحبك و لسه بدعيلك <3 <3

Sweet Revenge said...

الحمد لله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات
العيد صار عيدين
كل عام وانت بالف خير وصحة وعافية
يمكن احنا نقول هالتهنئة ومانحس بمعني الصحة والعافية
ابتلاء مريتي فيه والحمد لله طلعت افضل واقوي
ربي يديم عليج هالنعمة الصراحة كنت احاتيج بالعيد واقول شصار عليها
وربي لكل الحمد

Rania M said...

I've been a silent reader of your blog, i've always wanted to comment but i was speechless, never found the words to comfort you. Today i have decided to break my silence and actually comment, Coz this is just Magnificent news . your ordeal has made me re-asses my life and how nothing matters as long as i have my family and friends around me and as long as we are all healthy. You have been so strong and courageous and el 7amdillah Allah 3awadek ba3d sabrek o ta3abek khair. alf el 7amdillah o Alf MABROOK. im really proud of you, you are one tough cookie !!!!

F. said...

Alf il7amdillah 3ala salamtich! I'm so happy for you really.

You beat it. YOU BEAT IT!


Anonymous said...

fourme elBA6ALA :D


moi said...

*etyaaaaabib* alf elsalat welsalam 3lek ya 7abeeb allaaaaaaaaaa mo7ammaaaaad kololoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh :D :D mabrooooooooooooooooooook *hugsssssss* ;****

love u-moi

RainDrop said...

I KNEW IT! November is the best month of the year :P

Let's celebrate our bdays together, sho rayech?! we're gonna have a blast !!! :P

el 7imdellah 3ala salamtech sweetie.. *hugssssssssssssss*

Traveleer said...

el7emdelaaaa ..alf alf mabrook o 7emdela 3ala salamtech :)
I wish you all the best because you are the best and you deserve the best in life

Anonymous said...

Il7imdellah 3ala ilsalameh :')

Allahuma laka al7amd 7amdan katheeran mubarakan 6ayeban kama yanbaghi liwajhik alkareeem....

wishing you all the best!!!
silent reader for ages :)

Jacqui said...

El7emdella ya rab! 7emdella 3al salama and I had no doubt that you would beat this filthy mofo and kick it into remission! Ya rab edooom hal sa7aaa o eredech lena salma o ghanma ya raaab!

Sadgeeeeni the minute I knew you were getting your results on the 19th gemt ad3y ina it's good news hehehe o el7emdela kan feee alf ghairy yad3y weyay o allah estajab lena o estajab lech!

O like I said on Twitter today is your true 29th Birthday your true birthdate because you are born again :*

Allah edooom 3alaich else7a o ekhalech 7ag ahalech o lena enshalla...

Love you :*

الـسـنـبـلـة said...

ooh u made me cry :"(
mn el.fara7 6ab3an :D
alllllf el7amdilla ya rub :*

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

il7amdillah ;D

Anonymous said...

This is the first time i saw ur blog.. and this is because i read glitter article ...i cried for your happiness ... proud of u entee mathal latfa2al .. el 7amdallah allah yaba3adah 3anch o yahneech ba2ayamch ..all the best

DG said...

Yes, yes, yesssssss!!!!! I couldn't NOT comment on this post; I'm a silent reader by the way, and this news just put a great big smile on my face!

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

allllllllllf 7imdila!

Anonymous said...

Mashallah! You are a phoenix that rises from its ashes every time it burns! Just rise up in the skies higher every time you fly! You kicked the cancer's ass for that you wont give in ;-)

Mabroook o alf el 7emdellah 3ala salamtich :-D

sweetd said...

MASHALLAH! you are one of the STRONGEST woman I know...I knew you could beat it and this news has finally made my day...u r a real inspiration for us all.

I'm so sorry I've been busy with uni...but I remembered you and thought I would drop by hoping to see this great news..:****

I really hope you have a wonderful like and u deserve the break! Truly you are a HERO!