Saturday, 4 December 2010


I listened to it 12 times.. 12 times it played into my ears and felt it moving through my body, into my blood, the words carried through my veins alongside with chemo destroying my Cancer. Believe you me I felt the words of Surat AlBaqarah are what cured me and destroyed my Cancer and not Chemotherapy..

From my first chemo session till the last(the 12th) I listened to it. The second they push in my pre-chemo meds I switch AlBaqarah on my phone and listen to it till the last drop of chemo has entered my veins, usually it lasts for 2 hours and that's how long my chemo took, yet there were times where I listened to it twice because I'd have complications and chemo lasts double its duration..

With Surat AlBaqarah and only it and ra7mat Allah I was able to withstand this horrible disease and its torturous chemo.. Alf il7amdillah 3ala n3mat elQuran.


falantan said...

Allah ytammem 3alaich fourme. o 3asa yefta7 baseeratna like he did yours ^^

Errant said...

Dear blogger friend,

I can't be more happy to hear this good news of your recovery. I can't even express what I want to say in words. Maybe a hug? *hugggg*

Your thankful words to God are very very beautiful. You're such an inspiration.

You know I stopped reading your blog long time ago. It started to affect me and I started to have weird ideas. This is how honest and touchy your writing is. You pour yourself out and I just can't bare it. I feel you in every word. It was tiring. It was so beautiful and so painful. I don't know what to say. So, I just stopped reading .. but I never stopped praying for you and for every sick person. I could never prevent myself from checking on your blog though from time to time. Doing a quick scan lol. Hoping and praying for a good news.

يا رب أتزل على قلبها سعادة تغمرها و أبدلها شفاءً و عافية.
اللهم فرح قلبها و قلب والدتها و ارزقهم من حيث لا يحتسبون و أتمم نعمتك عليهم. آمين يا رب العالمين

lots of kisses and hugs for you.

Anonymous said...

Yea wen my bro was sick we used to make him listen to it each night before he slept... el7mdella

Smart CoOKie said...

Al 7mdullah 3la slamtik. I just love this post. <3

the boudoir. said...

I do believe it was part of ur recovery..everything's possible..emanich kan qawi during this whole thing and its not easy

Anonymous said...

I am all confused!
You are very thankful to Allah, you are very patient wel sabreen 2ajrohom 3azem 3end Allah, you appear to be kind, you are talking about how you believe soret el baqara (it can be considered roqya BTW) was the reason you standed all this and you are cured....then i see your blog title with the "ASTI CINZANO", your disply pic! I read some of your old posts and see your anger, boldness, and the "I don't care" part!...I don't get!

The only thing I get though is that something really good lies within you, something that needs care to grow..

"في الثبات نبات"

choose something, stick to it, give it time and care, and something good will grow!