Thursday, 14 October 2010

Support System

Before all this begun I used to hear about how important support is to help you through tough times.. Me being the person who detests sharing her feelings with others thought this was bull crap!!

Little did I know that support was beyond crucial during such times! I'm blessed truly blessed mashallah to be surrounded with people that love me this much and willing to support me.. Now family support that's given.. My aunts keep going back and forth to be around me.. Friends well i dont want to call them friends because there are 2 whom i will consider sisters till the last day of my life o madri shlon a6la3 mn yzahom.. My Turkish friend and my other girlfriend whom did the impossible and came to London, those 2 ladies are beyond amazing!

My support system doesn't end there it's just the beginning.. Anony, Zawi, and Soulo the crazy chick.. Those 3 are irreplaceable, they are my 3 precious gifts from God that I will cherish for eveeeeer... Wait doesn't end there! Here comes in my dearest Danderma and Palomino whom I absolutely adore :*

Hold on I'm not done :p Now not only I am loved and supported by all the fabulous people I have mentioned above but God has blessed me, truly blessed me il7amdillah by letting strangers, bloggers and readers whom I have never met to support me blindly and support me every inch of the way! Sometimes I wonder what have I done in my life to deserve s0 much love from people I know and don't know! I even asked mother the same question, her response was "you're a good person that never hurt anyone".. Of course no one is perfect and I have my bad moments but yes I do consider myself a good person and as a reward God has blessed me with the love of hundreds of people from family, friends, bloggers, and strangers.. Now do you see why I say il7amdillah?

All of you who have "figuratively speaking" held my hands through this tough time, by reading, praying, or simply asking about me are my support system, which is priceless.. Any person going through a life changing phase needs support and especially if it's cancer, they need all the help they can get.. So yes my darlings you all are my rock.. You all are the thing that keeps me on my feet and pushes me forward to beat this bastard.. To you a comment is bunch of words.. To me its much more.. It's strength, it is a force, it is an unseen helping hand that pats me on the back and tells me 'we are here for you'.. I swear to you, you will never know how your support has gotten me through some really tough times. Around May when it was truly bad, I can't remember who left a comment.. I would be on the floor passed out from morphine or fuck knows what drug they had me on and have no energy to move, I remember that comment and force myself to focus even though I was dizzy and as good as dead, I'd pick myself up and try to cope with it.. It got me through rough times.. And it was simply a comment.. I think it was by Cateyes but i don't remember now.. There are comments that bring me to tears.. Tears of joy that I have such love and support from the unknowns :)

I wish I can do something in return, but I can't instead in my prayers I pray to God to bless and protect every person that has raised their hands to God and prayed for me.. Rabi ywafgkom dinya w akhra :*

Alf il7amdillah 3ala hal ni3ma ely matqdar ebthman..

Much Appreciated my darlings :*

Love FourMe..


Anony said...


falantan said...

3asa Rabbi ezeedech min fathla o ra7meta o you get more good wishes and prayers and all the support you can handle ^^

as for myself what drives me personally to come check on your latest, is that you never bullshit. and that's rare.

(p.s apologies about my previous misunderstanding)

الزين said...

وانا ليش قاعدة اصيح الحين


يا شين الدراما

Glitter said...

And I couldn't be more proud of you :")

و سبحان اللي يزرع المحبة بالقلوب

Danderma said...

Ana? 6l3 ismy...

Flood gates opened :`(

love u 4y :'*

P.S. el post khara3ne ishwaya... eedi 3la galbe akhaf i read the bottom line o ashof bad news... ashwa you were just being sentimental!

Yours Truly said...

That is sooooo sweet of you to say dear *mwaah* *mwaah* *mwaah*

Reading your blog and tweets simply gets me through my tough times. You are a true blessing to all of your readers and followers :*

Delicately Realistic said...

The only thing we want in return is for u to get well again

*hugs & kisses*

RainDrop said...

we r strangers, yet we're a secret family somehow.

keep going girl. u can do it.

love u!

Allah ey3afeech ow eysahhel next chemo 3alaich.. !

millions of hugs and kisses

ykw said...

have a look at it. quite promising.

ykw said...

probably suppressed because of globalization and for the reason medical care has to sell at the cost of lives. the food produced because of pesticides and fertilizers can interfere with the dna structure and gene mutation.

good organic food is healthy.

Jacqui said...

Ya rab enshalla enshalla etgomen mn hal marath ib alf salamaa... ya rab enshalla enshsalla next week u hear that it'll be ur last chemo ever and be on the road to gaining your strength back.. We all love u.. true some of us know u as FourMee o sometimes feel weird when praying "Ya rab shafyy FourMee" [I personally sometimes laugh at myself at weird moments bcos I think alot about what language to pray in hehe English is easier but Arabic was the language mostly used fa I mix the two hehe bs nevermind I moved off topic]

Anyways inshalla ma etkhales 2010 ela o entay radatlena shafya o em3afya.. (excuse il badliyat if there are any) O enshalla when u come back if we know about it we'll give you a Star Academy worthy welcome arrival hehe :P Bs if u think its the thought that counts ham that helps :*

Love you o enshalla u get better very soon..

P.S. if I find that magic lamp I will use one wish and pass it along to u :P Shrayech? Deal? :P Fedex or DHL? :P

reemas said...

Dear FourMe

i was away from my laptop coz i was busy with my mom. thats why i only followed u on twitter and couldnt leave a long comment here.
in the previous few days so many things happened and said about u and about us. and i had to say something.
when i first heard about ur case thru Frankom blog.. i told myself lemme go to here blog, say my prayer, Allah eyshafeej, o agoom bil wajeb.. and leave.. coz i wasnt planning in following a depressing story.. i already have my share of worries and troubles.
but when i started reading ur posts, i felt something moving inside me.. i felt my heart beating.. my eyes teared and i started reading every word u write since then.
so what happened with me that made me follow u and i have no idea who u r.
surprisingly i didnt feel sorry for u.. coz u gave me no chance to do that.
u stood proud with ur head held high against a vicious enemy.
i found in front of me a fighter with a warrior spirit that never give up no matter how bad the odds can be.
u made me look at my troubles and see how silly and small they r.
and u made me look so weak compared to u.
even when u cry and complain of pain, u earned all the write to do so. no one can say u have a body of a superwoman, but damn sure ur spirit is a super spirit.
so instead of feeling sorry, i admired u and i idolized u.
i look at u as an idol. and like all idols, we tend to stick around them, hoping to learn from them, enjoy their company and maybe get a picture with them :p
and with admiration comes love and caring.
yes, it is love and it is caring .. unconditional love and pure caring.
and it is i who is blessed and honored to be part of ur caring supporting family.
and i disagree with u when u said to u a comment is just words.. its not.
to me a comment is reaching out for u.. a comment is holding ur hand.
when u feel pain, when u cry.. u cant imagine how desperate we feel to reach out and hold ur hand and tell u we r here for u .. but since we cant be there physically .. we comment.
so i wish u can feel the physical side of a comment.. whenever u read a supporting comment.. feel free to imagine a hand reaching out of ur screen and holding urs.
i wrote an old post about words.. i hope u read it.. the post and the picture r dedicated to u.

dear FourMe
u r an inspiration to us.
we admire u.
we love u.
end of discussion.

Hope said...

7abeebti *Hugs*
we love u & we'll always B there 4 u

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog yesterday and I spent all night reading. I am not religious, but you are in my thoughts. Lots of love <3

Anonymous said...