Friday, 15 October 2010


Had a fight with Cancer on twitter and thought should repost here for those who missed it :p

Dear Cancer,
You have 1 chemo session to get cured and fuck off! If not I will shove my hand in and yank my tumours OUT myself. Fuck u Cancer. Fuck u Stage 4. Fuck u 2 tumours. And last but not least FUCK U Chemotherapy! Motherfucking asswipe bitching whores! I'm tired of this bullshit and I WON'T allow u to take host in my body! Your time is up bitch.. Fuck yourself into extinction like N0W. Now u son of a whore, I will get my hair back, I will get my health back INTACT, I will get my kickass figure back. And I will destroy YOU. Really Cancer did ya think u can destroy me?! You're messing with the wrong bitch! Wonder woman has nothing on me!! I will ruin u, u bastard. Really did u think I will hide under my bed n give into u?!!! Oh how u are mistaken! I SHALL kill u, destroy your fucked cells and masses! Bitch plz ur nothing but deformed cells! I AM ME. I am a Person whom will squash u. You really picked the wrong person to fuck with! I'll make u sorry, I'll teach u a lesson so u never return. YOU took over me thinking u will ruin me but guess what?? I'm stronger than ever and happier than ever! Bring it ON bitch let's see what u got?! 2 tumours?! That's all!! Really did u think that would destroy me?? Huh! Loser. U know what u motherfucker ur time is UP! Time for u to fuck off back into non-existence. Piece of bird poo that's what u r! Ana FourMe wil agra 3ala Alah! Grown men fear me u piece of deformed cells! U dumb ass bitch! Did u not know that I'll fuck u sideways! U moron u picked the wrong person u cunt! Cancer the whore that is YOU!!


p.s. Loving those tags! If anyone comes across them plz tell me where I can get them..
p.p.s. Yes I have a foul mouth and NO that's not why I got cancer!
p.p.p.s. Stop reading my blog! You're NOT welcomed here!


Anony said...


Anony said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL "that's not why i got cancer" hahahahaha

Zawe etgolech bro7ha ekhtar3at men twiiter et7e6ena menee :P

i guess after this post ma7ad begareb menech men el khar3a lool

p.p.p.s: and dont comment and say ok! .. just piss off! 3eshreen mara engol ?

reemas said...

r u trying to make our job in editing ur posts for the book more difficult ?? :p
i guess this post gonna be one of the deleted one.. :D

Unknown said...

it's custom made, I'll order them for you asap ;)
how many do you want btw?

Jacqui said...

LOL love the anger in this post :P It's like you're a mother bear and someone stole ur baby :P And you're pissed off at them.. wait no I think that's not a good comparison bs yalla enshalla enshalla it's over soon :D

Social Butterfly said...

Take that cancer! said...

If you need someone to help you kicking cancer's ass...Let me know :P

RainDrop said...


i just love the "that's not why i got cancer"

hahaha ppl r so scared to comment..!! awal marrah few comments on one of ur posts..!!

dabdooba said...

lol 7asatich tala3tay 7aritich btw if u want bages like that go to :
orrrrrr :

Standy said...


i hope cancer does away before you shed its blood!!