Monday, 11 October 2010

Follow Me?!

Seeing I don't have the energy to post very often I tend to ramble on twitter more.. I tend to tweet about anything and everything, yell, scream, shout, useless info, and bitch about pain and chemo.. The odd thing is more and more people tend to follow me on daily basis! Now I'm quite intrigued as to why I'm followed?! Who wants to hear bad news? Who wants to be reminded of their loved ones that went through the same path I'm going through? Who wants to hear a girl bitch about pains and aches?!

As i tweeted this afternoon about the crappy news that something is wrong with both my shoulders and possibly either cancer reached or some other fucked up thing happened, I noticed how many people felt bad, yes it might be just a tweet or what have you, but I believe some might actually got bothered with the news.. Apologies for fucking up part of your day.. Yet this is not it, its what a fellow tweeter said @fms3: bas 5ala9 354 followers mala da3ee et.thaygeen 5ilgna kilna, cheer up 3ashan il 354 followers will cheer up too :D

This made me wonder Why would you want to follow such a miserable tweeter like me? Ely ma3indaha salfa ghair elcancer :/


swera said...

entay menna o finna even though we don't know u at all! whatever you bring on us for the day, we can take it even though smtimes we feel bad, sorrow for sm1 that doesnt deserve such pain but we wanna try our best to cheer those who are in pain and are going through tough times!

and guess what, you hv such a strength in you which you can't c! but from the corner of my eyes, i get sm of ur strength for the day! believe it or not! it's the truth!

even when i wake up feeling misreable, wanting to die and not live in this life without my mom! guess what, i c ur tweets and i feel optimism!

I myself follow you because your fun, you bring the good & bad in me! I started saying FUCK on twitter when i read it once in ur tweets lol :Pp i love ur blabbering and i love ur nasty mood! :*

P.S. Kan fi dars deni alyom 3la ro7 mamati allah yer7amha! o fi a5er shay do3a2! awal magalt eda3ya "allahoma eshfi mar'6ana o mar'6a elmoslemeen" chan agool ya rab nshallah tshafi FourMe, it's funny though saying "shafy FOURME" but i know it's meant for u :*

Dont.Dwell said...


ana 3an nafsy i follow u because ur strong n i can never have half of ur tolerance,

so every time u tweet i tell myself to pray for u, to thank god for what i have and to stop whining about silly faults in my life

I look up to u, because I can never be u, so the least I can do is have you in my life <3


Faith said...


Because we care.

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaay fourme la etgolen chthy , aslan walla en7esech mo ghareba 3laina la'ana mn zman we're reading ur blog o now we're following u fa chenech wa7da mn rb3na aw ahalna , o la etgolen chthy etha ma t7al6amtay 7g enas elle e7ebonch 3yal mn ebtet7al6emailna ? ;p

luv xoxo :*


Shayouma said...

You know that alot of us know you way before this stupid illness and i am one so don't ever think you are miserable .. we love you, we care and we want to be there for you, although it wont change much but you'll know that you have our support..

This tweet I don't get it, chinna he/she means you are rambling to get more followers wela shino_ ma fahamt if it's positive or negative .. I mean why did he indicate the number?? or Maybe he means good, madri..

Anonymous said...

ana fms3 o i meant it in a good way ina were with you o le za3ltay ra7 nez3al o le stanastay ra7 nestanes ina china e7na 354 family members who care's about u o im guessing my tweet wasn't clear :S

Social Butterfly said...

Age9 3alaych if I would say ina lima I read your tweet maa '6aag 5elgee, a9lan faj2a I felt tears dwelling up in my eyes...

Bas fourme we follow you for several reasons: you've become part of the people we always ask about and nafged if we haven't heard from in a day or two, we care so very much that I visit your twitter page ever hour, and also because we admire your strength and we all believe that with 8odrat allah and your great strength that you will beat cancer, and then I can say I know someone who beat cancer. Even though I don't personally know you but I feel that I do, you will become an inspiration for other patients one day...

We believe in you, and we want you to believe in yourself. Rabee eshafeech ;*

Anonymous said...

I follow u cuz amoot 3alech n ur rants n ur moods n ur sense of humor and KELSHAY! You bring out the good in everything, and I love u for that fourme :( You rock wallah! :***

@mem0h said...

ana asasan msawyah el Twitter account 3ashanich ;*


Anony said...

I followed you because you forced me to :P


hell i opened the account because you forced me to!


hahahahahah shrayech feni o ana akser el mood? :P

الزين said...

كل اللي يتبعونج يحبونج
يبون يعيشون مشاعرج معاج لأنهم يحبونج رغم انهم ما شافوج
وحبهم غير مشروط
حب لشخصج انتي

يتفاعلون معاج
ومستعدين يسمعونج تتذمرين
تتألمين وتشتكين

مو مهم شنو تسوين
المهم انج معاهم
عايشين يومج معاج
قلوبهم تدق مع حسج
صوتهم يقوى ويضعف مع صوتج
ما يبون شي
يبونج بخير وبس
انتي بالنسبه لهم المعركه اللي ما خاضوها
ومبهورين فيج لأنج قاعدة تخوضينها
وتتكلمين عنها بكل عفوية
وتنقلين لهم التجربه بحذافيرها بكل تعبها
ورغم تعبها لما انتي لما الحين قادرة تضحكين وتبتسمين وتبسطين الأمور
وتقولين الحمدالله

انا وحده من اللي تابعينج
ساعات لما تقولين شي اتوهق وما اعرف شلون ارد عليج
شلون اريحج
مهما قلنا ماراح يكون لنا تصور كامل عن عمق وتعب اللي تعيشينه

بس احنا مستعدين نعيشه معاج
ونعطيج من وقتنا ويومنا
ولو بيدنا من صحتنا وعمرنا
نبي نكون وياج
وما يهمنا
الصحبه مره لو حلوة
المهم نكون حواليج
نشاركج همج
نحتويج ونحضنج
نحبج لأنج انسانة رائعة بكل معنى الكلمة
نشد على ايدج
ونسندج اذا تعبتي

وبالنهاية نبيج زينه
نبيج زينه
نبيج زينه

الدعاء ما توقف
والرجاء ماراح يوقف
وطرق ابواب السماء بلحظه راح يستجاب
وكل ما علا الصوت بالمناجاة كانت الإستجابه اسرع

كل هذا كلنا قاعدين نسويه

نحبج ونطلب من رب العالمين ان يلتفت لج

سامحيني دايما اخذ اكثر من مساحتي

Rumaitha said...

Well it just comes to show that there's is still hope for humanity.
They still care and pray and feel empathy.

They love you enough to care about what is happening to you. And like swear said inti minna w feena <3

FourMe said...

It was meant in a good way.

Forgive me I had to delete ur comment cuz u misunderstood, he meant it in a supportive way but I guess just mentioning the tweet by itself doesn't make sense.

Ok am sleepy n not making sense :p

As for the rest of u I simply adore u all :*

And anony estre7ay :p

Anony said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i dont believe you just said estere7ay! hahahahaha ween Zawe 3anech .. hahaha bs ma3ali ygolon el ra7a zaina :P

God how i miss how i used to comment and mess up the place

reemas said...

Simply because
We care for u
We love u
And therefore
we want to be there for u

noora said...

i dont have a twitter account, i wanted to create one just so that i can follow u ;p 5ara3tich?! LOL

mo ana kila aqolich intay allah e7ibich 3shan chethy enas et7ibich wehya aslan ma t3arfich, one of the comments said ina e7na serna n7ib sha5seetich, soo true! another said because u give us strength, soo SooOo true...

there is something about U that is soo appealing allah e7afthich :) 
and becuz allah e7ibich 5ala enas et7ibich o follow you on twitter 3shan every time u complain, we pray for u even more :) 

I love it when u ceal the deal with il7imdella 3ala kil 7al, sob7anah ily yarZiqich il thabat, allah la eqayer 3leech ;** 

Anonymous said...

I like to begin by saying that although my comment will probably be perceived as harsh and mean, it's actually not my intention to insult or offend you, I'm merely stating what I believe are the reasons behind your immense popularity.

People like to feel bad for the less fortunate, It makes them feel human. With the disintegrating state of humanity nowadays, we tend to cling to whatever makes us feel morally decent, i.e Susan Boyle, or in this case, reading a cancer patient's blog/tweets and "feeling" bad for her. While some mistake this ingenuity as "caring", it's absolutely not, but that isn't necessarily as diabolical as it may sound, people simply like the feeling they get when they "care" (Quotations are there for a reason). It also makes them more content with their pathetic, meaningless, ankle-deep life. Being a worthless human in this filth ridden, parasite infested shithole has never felt so good, thanks to you.

Also, I have concluded that apathy makes it impossible to experience what most people do when they read your blog. For example: My indifference to your suffering and unfavorable view of your character, makes your blog very un-enjoyable and dull.

I'd like to end this by saying that I wish you the absolute best in life, and I apologize for any distress I may have caused.

FourMe said...

L000000L I could not have said it better :* ohh and I possibly have just fallen in love with u! Gotta love a man who defends me honour lool :p

Ehh ignore the sick fuck.. Just a sad git who wants a bit of attention...

Anonymous said...

how about you keep your reasons to yourself and piss off?

Anonymous said...

ans i dont mean to insult you or anything, im just stating what i think

Anonymous said...

7ag il 7abeeb aw il 7abeeba ily fogy awal shay ur "English" 5ayal 7addik aw 7addich English major o b3dain sh7aga hal 7achee give us ism ur blog o endesha mala da3ee etsawee aw etsaween chthee (ee o plz lat.the'3e6 aw'36een my English o taktiboonly 89a 3ala my "English" tara wala 3ala nyatee :P)

-Fahad :D

Anony said...

Fahad you're refering to whom?

ana kent el anonymous eli foogek telling the anonymous eli foge to piss off lool

comment FourMe meta 6ala3 mashefta @@

o weeen stuckinlab mashefta:O heeeeey abi agraa :P

Stuck in Lab said...

Oh oops! Im so sorry Anony. When I saw the "how about you piss off" I thought it was that person again so I whaled on what I believed was something directed at me. Sorry :r ... forget that comment. It was intended for the dumbass.

Stuck in Lab said...

FourMe dont fall for me (thats catchy!). You spell honor with a U. We have no future together :r

Anonymous said...

LOL o i meant il anonymouse (ily ashkara majora English literature) katib 89a 6weela 3an il blog. bas jad ana chny sam3 Simon cowell ygool hal 7achee !? ana askit a7sanly laybalish ib my "English" o yht'3a6neey 3ad sheefokny min swalif il grammar

- Fahad :D

Anony said...

there's no comment for you above @@

weeeeeeeeen abii ashooof :P

sarya malgofa hal yomeen :P o shareyaa bakafekh kel elnas :P so yeah let's declare war against those silly ppl :P

Stuck in Lab said...

Yeah I cant see the two big comments I wrote. I dont know what happened.

Anony said...


Fahad malek sheghel feehom :P khal yestere7oon kel elnaas ma7ad ydos 7ag a7ad 6araaf wala adoos beb6onhom :P

Yours Truly said...

Stuck in lab plz write your comment again we want to see shakla fourme namat obkshetat feena :/

Anony said...

yours Trulyyyy *waves*


FourMe said...

Blogger is being a whore And not showing comments!

This is comment left by Stuck in Lab:

Wow! You are just an absolute fuck-head, huh? Forgive me if I seem a tad bit harsh, YES it is my intention to insult you.

Tell me something, do you get your rocks off at other peoples pain? Now, clearly I glanced over your comment and I could tell that not only are you sadistic, but your dark outlook on life, and your need to express it, are indicative of a sociopath. But here's the thing, a sociopath I can understand, because even they, at times, when they feel the urge to inflict emotional pain unto others can restrain themselves for the sake of it. Clearly your lack of apathy puts you in a much lower roach-infested gutter.

I usually refrain from insulting people, but you know what, you're a piece of shit and I find it hard to fathom that you can attribute a poor girls distress and constant struggle for her life, a feat you probably could never withstand, as the sole reason for her popularity.

Nine out of ten people on here have known her for at least a couple of years. I have no reason to acknowledge the bullshit you spew, but I am troubled that people like you are allowed to live.

Basic human decency, your horrible fuck. If you have nothing good to say then shut the fuck up. If you dont like what you read then fuck off. Every individual has the right to express any and all of their opinions as they see fit when it is THEIR blog. You, a visitor, may express your opinion but show a little class. You shouldn't talk that way to anyone, let alone a cancer patient.

I wish I could really tell you how I feel but again, it isn't my blog to express negative opinions if I have nothing nice to say, so I stay quiet. I think this is where you shut the fuck up and leave. Your kind aren't welcome.

FourMe said...

And thats the 2nd comment.. Hehe am so enjoying this :D

Oh I am just going yo enjoy this. Listen you asshole, its plain and simple. She has the right to conduct her blog and engage her readers anyway she sees fit. I have known her for years and while I cant speak for her (im sure she can fuck you up any other day), I speak for the rest of the people here when i tell you that it isn't your place to irrationally and hurtfully express an opinion that does more damage than good.

If you have something nice/comforting/etc to say to somebody say it, if you know that what comes out of that sewer you call a mouth will harm the audience to which it was intended shut the fuck up and keep it to yourself. You're obviously trying to create more problems than you can solve by "stating what you think" so why not be civil and leave a poor girl alone? i.e. fuck off. State what you think elsewhere. Try being human before everybody here eats you alive.

Again, one more time, be nice or fuck off. If you so dearly stick to your opinions and convictions, why be anonymous?

Stop wasting precious space, and just go die. When you have a relative who is, or you yourself are, struck with cancer, then we'll see how you conduct yourself.

One last. Pleas go die. You are a sorry excuse for a human being and the oxygen you waste is better utilized by someone else.

Stuck in Lab said...

FourMe sorry I may have overflooded you blogger thinggy trying to repost the comments several times. Disregard that.

FourMe said...

Dont be cashew i is s000000 enjoying this hehe .. Cheers mate .. Come to mamaaaa i want a hug :p

Stuck in Lab said...

Awe!!! *HUG* Dont smother me like last time.


FourMe said...

Hehe behaveee :p

Anony said...


hahahahahaha cahsew 7agga gameela aweee :D

Anonymous said...

SruckinLab Agdar agul ina u too are an english major :p LOL bas radich (Y) ilzbda af7amtee ;D ana law mina amsa7a il comment o aswee ro7ay ma 9ar shay ;) #Hinthint il salfa mo l3ba mo ay wa7id yabee yt7arash ib Fourme in5aleeh ;P warha Thahaaar :D Waraha Nas :D Etha ektbaw comment enrid in 3ashr ;D

-Fahad :D

الزين said...


فور مي يعلج العافية
ما خليتي لنا شي نقوله
مسحتي فيها الأرض رايح راد
وصارت فوطه مطبخ تحت ايدج

وربي عسل عسسسسل

بس هم برد عليها

الزين said...

التعيس اللي معلق تحت غير معرف

بداية خلني اقول كل اناء ينضح بما فيه
واعتقد ان اناؤك خاوي لا ينضح الا بالعتمه
عتمه قد اكتست بصيرتك قبل بصرك
ولوثت روحك قبل لسانك
ونفت انسانيتك وتركتك ممسوخ مموه الملامح يقال لك مخلوق واشك انك انسان

انت لم تعني الإهانة ولكنك استسغت طعم المهانه فباتت سلوكا متعارفا لديك لا تعرف غيره

ما تؤمن به لا يشكل لدينا قطرة من محيط فاحتفظ بايمانياتك ليوم قد تحاسب على ما نطق به لسانك وشددت به بنانك واعتقدت حين قلت ما قلت انك سيد زمانك

وعندما اعطيت لنفسك الحق بالتفسير والتشخيص كان من الأولى ان تبتدئ بشخصك وتقوم نفسك سواء كنت ولد فانت خالي من الرجوله
وان كنت بنت فانت عار على جنس البنات

وتعليقك هنا بتلك الهلاوس السايكوباتية لا تزيد صاحبة المدونه الا رفعة ولا تزيدك انت الا وطيا لأنتفاء كل ما يمت للمشاعر الإنسانية من شخصك

ومن لم يملك شيء من الشجاعة لإظهار شخصه هضم على نفسه حق الإدعاء ونزل برأيه الى درك الأدعياء وتسول من غيره نطفة من الإهتمام لروح قد ارهقتها هامشية الوجود وحقارة الإنتماء

ما انت سوى مخلوق ينمو ويكبر في مستنقع لا يستسيغ دناءته الا من هم على شاكلتك
من يعتاشون على كسر الآخرين
واذا كنت تعاني من الإنكسار ومن محيطك الرفض والأنكار ومستوى لا يستحق الا الأحتقار فاحتفظ لنفسك بما نحن في غنى عنه

وجودك يلوث صفو المكان وطريق خروجج بمخلفات دنياك مزدان
فاضفر بنعم زائلة واترك لنا الحمد والنعماء لدنيا باقيه يوم لا ينفع مال ولا بنون الا من اتى الله بقلب سليم

اليوم انت من نور الوجود مطرود
وغدا عن باب الله باذن الله مردود
ولم يحرك خبائث نفسك الا عقلا اجوف ومنظق منزوع لا يعرف للحكمة طريق

تحدثت عن مبادئ انت خال منها
وتشدقت بمعرفة هي براء منك
واعطيت نفسك الحق بشخصنه وتفسير كل ما يحدث هنا لأنك تفتقر اليه هناك
انت انسان تنقصك الحياة حتى تشعر
وتستجدي الإهتمام حتى تستشعر
تملكك الوحشه وتسجنك الوحدة بين جدران نفسك
لذلك ترى ان هذا الجمع هو ما كان الا لأغراض واهية كتفسيرك الهاوي الى درك لم يعرفه سواك

لم تكن مدعوا هنا حتى تستمتع
ولن تكون مرحبا بك ابدا فبحقارة نفسك وانعزال كيانك وحدك تمتع

اخرج فلا سلام على روحك حين تودع
ولا شهادة منك تقبل وبرحمة الله تتمتع

انت عار على الإنسانية

واخيرا وليس اخرا

نعم نحب فور مي
نعشق وجودنا بوجودها
نستمتع بانتمائنا ضمن خارطة ايامها
وبحق من امرضها لو كان لنا القول لإستجديناه باخذك انت سواها

واعطيك اياها بالعامي
نتنفس هواها
والدنيا ما تسوى ذرة تراب مثلك من غيرها

عفانا الله ومن احببنا
وامرضك بسقم الروح كما احببت

اسمحي لي فور مي كتبت بوست كامل عندج

Yours Truly said...

Mashalla mashalla el kel mawaheb :D stuckinlab English literature of al zain arabic literature :D

Agool Anoony chenna e7na nasket a7san 3an el fesheela :/

By the way anonymous you can shove your comment down where the sun does not shine coz no one gives a crap about you or the words that are coming out of your sewage hole! :D

Magdar had to say it :/

ykw said...

i dont know if what anonymous said has to do anything with the honor of the author. however what i know is people conclude a lot faster without much reasoning.

i think what anonymous said is one of the many reasonings people can come up with. and if such a view is refuted by so many why not people come up with some sound counter reasoning. that way people can justify that there are many other reasons why people care and not the way anonymous put it..

FourMe said...

the comment about my honour is nothing but a joke, it requires a sense of humour for one to understand it.. And if u think anonymous's comment is appropriate or should be refuted by turning it into a debate then ur mistaken! Such pathetic idiots dont deserve acknowledgment apart from being insulted and degraded..

MushuThaLohari said...

Salaamu aleikum, FourMe.

I do not follow you on Twitter (I don't use it, cause I know myself well enough to know that I'd probably be there 24/7...ahem), but I've been following your blog since July. I haven't posted any comments, though, because wAllahi I don't know what to write. The pain you are going through, I can't in all honesty say I understand it. Through your writings I can get a fleeting glimpse, and even though it's probably just the tip of the iceberg of what you have to endure, it's enough to make me feel weak.

Not once have I left your blog without having hot tears in my eyes, and a prayer for you on my lips.

I follow you because I want to see how, God willing, you beat the heck out of that darn cancer.

(On a lighter note - I need to learn the khaleeji accent! I can understand most of it, when I hear it, but the latinized writing style is just too much for me, and it's killing me when I can't understand what's written in your posts/comments! :D)

Fe aman Allah,

ykw said...

its one of the many views which people can have. since your blog allows anonymous comments and is open for public, i guess its open for a world of views.

personally it is my opinion that the high quality of this blog can be retained and maintained by better thought than shunning people like anonymous and expressing aristocratic views.

to anonymous @ 13 October 2010 11:29 : can you please define 'care' from your perspective and let know us what it means to you since you voiced our the other side of your version. i am curious.

please have some humane consideration before you voice out such views or perceived realities here. bad timing. let us know where your blog is and we can debate there. i assure you that it would worthwhile.

Anony said...

ykw - we don't care what he/she thinks nor we care what's their perspective, he's not even welcome here!

and if you are who i am think you are, you're not welcome here so you better piss off! more like fuck off and die!

if you're not who i think you are, then im sorry.