Friday, 29 October 2010

In Limbo!

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
~Mahatma Ghandi

- It has been 10 days since my last chemo yet I'm still very tired.. Was the toughest by far. And I still haven't fully recovered, usually by friday I'm fine but seems this one still got couple more days of exhaustion in it..

- I feel exactly like the picture above! I have s0 much love for the world, so much I want to achieve, and s000 much LIFE to LIVE yet I can't do any.. I feel bolted in my place literally waiting for ra7mat Rabi tanzil 3alay and cures me.. I can't move nor do a thing.. I'm held captive against my wishes.. I don't like this feeling..

- Between you and I, I'm terrified of the results because I feel I'm not cured yet and probably will need more treatment Alah la ygool :/ Inshallah bthin Rabi akon tshafait..

- I HATE the waiting process :( I just wanna know and get it over with.. Can't wait till bloody end of Nov!

- Momkin 6alab? If any of you or m3arfkom ray7en el7aj please ma3alaikom amor tgolonlhom yd3oly hal marath yroo7 miny o 3omra mayridly.. I can't go through it again ta3abt :(

- Ya Rabi ya kareem alf il7amd lik 3ala kil 7al alf il7amd lik 3ala n3mtik. Alf il7amd 3ala elta3ab o hal marath. Alf il7amd alf il7amd :)


Anonymous said...


I was reading through your blog, and I like the way you designed it... very cool. I want to welcome you to my blog. It is about art, and inspirations, personal to me and my followers, and if you follow me, I will follow you.

So what do you think?


Anony said...

if you follow me, i will follow you looooool :P


Social Butterfly said...

LOL Inshallah all this'll be over soon.
Hope you Feel Better soon ;*

Hope said...

InShallah u'll be done with cancer for good
Allah yhawen 3laich..

الزين said...

برحمة من الله

وباذن من سلطانه

وبتحققين كل اللي في بالج



Anonymous said...

i really like how u keep on saying el7emdelah , inshaala everything will be over soon ya raab .


Journal Entries said...

ur a fighter 7abeebty u will beat it b2ithn allah =*

Noora said...

beautifull closure as always by a beautifull heart indeed.
I absolutely adore u ;**
3asa rabbi enawlich muradich o yarziqich foq ily ebalich

Anonymous said...

Take care Babe.


Ω Suki Candy Ω said...

hey sis ur goin to be fine dear have faith in you dont be sad or mad dear be from the inside happy and have faith urgoin to feel it from the out side all my wishes to be fine
:*:*:* god be with you

alla y9abrech 7ubi o yeshafeeech a.s.a.p

falantan said...

1st of all, see that feeling of being chained and waiting for ra7mat Allah? that is a precious feeling and you should try your strongest to hold on to it. laish? l'inna when we're not sick we feel that we're free and don't need ra7mat Allah tanzil. which is very very wrong :(

you are right now in a state of clarity that most of us don't have. which you should be thankful for as much as we should be thankful for il3afiya illi i7na feeha o mo 7aseen binni3ma.

the "state of utter need and utter humility" that you're in.. truly.. I envy you for it. not the cancer, il7emdella alf that I don't have cancer, but I do envy you for the state of humility that you feel right now. Allah yhannech.

2nd, inshalla me and my wife are going hejjing and you've been in our prayers and will continue to be inshalla. ilmohem 3asa Rabna ytaqabal bs. akkhh min inniya aham shai khal tesfa inniya o yseer khair inshalla.

Anonymous said...

9arly fatra atabi3 ur blog dear , o ma tadreen eshkithir entai em2athra fenny .. i've been through fatra 9a3ba .. kint 7ail mareetha .. oo kint a7is ebqemat kil yom yedeed .. oo ebfathil min raby o ra7meta .. al7amdellah 3adat theek elsena 3ala khair ..

oo kanat kheera el7amdellah ... hal shai garrabny akthar min allah sub7ana .. oo khalana a7es ebqemat kil ne3ama 3alaina .. oo my life is much better now min kil el newa7y .. 7ata min gabil la amrith .. ma sha2 allah

entai thakarteeny ezyada belly a7awel enny ma ansaah ... oo galby ma3ach kil yom wallaaah ... oo kil yom ad3eelich min kil galby ,,oo i asked my sisters and brother enhom yad3oonlich ... oo ma brother beroo7 el7aj bithin allah .. bawa9eeh yad3eelich 7abeebty .. oo rabby yetqabal in sha2 allah .. a7na 6albeen min elkareem .. oo kil elly yaktebeh khair in sha2 allah ...

rabby eyshafeech oo ey3afeech oo eygawmich belsalama .. oo eyhawenha 3alaich .. oo in sha2 allah ma te7tajeen zeyada .. oo kella ajer in sha2 allah .. rabby eythabtich zyada .. oo eyhaneech 3ala roo7ich el7ilwa .. oo eykhaleech lahalich oo ur friends oo lena in sha2 allah

hathy awal marra i comment mo bas ehny .. i never did fe wala blog !

thank you for being so special .. rabby ey7afthich oo ey6amenna 3alaich sis :*