Sunday, 17 October 2010

the 1 about hair

I was and still one who is content with what I have. Yes I always wanted to gain weight and had a love/hate relationship with my knees, but over all I love me just the way I am, grey hair and all..

Cutting my hair and preparing for the bald patches was probably 1 of the toughest things I had to deal with within Cancer. I always did the impossible to have healthy hair and loved its soft texture and length.. I simply love/ loved my hair.

Waking up in the morning looking in the mirror seeing my scalp peaking at me through the scattered hairs across my skull is like a stab to the heart every morning..

Now let's talk about the things that shouldn't be said. I don't envy people, il7amdillah I don't have that in me because am content with what I have, the good and bad. But these days when I go out and see girls with beautiful hair I look away. Akhaf I look at them anthilhom aw nafsy t9eer eb sh3arhom la sh3oreyan. Every time I see such I say mashallah alah ya7fthich, even if she's English and look away.

Other day mother saw a girl with phenomenal hair mashallah and told me look at her. I looked at the floor and told her mama I can't look akhaf 3ala elbnaya, waited till she passed then looked up. Mabi kha6ry y9eer eb hal shay bs I can't walk around all the time looking at the floor :/


Anony said...


dabdooba said...

walla walla walla im litraly crying right now, im the type of girl to cry so fast but i know what u mean not being able to have something but not wanting to be envious just because all the other girls have it, STAT STONG oo alla ya5fithich oo iroo7 3aneech el kanser forever yaaaarraabb, i love u and ur posts, oo inshalla ur hair grows back and looks sexy, thick and long ;***

Social Butterfly said...

Every post you write I discover something about you that increasingly proves how much of a good person you are. I've never seen someone who wants il 5ayr for others as much as she wants it for herself... Rabee ewafgech weshafeech oo inshallah inshoofch successful ib whatever you choose to do.

Anonymous said...

okay awal shai abi agool:
u are a great great row model to all girls out there ! when it comes to strength and attitude u know how to work it even thought ur sick and need help!w mashala 7adich u have a good personality
thani shai : 5ali emaanch eb brach ekbeer ! Allah emswayi chthi ka emt7an yshouf 8wteech! w ur doing it just EXCELLENT ! w 3asa alah yshfeech w tetwf8ain and may be this just a bumpy road and when u look back u will laugh!
i LLOOVE u<3
w i wish u the best of luuck!
w 3an mw'93 el hair ! why dont u get a wig? wala get the style u love and have fun withn it
tara 7ada 7ada ma ybayine! akber mthal oprah;P
wish u the best of luuck!
and to u a great great huuuug
w anything u need just ask for it babe<3
-Queen G

reemas said...


it proves to us how beautiful u r from the inside as well from the outside wether u have hair or not.
what wrong with the boldies ? :p
i find Sinead o Connor so sexy and pretty when she was bold in nothing compares :)
and girl there is nothing compared to u ;)

Love and Hugs

Yours Truly said...

I did not know that Oprah wears a wig! :O

Yours Truly said...

*Hugs and Kisses* I feel for you ...

noora said...

thakarteni wana sqera I went with dad yatres banzen, and the guy there took out a stack of money from his pocket 3shan e7aseb oboy. fa radat fe3li kanat wow! abee eser 3indy that much!!
wallah i still remember oboy lama qali whenever u see something u like just say allah ehanehum + mashallah o0 allah yarzeqni... so il kilma sarat 3indy 3ada 7imdella :)
o0 mashallah u thekir allah 3ala lsanich o0 neyetich safya o0 etsameen... i say la et7e6en ebalich o0 its only 6abe3e for u to feel that way,, allah 36ach o0 bered y36eech,, ajer o0 3afya u wonderfull lady ;**

RainDrop said...

Let me tell u something, i dont have cancer, never did.. and i have bald patches .. i have the worst hair u can imagine. it's soft, yet very very light. I used to have very long, semi thick hair. But years ago, i got engaged to someone and min el depression elly ive been thru, i lost a lot of my hair. fe el monasabat i have to either use spray or mostly do hairdos that'll cover el bald patches. They still show :D i tried every possible treatment, some worked but as soon as i stopped el meds my hair went back to its state. I dont stop b4 using for 6-12 months. And most treatments leave the hair greasy and keshah.. i eventually accepted my fate, and am starting to think seriously of zera3at sha3ar. what else would i do?!

bas inty INSHALLAH OW BE2THN ALLAH el cancer will go away, ow ur hair will b back to normal ow inshalllllah better.. ow u'll lend me some hairs to azra3hom fe my stupid head :P


Sweet Revenge said...

:)I loved it when you said

"il7amdillah I don't have that in me because am content with what I have, the good and bad"

this is the true faith accepting the bad as you accept the good .

you will have the best hair enshallah wait and see .