Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Chemo- 11 (HELL)

- 11 Chemo's down.. ONE TO GO!

- I was tortured today, 3 times change of veins almost resulted in taking chemo in leg.

- I cried from 5 till 8:30, till last drop of chemo..

- Will tell you what happened soon.. Pray, or do whatever you like I don't care anymore and I don't think I will be cured with 12 sessions, doctors don't seem optimistic, so ya whatever.. il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al..


AlabasterMuslim said...

I will pray, because allah swt can do anything.

And I think I've told you this before, but I know (well, family knows) a woman who had cancer (wasn't muslim) drank zamzam water, and her cancer was cured. She later converted to islam.

Anonymous said...

This is not your fault my dear, you hate it, you are afraid of it, you have nothing to do with it.

At this point you might think that no one in this entire universe is suffering half what your suffering from, and you aren't the one to blame.

I may not feel you, yet I SALUTE YOU
I may not hear you, yet I SALUTE YOU
I may not understand you, yet I SALUTE YOU
I may not know you, yet I SALUTE YOU

You are and will always will be in my silent prayers;*


الزين said...

ابي اقول شي يريحج
بس احس الكلام كله مستهلك
سمعتيه مليون مره
لغاية ما تشبعتي مني وصار عندج مجرد كلام ملاك وممل

اليوم اول يوم بعد الكيمو

ابي اقول ادري شحالج الحين
بس الكلام غير الفعل

انا هني
وانتي هناك

ما ابي اعطيج محاضرة بالصبر والثبات
وانتي قويه وبلا بلا بلا
لأن الحين والحين بالذات لا انتي قوية ولا قادرة الصبر
وشدة التعب خذت منج ما خذت
الحين تبين ترتاحين وبس
تبين اللوعة توقف
تبين الآلام اللي في جسمج توقف
وتلعنين الكانسر مليون مره لأن حدج على كل هذا

فور مي
قلبي معاج
ودعائي ما توقف من امس
عسى ربي يرفع عنج
عسى ربي يرفع عنج
عسى ربي يرفع عنج


RainDrop said...

love u.. praying for u.. xx

Standy said...

never give up, never surrnder,,
we pray and we never loose hope o allah kareem...

nosa said...

7bebti enti u will get though it im sure.. mabega shay o allah y9brech
n u r in my prays believe me..

as u cry n feel pain remember the amount of ajr ur getting..

pls hold on.. mabega ela 1 session..

Glitter said...



praying for you always.

Anonymous said...

Hold On & Stay strong.. One more session left :*
Praying for you dear.


Anony said...

hate you cancer ela alabad

Saleh said...

الله يصبرك و يشفيكي عن قريب

Social Butterfly said...

Always on my mind ;*

الزين said...

يا ربي ارحمها وارحم حالها


Yours Truly said...

:`( *Hugs*

Hope said...

الله يهون عليج

Nemo said...

we are praying for you all the time honey
stay strong pleaaase