Sunday, 3 October 2010


I have lost it.. I FourMe have lost ALL 7aya w mosta7a (ok ma3thoora bs still) :/ and I thought I've been through it all with cancer haha apparently not!

Yesterday was feeling a bit blue so mother Rabi ykhaleha o y6awil eb 3omrha took me out all day long even though she is in unbearable pain from her back problem :/ ilmohim esalfa tyeekom ena I was exhausted and nearly fainted twice. So at one point after walking around Westfield we ended up in Marks & Spencer's food hall. All of the sudden I felt like dropping to the floor so I sat on some stool, put my head down, had some water, closed my eyes, dammit nothing was working!! I felt like I was being suffocated, I took off my bag, jacket, necklace, and bracelet.

Nope not helping! So at this moment where seated in full view of food shoppers I reach my back undo my bra, pull it out of my sleeves and throw it at my mother! Yes I took off my bra jdam Alah w khalga! 3afya 3alay :p Now funny part, mother was kinda in shock of what I just have done so she holds bra and looks at it like its about to speak any minute! Enzain ana mkhtanga o mast7y entay shmala maska elbra kho khsheha o stray 3alaina! No she's still holding it not knowing what to do with it! She stuffs it in her bag, then takes it out and stuffs it food shopping bag with my food! Why?! I'll never know..

Moral of story, if you're out and about and see a chick take off her bra and smacks ya with it, that'll be me :D Don't ya just LOVE cancer and what it makes ya do!


Danderma said...

ok i am sorry at your discomfort and all hon... when you said you took off your jacket and bag and bracelet i had a flash back of you doing something similar while eating ice cream... thank god you didn't progress to removing your bra then :p

By the end of your cancer you will become Fourmee El raqe9a El lawlabiya o najmat il striptease in public :p malat 3leeh min disease qleel il adab ma yeste7e...

I can just imagine ur moms face w3liya! Holding a worn bra in public our of a sudden... o in a food hall non the less b3d... of all the things a mother has to go through i guess this was the strangest ever 4y!

FourMe said...

Hehehee that day I wasn't even wearing a bra :p

LooooooooL yallah at least I got out of cancer with a career :p

Shayouma said...

LoooooooooL that was funny well shes in shock of course she will stop for a bit..

Anonymous said...


*i approve of this post for totally the wrong reasons*

*Double thumbs up*

Sumaiah said...

Now I know for sure that ur my hero! Public striptease la oo with ur mother around, u go girl :p

Good thing that ur mom didn't throw the bra back at u, that's what I would've done:p

Xahabi said...

It's official, ur a Female version of Mr Bean :p

swera said...

kaaaaaaaaaaak wallah '6a7aktini hehe :P

You know, one time I felt like doing it bs not in public y3ni, just in the WC! 9ij 9ij ya5neg madre meno e5tera3 hashay! mako 7al thani y3ni?! ;)

hope your mother gets well soon nshallah ya rab o u too b3d :****

الزين said...


واي قلبي
بطني قام يعورني كثر ما ضحكت على ردة فعل امج مسكييييييينه


Rumaitha said...

Ummich 3asoola. Miskeena her reaction was priceless. Ouch my tummy hurts hahaha.

PurpleVelvet said...

Hahahahaha! It was #bralessSaturday u should've went out without it to begin with.
Love you :*

Nawarii said...


zain itsaweeeeen...wlaaa bras can be such a pain in the ass....wa3laiya a7na tara wayed in3ani...

ENJOY UR LIFE BABY...who cares if u took off ur bra:P

AlabasterMuslim said...

awww ur so cute!! I hope you felt better after taking it off though! Idk y we have to wear bras anyway, they are so uncomfortable!!

Social Butterfly said...

Stop wearing bra's :D Akeed you felt better after ;*

Feel better ;*

Rabee eshafeech ;*

reemas said...


Do whatever brings u joy.. no matter how crazy it is.
Go ahead :)

moi said...

LOOOL atkhayal wi ur mommy ;p, ana ansi7ich enna u stop wearing bras ;p

love u x


Medo said...

that's a crazy thing to do LOL ....m32ool ??!!