Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Chemo- 10 & More..

- 10 Chemo's down. 2 to go!

- So very very tired..

- All your comments on previous posts mean the world to me.. Thank u sO much

- Keep the motivational chit chat coming in :)


A Day in a Cancer Patients' Life

Now don't think I have the energy to write this after chemo! As if! Wrote it a day earlier.. Now let me tell you how Chemo day goes.. I wake up around 7am take meeds for an hour then can have breakfast. The day at hospital lasts between 7 to 9 hours! IT'S EXHAUSTING! After breakfast I try my best to dress up, put on make up, and look as if I'm going out with friends.. I need my mood to be cheerful to tolerate the crap am gonna go through for the rest of the day.. By that time my friend that comes from Turkey every 2 weeks for chemo has arrived. I gather my chemo bag and we leave for the hospital..

( chemo bag consists of the following: medication, 2 liter filtered Volvic water, pufaak, chocolates, banana, iPod, pashmina, sweets ) yaa just like a picnic bag :/

My appointment is usually at 10am, I arrive they take my blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, weight. I wait for about 30 minutes then they call me for blood tests.. And here the needle poking starts :( sometimes they can't find a vein so they gotta poke around till they find it.. And they MUST take blood from arm that won't be used for chemo, so chemo on left, blood tests from right arm..

After that I wait for an hour or more till results are back so I can see doctor, if all is ok and my bloods are ok and above certain level then they okay me for chemo. My file gets sent to the pharmacy where they prepare chemo according to my weight.. This process take about 2 to 3 hours.. By then we usually head to Starbux and have a light lunch. We head back and they make me take a pill that prevents nausea one hour before chemo. After the hour passes they try to put in the cannula, ohhh that's the fun part! Because of so much chemo it's hard to find veins so they stick my arm in literally boiling water so they pop out.. Cannula in, they start with pushing 2 injections, one steroid to give me energy during chemo, and another for nausea. I take a mix of 4 chemos, which last a total of 2 hours.. The first three last about an hour, and the final one last an hour by itself. As soon they start pushing the injection my friend stays quiet and I switch on 9orat Elbaqara on my BB and listen to it throughout chemo till I'm done.. It's the only thing that prevents me from breaking down and dying of tiredness and pain..

Funny thing is in morning I enter laughing and joking, and when I'm done from chemo around 7pm I have to be picked up from chair and held till I get in the car because I cannot stand on my own feet.. I reach home as good as dead.. My mother changes my clothes for me and feeds me, yea I can't even hold a spoon, it's too heavy. I feel like hell till I fall asleep.

From Tuesday till Sunday those are the real days of torture.. Pains, aches, nausea, lethargy, and unbelievable psychotic depression that causes me to cry 6 or 7 time a day.. I feel like I'm in a glass box in those days. It's hell beyond all hells that I cannot even put in words.. After Sunday I lose taste, anything I eat or drink is tasteless and is horrible. I don't regain my strength till the following sat or sun and then on Tuesday couple days later I take chemo again :)

I shall disappear for the next couple of days because as you know by now it's those hellish days.. Ham arid wagool Alf ALF il7amdillah for this cancer and not a worse one.. So please continue praying for me because this ain't over yet..

FourMe over and out..


Anony said...


Anony said...

we should send a gift to Turky girl :P

reemas said...

our hearts and prayers are with u dear.
hang in there.
i read every word and as if i am there with u.
i wish we can help in any way.
bs inshallah u will get over it soon.

Allah eyshafeej ya rab.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've ever come across your blog.
I've just spent the last 6hours skimming through all your posts....I got to your 29th birthday and boom..wow.
Mashallah, you have continued to blog and stay strong.
Inshallah you will get through this.
Inshallah you will grow old, marry and have children.
You are a wonderful, wonderful person with a big heart and a fantastic sense of humor.

You are a hero in my eyes. Having the stamina and strength to continue blogging all this time, wow.

My prayers will be with you, hang in there and stay tough, you can fight this.

god bless you 7abeebti.
Babble xxx

Anonymous said...

أسأل الله العظيم رب العرش العظيم أن يشفيك ويعافيك ويهديك سواء السبيل :)

Yours Truly said...

*HUGS* you are a hero. That made me cry :( Making us live what you go through with every chemo proves how strong you are. Alla nshalla esabrech o ethabtech 3ala 3azeemtech o o egaweech nshalla. I feel like starting a campaign to have a huge celebration reception in the airport when you arrive! like football players you know? Who's with me :P

Anoooonyyyy yalla shoofay shoghlech! :P

Anony said...

yoursTruly !!! chenech fe mokhe :P i had this idea since she startd the chemo loool bs chene esta93abt el mawtho3 :P

think with me !! we're running out of idea's

Exotica said...

اللهم لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين, اللهم اسالك باني اشهد ان انت الله لا اله الا انت الاحد الصمد الذي لم يلد و لم يولد و لم يكن له كفوا احد, يارب تشفي فورمي و تجعل الشفاء في جسدها واليقين في قلبها و النور في بصرها والشكر في صدرها .. يا مسهل الشديد و يا ملين الحديد و يا منجز الوعيد و يا من هو في كل يوم امر جديد اخرجها من حلق المضيق الئ اوسع طريق بك ندفع ما لا نطيق و لا حول و لا قوه الا بالله العلي العظيم

Exotica said...

Anony an Yours Truly i would definitely be there if u decided to do that =)

Anony said...

la7thaaaaaa ana mo emrakza 3ala el "red carper" part .. bs 3ala el "football" part .. more liker footballERS :P

cat-eye - 7ayaach :D

Anony said...


hhahahaha ;p

Jacqui said...

Allah egawemech bl salama 7obi o enshalla enshalla enshalla after those next 2 chemos you will be cured inshalla ya rab coz you deserve to rest at least and not deal with this.

Bs you are a fighter and I commend you on your spirit :* You keep on fighting and we'll keep on praying, I know we might have the easier job bs in the end we want you around as much as possible and that way maybe in the future you'd tell us how you kicked cancer's ass and won!

Ya rab eshafeeech enshalla ya rab!

Jacqui said...

P.S. We all love you so damn very much :* Keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

All the way from Washington DC. allah ygawmich bel slama enshaalaa o ga3deen nad3eelich bel shfaaa2 el 3ajel enshaalaa.

swera said...

Anony, Yours Truly & the whole gang, count me in, u'll need a crazy girl in the airport LOL

Fourmeeeeeeeee hanat nshallah girl, sahalat ya rab o allah ybared 3la galbech o e9abrech golay ameen ;* allah yshafeeech ya rb basra3 wagt :***

Yours truly said...

Oh don't make me start on the ideas! ;)

This is totally doable! Just keep Me away from the press and I'm good to go! :P

By the way we can totally get hessa el loghany from" banat o bas" to cover this. So who volunteers to be the media spokesperson?

falantan said...

a friend of mine told me this, that the ones with sickness and pain, are the ones chosen to be in a very exclusive club. that's the club of "ajer by perseverance".

others not in pain are not in this club. only you have access to it's bounty!

3asa rabbi ysabrech o ysahhel 3alaich inshalla

Anonymous said...

no no no yourTruly no press :P you can't go crazy in press! khaleha sakate ;p


Yours Truly said...

Loool ok regardless I was thinking GRACEFUL not CRAZY with or without press :P but I guess I can't control the crazy ones of you :P

Social Butterfly said...

I've never heard of anyone more patient and tolerant than you are... Ilee bega a8al mn ilee ra7... You can do it!!

Rabee eshafeech inshallah ;**

Journal Entries said...

3asallah ehawin 3alaich oo yashfeech enshallah..
anony and yours truely im in too!!

Yours Truly said...

So far we are 5. Anony keep count babe! ;)

Anonymous said...


Musaed said...

Even though I don't know you, I have huge believe that you will be ok in closer time than you think.

You should plan now what are you gonna do after healing :-)

reemas said...

مريت اطمن عليج
ادري اليوم انتي تعبانه
و ما تقدرين تردين
بس ان شالله تقدرين تقرين اللي نكتبه
يمكن نقدر نشيل من مخج و لو للحظات التفكير بالالم
الله يصبرج علي اللي انتي فيه
الله يخفف عنج الالام
و الله يشفيج ان شالله
قلوبنا معاج


meem said...

"As soon they start pushing the injection my friend stays quiet and I switch on 9orat Elbaqara on my BB and listen to it throughout chemo till I'm done.. It's the only thing that prevents me from breaking down and dying of tiredness and pain.."

I couldnt read this without crying =(