Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 70!!

- Look how time passes by so quickly! I'm almost half way through my treatment inshallah! I wish I can say its been easy :/ There is so much that I don't mention here because well what's the point.. I'll just feel even more sick talking about how sick I am.. Side effects here and there.. Sickness here and there.. Well I just want you to know it ain't so easy..

- I've been careless the past couple of days :/ Yesterday I had McDonalds (was SO worth it :p ) and today had lunch out.. I'm fed up of all the restriction crap :(

- Yesterday I got a package I open it to find this.. An iPad!! It took me about an hour to find out who sent it to me!! I kept asking around who got me this :p Well who else than the magnificent trio who are spoiling me rotten! Anony.. Zawi.. Soulo Portrait.. I swear its like everyday is Christmas Day! Either the girls send the chemo Tuesday package, or my aunts send me things, my other friends, or flowers!! Hehehee its funny because I'm running out of places to stock things! I need a whole new closet just for gifts! And problem is I don't like taking gifts! But I can't say a thing because well what am I gona say :/ Ohh the other day my friend got me the most beautiful Quran.. I absolutely loved it! One of the most gorgeous gifts ever..

- I'm starting to freak out more often :/ I don't know why since I knew I'm responding to chemo I started getting this weird feeling of what if I don't respond anymore!! I don't know I just don't know why I feel this way :(

- I don't have much to say anymore.. I have cancer.. I'm living with cancer.. I got used to the fucking cancer.. And I'm tiring to get rid of it.. Everyday is a struggle.. Everyday is a day that I have to tell myself you're lucky that you're alive.. You're lucky that you have the bitch of cancers.. You're lucky that you're not suffering like other cancer patients.. To be honest with you I feel ashamed! Don't ask me why I don't know why.. Its just other cancer patients are in so much more worse state than I am and I complain about my pains :/ How could I!! I should be and am SO thankful that I have this type of cancer and not a worse one.. Alf Alf ALF il7amdila..

- Look I truly truly believe that me responding to the chemo goes back to all the prayers you darlings prayed for me! Without them I don't think I would have responded.. So please continue praying for me.. As well I want you to pray for a distant relative. He's 25 years old diagnosed with Leukaemia, he's the one that I wanted to give bone marrow to, only to find I had cancer :) He's in a really bad state, he's on chemo, radiation, and bone marrow transplant. His liver and kidneys are failing and he's really really in a bad shape.. Yesterday I cried for hours when I heard how bad he's gotten :( We roughly got diagnosed together.. And I feel some how connected to him even though I've seen him couple of times in my life :( Please please pray for him that he passes this critical stage as he's in the ICU now and well Alah yal6if fy.. Again please pray for him and me and every sick person in this world.. Thank you :*


Dont.Dwell said...

ya rabee yshafee wy3afee kl mar'6a il muslmeen :)

Smart CoOKie said...

Allah yshfikom o ykoon fi 3onkom both xoxo.

Journal Entries said...

3asallah eshafeekum we3afeekum enshallah :*

nosa said...

allah yeshafeekum both ya raab we9brkum

im so happy ur half way through.. u can get through it :D n being surrounded by amazing ppl is a blessing.. ur the luckiest girl :***

ur always in my prays even though im a silent reader

Hope said...

Allah YeShafeech o YeShafee ur relative o kel mar'9a el.moslemeen
stay strong, ma Bugga shay o ur done with all of this =]

Slashy said...

Allah yeshafeekom inshallah.

Mabrook 3al iPad ;)

I recommend you get Plants Vs. Zombies! I have it on PC and it's available for both iPad & iPhone.


I'm so happy enich responding to the chemo now don't expect elshaina gabil elzaina! You're in our prayers :***

Standy said...

alf 7amdillah =)

inshallah good news 3ala 6ool..

allah ye7fa'9ik o yeshfeeki..

inshallah he will also get better and everytning willb eok..

falantan said...

"...and am SO thankful that I have this type of cancer and not a worse one.. Alf Alf ALF il7amdila.."

kafo walla. hatha il3asham fech i5ti fourme.

don't forget to always te7tasbain il'ajer 3end Allah. its all in the heart. 5allech methel ennabi Ya3goub 3alaih essalaam

قَالَ إِنَّمَا أَشْكُو بَثِّي وَحُزْنِي إِلَى اللَّهِ

your healing will only come from him sib7anah. Yallah ya rab tashfeeha o tesle7ha o i7na ma3aha ajma3een.

Just thought I'd come check how you're doing in here. and very glad to see your spirits are up ^^

falantan said...

oh and I don't mean by my comment to stop updating us! bel3aks thanks for keeping us informed, la3all o 3asa one of the people reading is a good enough person that Allah accepts his/her prayer.

keep it up sis.

Yours Truly said...

Yaaaaaaaay iPad good good good :D I'm addicted to my iPad reading like there is no tomorrow! You will explore a whole new world now ;)

You are in my thoughts and prayers Fourme. Keep up whatever you are doing. It's making wonders! :*

lostgirl said...

The ipad is AMAZING!! i used to come on your blog alot ages ago, kind of never commented though haha (silent reader) but i just came on today and was so surpised to read some of your posts :( il be praying for you babe hopefully you will be fine XD xxx

Glitter said...

Allah yeshafeech we3afeech o yeqawy 3azeemtich intay o ur cousin o kil el moslimeen ya rub

I love you

Anonymous said...

il7mdla 3ala kil 7al

Alla y3eenkum wyshafeekum both inshalla

keep ur spirits up :*

love u