Friday, 4 June 2010


How do you react when cancer has already brought you down to your knees and then comes life and kicks you a little bit more while you're completely down and helpless?!

Yes I shouldn't care because what am going through is more than ENOUGH!!!! But pain is pain and hurt is hurt.. And I cannot stop feeling either.. I'm hurt.. Deeply hurt..

Even when I have cancer life doesn't give me a break.. I'm a very lucky girl (Sarcasm much intended)..


Anony said...


Anony said...

who ever hurt you must be a cruel heartless bastard !!!!

who would hurt you in such times!! mafe beglobhom ra7ma??

ambeeh shsalfat elnas !! mako ra7ma wala 7eneya beglobhom? laish 3endhom galb!

man la yar7am la yur7am ya jma3a!

khalo beglobkom ra7ma! .. khafo rabkom eb 3ebada!

7asbali allah wane3ma el wakeel 3ala chethy bashar

Q80BOY said...

"It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: "And this, too, shall pass away.""

~ Abraham Lincoln

And to whoever hurt FourMe, shame on you!! >:@

the boudoir. said...

foume i was saddened by this..if it was a person who hve hurt u! such insensitivity!7asbiyallah wani3ma alwakeel..they are low and u r much above them

Danderma said...

wala it3awreen galbich my dear 4y... point the way o ana awarech shloon i can inflict pain on them :*

virtual n3al invention coming sooooooon!

Slashy said...

خل يولون اللي جرحوج! ولا تفكرين فيهم الصراحه ما عندهم سالفه اللي يجرحون وحده نفسج

ولا يهمونج اهم شي صحتج خليج ريلاكس
لانج اذا تضايقتي بتزيد عليج السالفه ومحد كفو


Anonymous said...

I wish this person suffers as much as you do, twice.

Shayouma said...

Anony: Tara el nas sayera gloobhom 7ajar I really don't understand it!

FourMe: :* Madri shagoolich because I know pain is pain and hurt is hurt actually hurt can be really painful :( .. but try to cheer up.. stay with positive people o bil6agag yi6ighom!

Lost said...

Anas commented on one of my posts about you and p44me ... so I went on there then came on your blog to check it out.

I just wanted to say a few things to you, my mom is sick. And I always thought she was SO strong, the strongest person id ever seen that was sick and wouldn't let her illness take the best of her.

My mom now has come to the stage that she is paralyzed and can't even sit up straight, but she still thinks "ana shfeeny? el7amdilla mafeeny shay.." She still thinks that she can have more children, drive a car, etc... And those are obviously things she can't do. But she won't give in. After more than 20 years of this illness taking over her body, she didn't give in. And neither will you. Don't ever feel sorry for yourself, don't get jealous because others are healthy and okay.

This will keep you going, your faith in your strength will keep you going. Know that you will fight this, and you will succeed.

And soon, with the help of Allah, inshallah inshallah you will be in remission.

We are all with you, even people you have never talked to or heard of before are praying for you...

mimi said...

6uzzzz fehom
7asbeya allah w ne3m elwakeel

PaLoMiNo said...

anonymous @ 4 June 2010 19:11
3allaa rasiii walllaa!!!
ameeeeeen inshalla!!!!

anony waynch??? emshaay khal enkafikh hal awdem ely ma ykhafon rabhom!

ana khalaa9 bghyer my name from Palomino to RAMBOO :P or JONGAAR :P

Manal said...

الله يفرج عنج حبيبتي
وما بعد العسر الا اليسر

انا اوافق شوشو
خليج مع ناس متفائلة
وحاولي تغيرين جو وتريحين اهم شي النفسية

والله معاج