Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Chemo2- The Long Ass Day!!

Ohh where do I begin from about 2nd chemo? 1st time I have it as an outpatient and DAMN its a LOOOOONG process!! 8 hours worth of long! First they do observations, take my height (just in case I shrunk :p), weight, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen in blood. Then I see one of my dozen doctors, checks up on health, tops up meds, and examines me. Afterwards I do a blood test and they check all levels if all is well I can take chemo on that day if not it has to be postponed till I'm physically fit, either by giving me blood transfusion or hospitalising me and giving doses of antibiotics for couple of days.. Blood results take about an hour to come back. After they do doc checks them then phones pharmacy and asks them to mix chemo (or poison as I like to call it) according to my observations today, and that my darlings takes between 2-3 hours to mix!!!!! Then we proceed to actually taking chemo which is in itself a 2 hour process..

Now comes the fabulous part.. Which caused about an hour delay to a very long process.. I'm on ABVD chemo. One of my chemos which is the main and most important one was expired!! The dick pharmacist mixed it and sent it up only for one of the nurses to notice that it expired 2 hours ago!! OK I can be a bitch and say what a moron but I really don't blame him as that chemo expires quickly and the one they gave me yesterday expires today, plus they were swamped yesterday.. Still killing me with expired poison would have NOT been ideal :/

After all that waiting I got so agitated and annoyed that my darling veins decided to disappear and play hide and seek with me! Assholes like I need the extra work!! So what do they do to try and get them out?! Yes they dip your arm in boiling HOT water.. I kid you not when I was dunking arm in the hot water I took it out and it was PINK like about to burn pink :/
End result nurse found a vein..
Now you have to see this, one of my poisons comes in red colour.. and when put through the machine and injected into me it turns the transparent plasticy tubey thingy a fluorescent colour which was super cool! Yes one gotta be humours when injected with poison :) My friend went wild with photos and started snapping shots of it going into my system! I thought what the hell I'll show you dudes as well.. You deserve some entertainment after all the support and love you've been showing :*
Ain't it the coolest!!!

Well the not so good part is when being injected with this shit I felt like hell I almost was in tears from how knackered and tired I felt.. But I thought if the bald 12 year old girl in the other room sitting having her chemo with dignity and no tears then I should just suck it up and shut it.. Mind you it was literally ripping my arms.. Felt like a knife was cutting through my arm :( And when I got home Oh My GOD I've never felt lethargy like that in my life and night sweats that caused my to change my pjs 3 times during the night.. And cherry on top I'm shedding hair already.. Yes its falling.. They say by next week it will fall more.. Baldy here I come.. Oh my taste buds are gone everything has a metaly taste to is :/ Well I'm writing this post cuz it takes about 24 hours for chemo to fully take effect and fuck me up GOOD!

On an up beat note I'm being spoiled rotten! I kid you not ga3da adalaa3 eb shakil mo 6abe3y! Mo ana adala3, ehom eydal3ooni :p From family to friends to dear bloggers, rabi eykhalekom kilikom ly :** I went to chemo with my friend who came from abroad but another friend passed by and she got me the most beautiful sparkley pen EVER to write down all my medication times and intakes with..

As I was taking chemo my friend left me for 5 minutes went to Butler & Wilson which is just next door to hospital and got me 4 presents from there! I was sitting there with one arm being poisoned and other unwrapping pressies :p

Only to get home and find an AWESOME package from DHL.. I tell you I was really feeling like shit and barely could walk.. But I had to devour the package only to find the darling Anony/Zawi, Atoona, and Sq have sent me a bundle of things that were fabulous. One thing that had me and my other laughing in stitches was a t-shirt that said " I have Cancer and I'm Going to kick its Ass - Session 2" I LOVED IT!

You think it ends there?! No darlings! I found another box inside the box from another angelic blogger Danderma!! It was filled with goodies that I don't know from where to begin to state my joy as I was going through it.. But what had me laughing my head off was that Danderma wrote that she had disinfected everything with Dettol!!! Hehehhehehee I couldn't stop laughing because she was spot on right to do so seeing my immune system has dropped :/ But to be that considered to think of such a tiny thing just made me so happy and blessed to know such people!!

Honest to God girls I swear to you, you made a HELL of a day seem not so bad and it truly brought me joy!! I cannot thank you enough for such generosity and selfless gesture :** Rabi eywagfkom o ya7fthkom o yab3id 3ankom kil shar :**

Okay enough I'm exhausted.. this post drained me.. Thank you God for blessing me with such love.. Alf il7amdillah :) Love you all :**

p.s. From now on I'm only accepting pressies from Cartier and Graff!! Kaifi I'm sick SPOIL ME dammit :P


chika said...

I am glad to read those feelings between lines - keep it up girl!

Danderma said...

shofe 3ad 4y, bet7e6een sowar ketbay warning min foog 3shan la ag3ad agra o ana bel dawam

min sheft awal sora gemt abchiiiii

thani soora and i have to stifle the sound of my crying ma y9eer chithee 7raam :`(

*hugs 4y and sobs*

my only regret is when i was in London i didn't hunt you down o come to see you :`(

la7thay inich intay ilee in pain o with a boiled hand... o ana ele ga3da abchi!!! Ana ashek inich fee london mo bel sudan!

ama 3la il little thingy tra ma teswa it's only z3abeel... adri inah salfat il dettol kanat ra7 ta3jebich :p and anony thought i was over reacting haaa :p

the boudoir. said...

yi7iglich tidali3ain wiydal3oonich ilnas!
its brave of u to put the pics;/
3asa doom hal hadaya dam it puts a smile on ur face..

Fatema said...

hey ... ive been reading ur blog since 3 weeks... alah yegawmich bl salama inshalah ... can i have ur address i would love to send u something :)

KQ-Designs said...

hi sweet hero :*

GOod job babe ... 3sa aLAh yshafech o yshr7 lich 9drch :) O nfr7 eb gomtch be salama :)


Shayouma said...

Yallah inshallah this will be over soon :***

Unknown said...

allah y3eenich bas i know you will get over it o ana mitakid o make a note because you want to remember this day on December 3 you will look at this post and laugh i know this will happen just think positively and secret this shit out cause it works :D

mimi said...

ooh girl,,
u made me cry
and lough,,
i love u lil sis,
w ba3deen itha intay ma tedala3tay mno y7egla yetdala3 haaaa
luv you
raby ya7fethech w yshafech ya rabbbbbb

Q80thug said...

your not only the coolest dear, but the bestest of all. i love the fact your taking the funny side out of all the pain and drama. keep going luv. :>

RainDrop said...

Awww that's so sweet of them! i'll send u my daughter in care package with me sticking to her hehehe.. she'll make ur day.. :P yallah see, time pass, and 2 sessions r already over!!

Go Girl! Am gonna get a divorce, marry sultan brunai ow ayeeblech graff ib kebrah, ow cartier, ow tiffany.. ow elly tebaineh!