Saturday, 26 June 2010


So I had the 2nd haircut since I've been diagnosed with cancer.. First one I took alot of its length off.. but this time its a Pixie cut.. In other words boy hair.. I a fan and lover of long locks my entire life have boy short hair now.. The last time I had hair this short was 29 years ago the day I was born..

I went to an old hairdresser that used to do my hair back during uni days (10 years ago!!!) .. I needed a familiar face.. I showed him a picture and told him similar but shorter.. Poor guy when he finished cutting my hair he started crying.. He felt that bad for me.. Mine is MUCH shorter but the same pixie concept.. I sat there while he chopped and chopped off what's left.. I felt absolutely numb.. I was being stripped of my femininity.. I was being stripped of my girliness.. I was being stripped of my soft hair.. Nothing left to twirl around my fingers.. Nothing left to put up in a pony tail or hair clips.. I love my shaba9at.. I see them all over the place but I got no use for them now..And this is the last of it..
Its all gone.. No more length.. No more long hair..

Inshallah next time I see this much hair is when I'm cured.. It's part of the process.. Next step is shaving it off to baldy in couple weeks probably..


Anony said...

lazeeem ashofek lo 3ala moteee ashofeeeeeeeeeeek :P

Danderma said...

tadreen 3ad? A true beauty is one when she has no hair... she is still stirking... think Demi Moore in GI Jane and Ghost...

i am a huge fan of boy hair cuts... i believe not every one can pull them off, only uber stylish girls do, and they are very feminine for it brings out all the other aspects of your femininity... the day i got married i went and chopped my hair to boy as a sign of my new found freedom... o i couldn't understand why the hairdressers where solemn o kept asking me why o why o u r so brave... for gods sake i want it this way shako... o it's hair it will grow back!

of course people didnt like it... dad asked me to take off my wig inah it's not funny @_@ Butootee yelled at me saying he has mistaken me for my brother... o gamat il qyama...

If it suited me, i would not have regrown it. Period.

O two hours ago, i grabbed my hair o tugged at it, i felt like getting a pair of scissors o chopping it all off... sha3ri? Kaifi... ma abi 6weel suits me or not ma abi...

chini baro7 age9ah boy... e7temal kebeer i will do it very very soon as a gift for my self...

o yes i realize i have been talking about my self throughout that comment but i meant to. I am in no position to tell u how to feel... i am telling you how i feel about short hair gorgeous 4y...


Anony said...


o ba3den marada be6ool ;p

Anony said...

dandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy akheeran a7ad feels the way i do !!

i love short hair i chopped my ahir once and i'd do it all over again

lama etqeseena golilii :P aqesa ma3ach .. hell we'll go to the same salon togetehr :P hahaha

i always tell myself marada be6ol thats why i dnt feel bad when i cut it

swera said...

eh don't be down! think about it as an extreme makeover ;) that you need a change to have a new feeling .... and as Danderma said think about how sexy Demi Moore was in GI Gane! I bet you're sexier :*

Danderma said...

Anony ma 3ndi ay mane3... bs in inzfait bakhaleech intay ib wayh il medfa3:p

ya rabi il boy hair cut jameela...! A9lan il ryayel ayam gabel kanaw 3achayef tra! el7een vicktoria beckham shim7aleeha o ihe chinha babashera '3air hal gassat?!

akh lo bs ylog 3la wayhee :`( bs ma 3ndi mane3 asawee tajarob! khal asa7el ele 3ndi chood yewafeq!... awal ma y36ene green light i will call no one else!

doona said...

3ad tadren...I've had boy hair till I was 12 or mom would never let me grow it cz I would never take care of it or brush it so she always forced me to cut it
And now that I have the liberty of growing it, I keep cutting it lol

A7es long hair wai3...ta3ab oo 3abala oo its just so bland lying ent laish ga3ed chihty go do something with yourself ;p
I cut it almost every 3 months now...tloo3 chabdy mena a7is I need to see my hair length when I look in the mirror not have it just there ;p

Whenever I talk about shaving it off, anzaf. I'd like to see how that would look like bas ma7ad rathy at all.

Think of it as an extreme makeover :)

Oo know ena marrada ra7 y6ol mara thanya...healthier and stronger just like its owner :)

In the meantime: experiment with it since u may never do this again ;)

ps: I love you ;*

the boudoir. said...

i agree with is there no matter what!
some men love it when a girl has pixie short hair and some love it really long..i know a friend who had just done the pixie hair she used to have gorgeous long hair mashallah she cut it all of one day for the first time in her life and although im no short hair kind of person i thought she looked hotter!
this was ur chance to see ur hair this 2 years bilkitheer it will go back to the way it has been inshallah
so dont feel bad, fi bnat ta7ajibaw and sacrificed that one thing and lived with the sacrifice every single day..i praise them for it mashallah coz i couldnt do it and i wish i had the courage to..look at it this way. learn to make the best of this short hair, look at it as a good thing for now, for urself 3ashan nafseetich it9er a7san o @#$@$^ what others think about it:*

Glitter said...

Madry laish but I always imagined you with black hair, or a very dark brown in the least.

So the picture of your light brown strands threw me off :/

Will have to conjure a new image of you in my head :)

Anonymous said...

guess who shaved his head even shorter yesterday (makeena level 1)

we are in sync 4me. how about that?

we are here 4 you

Well Wisher said...

I'm sure you look awesome! Think of it as trying a new look.. I, like some of the girls here, dream of having short hair bes maynasibny :/ think of how carefree is it and I think it looks really cute and sexy :)

Always try to look at the brighter side of things, wallah mayiswa 3alaich itkadreen kha6rich..

Aham shay nafseetich dayman it9eer kilha +ve :D

Whatever you go through now kilha fatra basee6a inshallah ou timur

Take care ;*

CatEyes said...

i know exactly how u feel.. ana when i go salon to get a trim it takes me 2-3 weeks from the day i decide to cut it to actually go.. i cry if they cut it more than 1 inch.. akeed ppl will say and think its a nice change w sij personally i would love to try out the short hair do but i would never have the guts to do it, cos i feel the same way u do.. it would take away my femininity.. entay its something ur forced to do, its not a choice.. its not a haircut u can regret.. its something uhave no control over.. fa from that point, what can u do? nothing but wait for it to grow back.. and when it does im seriously not telling this to make u feel better but there are a millionn things u can do to make it grow very fast.. se2leeni wagolech.. rakzay 3ala se77etech, ur beauty will come back when ur healthy lana hatha eli yabrez el jamal as u know.. thats just the reality of it, wela entay mu nagsech shay ur just going thru a tough period.. fatra wet3adi enshalah..

CatEyes said...

by the way go on they have every episode for every series u can think of if u want some entertainment.. i recommend hw i met ur mother its really funny once u get past the first several episodes

q8othug said...

i can only guess how it would feel for a girl to lose her hair. but perhaps there is an upside to it:

you will now get to experience the following sensations:

1) wind blowing on your scalp
2) the sensation putting your head on the sleeping pillow while going to bed
3) taking a shower
4) running your hands on the coarse tiny short hairs while thinking and contemplating


think about it. you are one of the few girls who would feel this sensation

Eluded Euphoria said...

hey.. thats weird.. i wanted to go bold and you dread it..

sweetd said...

You have a beautiful soul! Don't worry about these things right now...keep ur spirits up becuz you are truly wonderful human on the inside...and honestly thats all that counts :***

Stay strong and positive!!