Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Chemo - 4

4 Chemos down - 8 to go..

8 hours at hospital.

Arm didn't give enough blood for tests. Veins starting to act up.

Took 4th chemo.

Nurse sucked today, she stuck chemo needle in with blood splattering all over place..

Assigned new team of doctors to treat the nausea and sickness because its reached the not normal level.

Extremely tired..more than usual..

Next tuesday I will be scanned to see if cancer is responding to chemo .. Pray that it is please..

il7amdillah 4 sessions gone and am still "standing".. Alf il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al..


Average.Q8i said...

Ma Defank el 7ezn 'Ya Galbee'; Enfe9' 3'baaraah o Gemm ..
Bageee 'Lel Fara77' Bageee; O Bagee Lekk 'Amal' ..
Baiin el Bashar .. Sha59 Bekk Yehtamm ..

Miss FourMee .. You WILL Get Through This ..

swera said...

How come they're giving u Chemo through needles?! it's supposed to be through a tiny machine planted near vein near ur heart and each time u hv a session they just hook it to the chemo ?!

Standy said...

al7amdullah al7amdlillah.. o inhslalah it will be responding alot and everything will more Graet =D

Danderma said...

1/3 done... 2/3 to go... Ma tadreen b3d yomkin 3ogob il scan il cancer would have shrunk so much yeqalelon il chomos... may9eer?


Anonymous said...

i would so pray for that dandyy


Yours Truly said...

Nshalla ya rab ya rab it shrinks :)

bubbs said...


I would have sent you this book if i knew your address...

Plz dont yell at me, I know ur not in the mood for pep talks, but i thought this would be great read for you or anyone else for a matter of fact.. The author was a US senator, diagnosed with HL stage 4 at the age of 75 a few years back.. and today he is a survivor

Allah esahil 3alaich oo yshafeech

Eluded Euphoria said...

best of luck... i'll pray for you

doona said...

hanat :)
a third down 3la golat dande :)

allah ya2jurich oo yij3ala eb meezan 7asanatich ya rab ;*

Anonymous said...


Take care and God bless.

- You know who

Anonymous said...

thats the spirit! (whats left of it anyways)





noora said...

اللهم اختر لها الخير حيثما كان ثم ارضها به

اللهم اقدر لها من الخير فوق ما ترجو و اصرف عنها من السوء فوق ما تحذر

alf il 7imdella :) o0 inshallah 5er

Well Wisher said...

This is great news! Inshallah ya rab hal marra ilside effects aren't as bad ya rab! Winshllah itbashreena next Tues. ina it's almost gone ya rab!

اللهم اشفها شفاءً تاماً، إنك على ذلك لقدير. اللهم رب الناس اذهب البأس اشفي انت الشافي لا شفاء الا شفاءك شفاء لا يغادر سقماً

CatEyes said...

el 7emdelaah walah keeping up with ur posts shows me ur doing really well, even tho there were complications mennee mennak.. mabuga shay, hopefully ur body's reactig to it in a good way, matadreen yemken the nausea and other side effects just means that chemo's kicking ass.. only its doing it in every part of ur body as well as the cancer;p yarabb the results are good u have so many people praying for u <3 and i love the fact that ur getting all prettied up walah wanasteeni.. allah y3eenech over the next couple of days hun inshalah you'll get good news 3ala ta3abech.. xx

CatEyes said...

and look i know ur a skeptic (shwayaa) when it comes to this.. ana lema atkalam eb hal suwalef a7es whoevers listening yseer feeh hefff that BS again?;p bas walah lani abi asa3dech in the smallest ways possible and i wouldnt recommend it unless i know it works.. listen to these induction/ hypnosis mp3's, the guy has a hot accent (to me anyway) and he's kind of funny too.. there's one for sleeping really well and one for healing..


listen to the post-operative (post chemo in ur case) and placebo effect mp3s..

el sleeping:

not sure if ur interested bas atleast u have the option =)