Wednesday, 16 June 2010


-3 Chemo's down 9 to go inshallah.

-7 and half hours long process..

-Immune system hit empty, zero, zilch, nada.. will go back today for injection boost in the Stomach!! (Terrified)

-I received the M00000000SSSSSSTT creative and beautifully put package with the most amazing inspirational words EVER from a bunch of you blogging darlings !!! Will speak about it later as too tired now. But from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to each and single person who participated, you have N0 idea what this means to me :**


Anony said...


Standy said...

Al7amdulliah =)

yala hanet,, we are with you till the finish line =)

Anonymous said...

good job

*strokes 4me's head like kitty*

RainDrop said...

i wanna send u something ba3ad (a)

see things pass by, might seem slow.. but they do!

Go Girl!!

SHoSho said...

Elhamdillah.. hanat.. i hope you feel better :*