Thursday, 17 June 2010


I am truly speechless and don't know what to do to repay these girls with.. I've known both for 10years now.. I consider them both bestfriends/sisters.. I love them both s0 much but what they did is just overwhelming and s0 amazing that I don't know how to thank them for it. Both came to London to be with me for 3rd Chemo and left day after it..

Remember my friend that came from Turkey for my 2nd session? Well she went back the day after and came Back to London for the 3rd session!! Whilst her grandmother had surgery earlier that week and literally put her work and life on-hold again just to be there for me when I took the 3rd one!

My other bestie came from Kuwait for 4 days just to see me and be there for chemo. You'd think oh ok nothing special. No trust me she had to make the IMPOSSIBLE happen and go through a hell of lot of things just to be able to travel for 4 days!! I cannot even thank her enough for coming.. She made those 4 days so normal and even though cancer was still there but I felt I was just normal me again..

We spent the first part of the 3rd chemo talking about fashion, friends, men.. You'd think we weren't in hospital but a day out.. When they were mixing my chemo we headed to StarBucks and chit chatted there some more.. Well come chemo time the crazy girls were taking photos of the process like they were tourists at a museum.. They made it MUCH EASIER! Even though when they give me the chemo I put on Al-Baqarah and listen to it throughout and barely have energy to move, everytime I look over and see them just sitting quietly flicking through magazines makes me feel loved and know that I'm not alone in this..

I don't know how to repay such love and care. Bs alf alf alf il7amdillah ena I'm surrounded by such TRUE and BEAUTIFUL people.. Please ed3olhom Alah ywafg'hom o y7afth'hom o yas3dhom for what they are doing for me.. Because without this support it would be truly hell..


Glitter said...


الناس معادن
And your friends are made of pure gold :")

I know I haven't been commenting much, but i am following you from a far, and as promised pray for you always.

I just wish there is something more I can do for you :*

zuz said...

awww allah e5aleekum la ba3ath, o enshallah in no time you'll get fully cured yaraab

Anonymous said...

i might pass by too in august so i can become a besty too

i have only a hunch on the hospital you are in but we'll see :>

ShoSho said...

that's so good mashallah Allah ekhaleehom lich inshallah all life :*

the boudoir. said...

this post really brought a tear to my eye..theyre gems!

PaLoMiNo said...

Alah eykhalekom 7ag ba3th o y7fethkom o y36eekom 3al gad neyatkom ya rab :*