Sunday, 13 June 2010

30 Days!!

It's been 30 days since my first chemotherapy! I can't believe 30 days have passed already.. If all goes as planned that's One month down and Five to go!! My 3rd session is on Tuesday :/ The 2nd one was REALLY difficult no make that really really difficult.. My pains have increased, hair fell out more, exhaustion, nausea worsened, basically it was BAD!

They did say the 2nd chemo would be difficult but did say my pain would lessen, but it didn't.. I'm just hoping my body is responding to the chemo :/ After the 4th chemo they will scan me and see if the tumour has minimised and the rest of cancer has fucked off.. I'm terrified.. If I don't respond to the current chemo they will change it to a MUCH stronger one and has long-term side effects, if I'm not mistaken I have to take it every 3 days with extra chemo pills and a whole lot of a shitty extra hospitalisation :(( I'm scared..

Pray for me that the 3rd session won't tire me as much as the 2nd one did :( It was really HORRIBLE!! What's worse now they MUST take me off the Steroid medication! No matter how tired and nauseas I am they won't give it to me.. That med gives me energy, makes me eat and drink, and basically keeps me alive! Now they wanna take me off it!!!! So ya I aint so hopeful about the 3rd session :(( Alah yastir!

Yet 30 days have passed.. And I'm still enduring it and battling it like hell.. Its very difficult more than you can ever imagine.. Its physically and mentally excruciatingly painful.. Inshallah God gives me the strength to get through this and doesn't get worse with the coming sessions.. Did I tell you that they say by the 4th session my mood swings and temper will go through the roof!! Imagine my already crappy temper with extra induced horrible temper! Wow that's gona be super fun!! Really pray for me..

p.s. Englaaaaaaaaaaand to Win!! (Yes a girl can dream)


Anonymous said...

Allah ehawin 3laich dear o inshallah hathey fatra wet3adi ebser3a o te6le3een mnha aqwa o a7la ;* tewakelay 3la allah o ed3ay kether mateqdireen o read quran o inshallah allah ebyoqaf ma3ach o behawin 3laich o halshhoor kelha etmir ebser3a o kel shay e3adi 3la khair .. we all pray for u 7bebeti .. i dont know u personally but u really crossed my mind in the past days and i prayed for u

mimi said...

inshallah the third session well be much easier ya rabbb with the fourth session they will find it goneee ya rabbbb,,
FourMee plzzzz tafa2alo bel5air tajedooh,, lama tkoneen wath8a men da5lech inna allah ra7 yeshel el cancer w yeshafech w ygawech allah la yomken yakser ib 5a6er 3abeeda,,always have faith and never ever give up,,ur not alone ,there is lotzz of ppl who loves you and praying for you,, ra7 agoom 3ashan a9ally elfajr w hatwassalek beldo3a elly yefara7 albek ;)

Danderma said...

30 days become 40 days 4y... o faj2a you will blink wella all this circus is behind you

now el cancer '3asben 3nah beyazlef o will diminish y3ni... intay bs will it to go o la itkhafeen... ana a3teqed ma7ad ra7 yekesh il cancer illa 9rakhich 3la England tra :p

Yalla 6eebay... warana 2018 World Cup in UK *keep ur fingers crossed* ... cham a3marna insha2 Allah then? 3yayiz mooo?!

PaLoMiNo said...

ameen enshala

Q8othug said...

يالله ما بقى شى انشالله
كم شهر و خالصين

يوم النفسية تصير للأسوأ كثري من المقالات عشان تبردين قلبك

Anonymous said...

i always read your posts and i really admire your strength .. mashalaah
iam 29 years old girl and i'am always thinking what if it was me not you who got the cancer !
i don't know if i have your strength .. you give me a power in life you make me stronger you give me hope that strong people can go thru everything ..
you will get thru it .. it will be hard but you got the power and spirit .. you will survive cancer ..

if you feel sick or tiered just remember that there is people waiting for you to see if you are still ok and really care about you
iam attached to you some how !! i never been attached to stranger like that before ..

i always wanted to comment but i didn't know what to say ! but today i just wrote what's in my head ..
you are my hero :*

Unknown said...

salam..Keep up you positiveness... I admire you my dear..Im sure u can go through it...inshaAllah

wet knickers said...

we're all praying for u!!!
inshallah everything will be going according to plan!
i love that ure still keeping ure humour as much as possible..
but come on.. england to win... now ure really dreaming ;p
tee hee hee!!
smile bebe! and think of a better time!
inshallah once the 6 months are over ure road to recovery will be amazing!
keep fighting!!! we know you can do it!

the boudoir. said...

im always praying..and i know a lot of people who r praying for u!

uve been too stressed about the chemo no wonder uve been pissed and stressed o maloomich..allah yhawin u!:*