Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bloggers Puzzle!!

So apparently its become a tradition for Anony and the gals to send me a package every other Tuesday. Came back from 3rd Chemo and as soon as I walk into the house I found the DHL package waiting for me.. Barely got energy to move let alone do box ripping, I ask 1 of my besties to open it for me.. I could have NEVER imagined what it contained!! I was and am still speechless!! I grabbed one piece after the other and read them.. Honest to GOD my 36 dears you have no idea and can never imagine the joy you brought to my heart with your sweet, generous, inspirational, and uplifting words.. You made a long, tortures, energy draining day tolerable and exciting..

So today with the little energy I have I thought I should assemble the puzzle and see the bigger picture.. (Excuse the quality of pics but that's the best the BB takes and my dizziness can muster).. It took me well over an hour to put it together!! Shame on you making a cancered girl work so hard!! :P

I planted my tush on the floor and this is what I had to put together!!

The box was filled with 40 or so pieces in puzzle shaped messages.. Each blogger wrote something or the other either via words or amazing pictures..

Now let me tell you I am an absolute and utter and complete idiot when it comes to putting puzzles together :/ So ya3ni THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the extra hard work :/ I was about to pull out what I have left from hair to just put this all together!!

But man was it worth the effort to assemble!!
You little devils you all made me cry from pure and utter happiness and joy :)
And it was HUGE and AWESOME!!!!
Inshallah one day I will put this up on the wall so it will always remind me that there are beautiful souls in this world that are willing to make a difference in a strangers life without asking for a thing in return.. You all truly have hearts of gold :*

You might have just sent a couple of words to a girl across the world whom you don't know as a kind gesture.. But to me you have given me something, a little extra nudge and strength that I've been lacking recently! Strength to kick this mother fucking bitch ass whore of Cancer's ass from here to Timbuktu!!

In no particular order I would like to THANK and HUG each one of the 36 AMAZING BLOGGERS and the AMAZINGLY CREATIVE master-mind SQ who thought up this idea!!

The Avenues Blog
Journal Entries
Liviing Xxo
The Boudoir
Um Mit3ib
Average Q8i

Thank you!! Thank you!! THANK YOU :**


Anony said...


Anony said...

waat izz da heeeeeeeeeell

new look @@

Glitter said...

testahlain ;*

Oh and congrats for the new look :)

Smart CoOKie said...

Aww that's amazing <3

atoona said...

safga for Fofo's puzzle-making effort =D

inshallah your as happy and more, all the time ;**

Unknown said...
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shoosha said...

7e66ay esmi akher shay ba3ad... laa laa 7e6eeey... on a lighter note; maloooti maktas7een el sa7a 9a7? :D

shoosha said...

*rolls knuckles on the table waiting for an answer*

c'mon c'monnnnn

shoosha said...

yalla wain hayta?

shoosha said...

تايم غوس باي سو سلولي فور ذوس هو ويت

Euphoria said...

That was really nice! :)

Danderma said...

Allaah ya salaaam... 3safeer on the corner!!! Manzil imbarak :***

Sawaitelna moshkila bel bait... tootee gam yenatef reshah o ygool auntie 4y ma t7benee o ma tktb li post!!! Sheftya ballah 3leech shasawee feh ana il7een zafne ana gal kila intay ele u get mentioned o ana la2 :p

Anony o Zoe lovely puzzle girls :***

Love you 4y :*

ShoSho said...

I am so glad you like this.. I didn't do it just as a kind gesture.. no really you are one of the few bloggers who touched my heart .. and I do care about you though I haven't seen you in person..

and to the matstermind who put all this together, THAT is one creative idea! I love it!

the boudoir. said...

allah ! perfect timing! so they finally did itt! thanks to anony and all ur friends for making it possible! you have the best friends ever mashallah 3asalah ykhalekum 7g ba3ath..I think this is the best gift i have ever seen in my whole life..the meaning it holds is amazingly beautiful..(this gave me a gift idea btw) and you can always frame it and hang it on the wall after u "kick its ass" inshallah!

Errant said...


You are such a sweet person .. you know, I wish I could participate in this .. I don't know any of the bloggers here .. but I do participate in "prayers". I never forget you.

Actually I'm thankful for the strength you're giving me .. the courage you resemble .. the fun you bring to me through your good writings .. the beauty you show ..

You know, this will be funny and somehow strange .. but every time I feel that my life is crushing down, I visit your blog hoping to find you posted something .. and your posts are pills. Pills of courageousness, of hope, of strength, of meditation, of beauty ..

You touch me .. always.

It's just that your spirit is shining and is giving us light, which to me is kinda ironical ..

Thanx for this beauty .. you beautiful person :)

Um Mit3ib said...


moi said...


Anonymous said...

This must be the sweetest gift. Endlessly praying for you:*

Unknown said...

How thoughtful of them!!

Sending u lots of luv xx

Sh7afana said...

Anytime ;*
And u better kick its ass or I'm gonna fly all the way to u and kick urs :@ .. Hang in there habeebi ;*

Sh7afana said...

Anytime ;*
And u better kick its ass or I'm gonna fly all the way to u and kick urs :@ .. Hang in there habeebi ;*

Sh7afana said...

Anytime ;*
And u better kick its ass or I'm gonna fly all the way to u and kick urs :@ .. Hang in there habeebi ;*

1001Nights said...

Inshalla nifra7 ibgomtich bilsalama 7abeebty, so so glad you enjoyed it :)

Standy said...

you deserve more ba3ad..


Journal Entries said...

we love u! :*