Monday, 10 May 2010

Virginity & Little Ones

There is a some percentage that chemo will make me infertile or make pregnancy difficult. The only way is to harvest my eggs before I start chemo. Meaning I will have an operation where my legs will be spread open for the world to see while they take my virginity and take some eggs out to freeze. And in the future I could get pregnant with those eggs via IVF.

Mother is refusing me losing my virginity this way yet she wants grandchildren someday.. She says your husband should take your virginity not doctors with scalpels. Yet she says its my choice. I told her I'll have them give me a certificate proving I was a 29 year old virgin.

Let's get real.. Perfectly "normal" girls are ending up as spinsters I highly doubt a girl who had cancer, not a virgin, low chance of fertility, and who's edging on her 30s will get married.. But hey I can't tell mother that or she'll freak out more.. This is my punishment for saying I don't want kids all those years.. Now I have o go through hell and lose my virginity by being cut up just to have a small chance of getting them one day!
I'll be meeting up with a specialist tomorrow to know more about percentage of fertility and then decide. Plus it means it will delay chemo which probably should start on thursday. I'm leaning towards to hell with kids and keeping my virginity..

Alah may6ig eb3a9a.. Alf il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al..


Average.Q8i said...

Allah Ya36eech el 9e77a o El 3afyaa Ya Rab ..

Anonymous said...

Allah kreem

Sumaiah said...

i just read about ur cancer but i'm not very concerned because i know that if there's ever a person that's strong enough to beat it then it's you:)
inshallah you will get better once you get the treatment, you're in our hearts and prayers:*

and about this post, i believe that no one could make this decision for you. you need to conceder your choices, do ur research, then go with what you feel is suitable for you.

stay strong and inshallah u'll be out of this in no time.

Anony said...


etha allah eb yarzegech yahaal ebyarzegech yahaaal wih or without all this !!

i vote nooo! not like i have any saying in this :P bs ya3ni agol raye :P ana em3artha elsara7aa

en9oom en9oom o naf6er 3ala scalpels! :P mosh kedaa yakhtee mosh kidaa :P

Glitter said...

7beebtii .. :/

Just when I thought khalas, there could be no more bad news, you get thrown with this curve ball..

Bas for some reason, I totally have utter faith in you, and you will be able to figure this all out :*

Anonymous said...

virginity goes buhbye through intercourse only , the hymen differs from one persona to another, some have theirs torn lightly through activities (khurafat); others require surgery to have it removed.

I asked a gyno here to freeze my eggs & she refused claiming it would me make lose my virginity - hello she's a freakin doctor , you lose virginity by engaging in sex. this kinda shocked me a bit coming from someone in the medical field. seriously folks please separate personal religious thoughts from your general practices.

it's your choice, ur a big girl


plastic said...

Its pretty ironic keeping your virginity all those years only to lose it to a scalpel . Im sorry if that sounded insensitive you know i luv ya but you have to admit it is pretty funny .

Allah y3eenech o y9abrech o y9aber ahalech

Smart CoOKie said...

Virginity is not the fact that you still have your hymen or not. You only lose it if you have sex. So don't worry about Mr.future husband. Inshallah he will understand.

CatEyes said...

i agree isnt le3yal rezg? maktoob? whether or not you have them.. bas if u look at it the other way virginity is just a thought tara, its whether or not you've had intercourse.. if you want the chance of having kids i really recommend ugo thru with the surgery.. think of the little four mes ! and btw babe hymens are not the only way to know if someone's a virgin.. if the doctor is good enough they can look at the vajayjay and tell you how long its been since someone had intercourse, all the way back to months. when its been used it shows, sorry to disgust u walah bas thats why ppl with hymen reconstructive surgery get caught either way lana 7ata le7mar y3aref yfarreg [talkin about drs.] with that being said.. if its along the lines of u dont have a chance of getting married, then who would u save ur virginity for? fa dont think that way, plz latkhalleen a hymen decide ur chances of having kids.. yemken ete7assefain lema tekbereen matadreen, tkoneen metzawja someone who wouldve completely understood and u miss out.. 7abbte el neseeb min alah, welz rezg min alah, having ur hymen broken from surgery will not change that and it will mean nothing wel ntheef ybayen min tarbeeta wakhlaqa.. at the end of the day listen to ur gut hatha e7sasech w only u can feel ay 6reej a7sanlech.. good luck gorgeous<3

serenade said...

it's wonderful to see a bit of your personality and sarcasm back :) that's the first step to your recovery

Allah ygawmich bisalamah inshalla


CatEyes said...

^ i second;p

the boudoir. said...

to hell with virginity..u will b need ur kids beside u inshallah one day..i say let them do it if thats the only option! embarressing u may thank them one day;)