Friday, 21 May 2010


How or from where do I begin to THANK ALL the people who left me kind comments, prayers, blogged, said a prayer in silence, or simply wished me well?! How does one repay such kindness?! Even if it's intended for a stranger that you've never known, you uttering couple of words to wish them well makes a hell of A LOT of difference in their lives, TRUST ME! I have NO words to express how I feel towards YOUR acts of generosity.. I will simply say you made a sick girl VERY HAPPY :D

And for that I am eternally grateful to each and every single one of you :**

3asa rabi ya7fith kilman da3ali o da3a 7ag kil mareeth mn kil shar o yas3ida denya w akhra :**



тσσηα said...

that's the least to be given , may u become stronger and happier every single passing day ;) have a great one

Anonymous said...

Always know enich ma ga3da etfargena la ib 9alatna wla ib do3a2na;*
Now go kick that cancer's ass ;p

wet knickers said...

justt keep smiling!!
the angels are on their way ;*

eshda3wa said...


Errant said...

oh, I can see how much loved you are :) and I'm not surprised ..

Q80thug said...

as strange as it may sound: i should be thanking you dear and not the other way round. you have brought the positive in me. your struggle is an inspiration to all

see for yourself:

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