Monday, 24 May 2010

No No's

+You know what I miss the most?! Mcdonaldes :( I'm craving Mcdonaldes like you wouldn't believe and I cannot have it till am cured inshallah.. I'm forbidden from eating at restaurants and certain foods because of bacteria and germs which could bring my immune system crashing down causing much delay to treatment and hospitalisation..

+Even water I'm on restriction! I shouldn't drink bottled water and the only water I've been drinking my entire life is Volvic! They say its not clean and could cause harm and I should drink tap water filtered in one of those drinking jugs. I couldn't, the taste was horrid, so I started filtering the Volvic water through the jug thingy and drinking it. Its either that or I'll die of thirst cuz I can't stand regular water and I gotta drink at least 2 litres a day :/

+I smell like a giant baby.. I cannot use regular shampoos, soaps, etc. Everything gotta be for sensitive skin so now I use Baby Johnson :/ Even my body cream that I've been using since a teenager I can't use it and have to use E45 cuz its got less whatever chemicals in it..

+I cannot be exposed to the sun as it damages my skin and ruins effect of chemo. Imagine today was hell hot and I had to wear a long dress with a long sleeved wool cardigan :( I was dying of the heat jahaanim 7aar :/

+Alf alf alf il7amdillah my Bone Marrow results came back negative :D it hasn't reached.. I have CLEAN bone marrow :D awesomeness.. You know 2 months ago a distant relative 25 year old was diagnosed with cancer and needed bone marrow transplant and they couldn't find him a match.. Even though I was so ill I offered to be tested to see if I was a match and give him some.. Little did I know I have cancer and I myself was feared to need bone marrow transplant one day!! Life is funny..

+How can I not thank God a million times when I've still got use of my hand, legs, brain, and senses!! I saw people at hospital with amputated arms and many organs taken out.. We take so much for granted that we are dumb ass blinded by it.. Thank you God for this illness and Thank you a thousand times that its this form of cancer and not worse.. Alf alf il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al o 3ala hal ni3ma ely ana feha..


Anony said...

7lwa aldonyaa lama etroo'a <3

Fajer said...

alf alf alf alf alf alf alf el 7emdelaaaaa enna today is one of those days that you saw things from a different perspective. So true, we take so many things for granted. Like anything else, we don't know what we have until faced with the risk that it'll be taken away. Mn na7yat the no's, sub7annallaa tara allah mn3emna eb ne3mat el ta2aqlum... Ull get used to the new creams bser3a.. I remember kent amot 3ala moisturizers clinique, faj2a 9ar feni shay esma pityriasis rosea (bel skin) oo i was forced to use this pharmacy crappy heavy moisturizer fe cortizon esma diprobase.. Sucked at first b3dain t3awadt... Oo i feel u 3ala Mcdonalds:s sucks really. Bss u know what, my opinion is enna bedal latfakreen enna hathol kelhum no's, get a paper and a pen. List down everything, and challenge urself to go by them. As if its a game. Once u put things down on paper and manipulate urself into believing enna this is actually a challenge, ull develop a sense of control 3ala ur situation. It makes a big difference trust me.

(Same situation, different perspective)

- The Docs say no (mn dakhel ra7 t7eseen ur defeated oo there's nothing else u can do.)

- The Docs say no bss I'M DECIDING TO CHALLENGE MYSELF into following the crappy rules (ra7 tyeelech quwa oo t9eren chennich ur a competitor, oo ra7 tkoneen mo9era and develop the "YA ANA YA ENTA YA STUPID CANCER" attidue.

Keep writing;***

Average.Q8i said...

(L) ..

тσσηα said...

That's a Good news el 7imd lilah ;) i totally agree we always take every thing for granted !!

el7imd lilah 3la kil 7al ;)

Unknown said...

alf el 7mdillah .. 3asa inshallah men a7san ly a7san .. since i got to know about u through some blogs wana keep checking on .. o everyone praying for u .. 3asa allah yegawmech bessalamaa o yeshafech o yab3ed 3annech hal cancer .. i know how it is .. since im facing the same with my mom .. allah yeshafech weshafy kel ennas inshallah.. o keep smiling :)

- F said...

I read your blog and I swear I went to pray, and prayed for you with all my heart.

May God grant you and your mother strength and bravery to overcome this battle! W enshallah takleen McDonalds jreeb :)


the boudoir. said...

alah y3eenich 3ala the food:(
hate water jugs..for some reason water tastes blah istaqfaralah feehum..but i do love filter is supposed to be healthier than the mineral bittles who knows, u may get used to it, i remember the doctors always advice me to have filter water..ahib shwaya waglib:P bas seriously alah y3enich with everything weather,food, drink..and its super sweet that u once wanted to help ur cousin..u have such a beautiful soul mashallah:*

Q80thug said...

@ Mcdonalds: Afaaaa ! 6ila3ti McChiken :P

@ water: why is that all women are fussy with the water they drink? i say: rusty water? bring it on! i like abit crunch in my drink ;)

@baby smell: whats wrong with smelling like a baby? i used sniff my brother's baby daughter like it was cocaine (with the exception when she pooped, good god! baby poop smells nasty) :>

@sun: even if you wanted to see the sun good luck finding it. we've been plagued by sand storms the last couple of weeks. i think the sand it taking the piss out of us cause it only waits till the weekend to 'visit' us .\/.

@ bone marrow results: thats great news! it should mean that your survival rate should be higher no ?

@ disabilities: my dear if you get out of this nightmare trust me, you will become a better person than you have ever hoped to be

stay strong luv ^^

RainDrop said...

hahahahah i loved this post!

* You kind of reminded me of when i was pregnant.. i wasn't allowed junk food cuz it affects the baby, or so they say. I'm a Junk-ie.. I live on junk food. Junk food is one of the few things that make me really happy, lame enough?! hehe.. So, yes i stopped for like 3 months. Then i decided to ignore the doctor x_x but to eat more healthy food to balance my diet.. :P meanie me?! It worked thank God! So, yes.. think of it that way.. The day you're done with chemo-shit.. Your to-do list is :-
1- Go to McD and eat as many McChickens as u can!

* it3arfeen a7la tab water wain?! fe Vienna.. i crave it, everyday! aaaaaaaaaah!! u should try it, beats volvic!! TRUST ME! Oh, and i got an advice about water jugs and stuff.. it3arfeen what's the best "jug"? the old thingie elly min el fo5ar? i think it's called el 7eb?! water tastes really good in it..!! go find u one hahaha it5ayyelay sh3oor ur family when they see one in the house! haha..!

Q8thug .. there is a diff in water's taste!! big diff ba3ad.. bs u need to have good tasting buds to b able to know the diff ;)

* I looooooooooooooove baby johnson! my grandma still uses it :P I dont use it on my baby though, i use a more medical one. Doesn't smell as good though.It doesnt smell much anyways. If you want it, i could get u the name!

* I kind of hate the sun. it hurts my eye.. I dont like beaches much. Id rather b living in a rainy-freezing country. Even a doc once recommended that i move to Alaska, mom dissed him *sigh*

* YAY EL 7IMDELLAH!!! EL 7IMDELLAH EL 7IMDELLAH EL 7IMDELLLLLLLAAAAAAAAH! wooohoooo no cancer in the bones el 7imdellah!! :D testahelain hun!!

Yallah mar7alah ow bat3addy inshallah..!

take care xx

Unknown said...

We are all glad that your bone marrow results came back negative :D its amazing that you have some positivity !! thats what you should always feel, we all know its hard, oh wait, we dont really know EXACTLY, but we can atleast guess how it feels !!

Anyhow, mac !! thats it ?? come on you gotta be kidding ! couldnt you think of something abit healthier atleast :P

and hey...babies smells amazing, i envy you ;)

c'est la vie said...

Hi ..,
am a silent reader for ur blog for a while now ,i just felt at this time i have to say something >>i pray for u every day and my friend at work that i told her about u ..alf
al7amd we al shokor lellah that ur bon marrow result is ok ,i cant say that i know what ur going through but i can imagine ..u have to be strong if ur not cause its half the medication and this come from bleiving strongly in God and i can see that you are ..i love this saying alot and it helps me in my life...

لو عرفت كيف يدبر الله الأمور لذابت قلوبكم في محبته سبحانه
and it makes me wonder whats the worst thing that God preventing from me ????
Allah yegawmich bel salama O kela ajer o 3afia in shallah

Journal Entries said...

alf il 7imdilaaaaaaah =D
sooo happy that the results came back clean =*

Standy said...

al7amdulliah 3ala salamtik :)

serenade said...

i love you *hug*

Glitter said...

الحمدلله الحمدلله الحمدلله

Ur new perspective on the situation made my hearts well wallah..

Thank you for opening our eyes and making us see things we didn't pay attention to

الحمدلله عدد خلقه، ورضا نفسه، وزنة عرشه، ومداد كلماته

Love u;

WSS said...

I have CLEAN bone marrow = a7la khabar sema3ta :)

Shayouma said...

First el hamdilla enna the bone marrow is clean! Alf Alf el hamdilla.. walla your post put me to tears.. Kaifich i am gonna insist you amaze me with your strength :P

Yes i agree we take things for granted.. like health relationships, the fact that we are breathing every second!