Thursday, 27 May 2010


Life is funny.. You go through it fretting over the tiniest things and thinking they are catastrophes.. Little do u know that they are NOTHING in comparison to what life can throw at u!! When I used to get upset over problems mother used to tell me "Life is difficult and its harsh this is nothing, toughen up and get used to it" I used to think how could she say such! Its mean!! But little did I know that she is SPOT ON right! Now she tells me this is the worse life can throw at u and cannot be meaner to you than this!

Funny thing is now I tell her yes it can be, cancer is THE worst yet I know life can get harsher and throw worse curve balls at me! A mother losing her child is worse than going through cancer a MILLON times! Life is difficult.. Where is this post going I don't know. But don't sweat the small things which you may think are the end of the world and are a catastrophe but just know that it can always get worse unfortunately :/

Enjoy the little things and discard the things that bother you.. It is all possible we just gotta use our brains to know when to balance. When to fret and when to let go. Live and let live. Most importantly show love to those around you and appreciate them for what they are. I wish you all serenity and peace of mind :*


Dont.Dwell said...

Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Love you for how you are transforming.

We take life moment by moment.

The word 'worst' is a relative term.

I really wish you don't go through anything worse than you are already going through.

God bless; You will be in my prayers.

May peace and health reign your life.

~ AM2

B & D said...

that's beautifully said!!! :)
its really stupid how sometimes we all take things for granted...your just awesome..i love the way u simple and straight from heart!!

Glitter said...

I too am noticing the change in you, and I couldn't be more proud :)

Beatiful post my lovely :*

Allah yemen 3alaich bl se77a wl 3afia o yemsa7 3la galb ur mama (hug)

Slashy said...

A7ebbich :*

Smart CoOKie said...

Depressing. Yet absolutely true. THANK YOU!

Unknown said...

Wow, you are amazing. For a person I'd expect to be depressed because of cancer, you seem to be enlightened by it. You lift up my spirits in most of your blogs, and I'm thankful that I have reading your blogs to look forward to through the day. Thank you for lifting me up. :)

Q80thug said...

beautifully said.

life can be short, life can be cruel as well. life is full of needy unlucky people who dont have a shred of the privilege and state welfare that we have. and what do we do? we overfeed and overspend and consume the resources of water and energy like is was our born right to burn them to dust. so what does all of this have to do with you? people dont know the true value of their life until it might be taken away. undervalue their health until they get sick eventually soon they will appreciate what they have when all the luxuries around them will be depleted.

sorry for the long rant its just your words have resonated strongly in me. good night.

Shayouma said...

Very well said..

the boudoir. said...

7imdilah and God bless you:) I hope this means our prayers are answered.

Even some strong-willed women and mothers of faith thank God and find peace after losing a child.They agonize deep inside, no one can deny that, but at the end of the day they find peace and To me that is beautiful.

Will continue praying for u always!

foshyaa said...

beautifully said.
stay like this ;*

Shoush said...

I wish u the same babe! Wat u said it so true. But sometimes we just get so caught up in the little things that we 4get to look at the bigger picture. Thanks for the reminder tho. :*