Saturday, 29 May 2010


I feel sick.. Like literally ill.. If I leave bed I start feeling all wozzy, dizzy, body aching, and just run back to it.. Everything in me is aching.. My bones are aching, my skin is aching, and even my brain is aching.. Feels like there is something moving inside me like a foreign entity.. Just an odd feeling of something running through my veins.

I'm hating the bed rest but there is nothing I can do about it. This disease holds you captive, I feel like I'm its slave. I cannot push myself I don't have the energy. When my body is tired I have to obey it and head straight to bed and lay there all day long. I feel sick to my stomach. Its horrible absolutely horrible. I have no say. My mind has no say over my body. I cannot push it because I have no energy and even if I do I would collapse. I'm becoming weaker by the day. And more helpless and depressed by the second..


Anony said...


Anonymous said...

You will get through this

Slashy said...

I agree with Anonymous.

I'm positive this phase is temporary..

*big hug*

Unknown said...

(((((((((((Fourme))))))))))) x

lala said...

mmmm with all this frequent update are sure you have cancer ? i mean seriously shouldnt you be ill to even write up a whole post every other day ? hmmmm are you one of those pathological spinsters who lie to get much need love and attention :s

not tryin to be hater im just wondering

if you are really sick then god be with you

Âme said...

Lala I bet you are new here.

I suggest you should read the blog once again to use words like pathological spinster and stuff like that.

Having cancer doesn't mean you cannot type from a bb about what you are feeling.

Many write and document their experience as a journal.

Wondering with some startup facts would be a lot better than mere guessing.

Please pray, she is sick I assure you.

Anony said...

Dear (many gayla ilkelma) lala,
lets assume she's what you're saying she is? .. shino moshkeltech? keefha el bent she want to seek attention? fe moshkila? .. ya3ni sh'hal 3aqleya eli you're "just wondering" hal wondering eb yenfa3ech eb shay? bs golili eb yenfa3ech? 3ashan etha eb yenaf3ech agom bel wajeb o aray7ech .. kelesh wala teg3edeeen "wondering" laa o wondering 3ala "pathological spinsters" ba3ada .. if that was her intention then she really did a good job eli khaletech tegreen el blog 3ashan you come to think conclustion and YOU WONDER whether she was true or no . .bs shakla mokhech magedar yestaw3eb fa you are "WONDERING"

not that ur wonderings would make any difference and not that i would give a damn ..

bs how about you go read about cancer o etfat7een mokhech shway ..

o te7seneen el than bel nas ..

3ala gulat el mathal ...
"kilma yara el nas eb 3een 6ab3a "

i guess el mathal says it all

Anony said...

Ame dont ask her to pray

mashkoora maqasartay el da3wa menech manabeeha

fe alf gheerech yad3e eb neya 6aiba o qalb 9adeq o 3ala yaqeen .. mo 3ala "wonderings" o 7ache fathe

Shayouma said...

Allah eqawweech inshallah and you get over this *hugs*

Z said...

lala i wish i can shove my foot
up ur ass till ur eyes pop out 3ashan
etshoofen 3adel al pathological spinsters

o b3den have u had cancer before
la sama7 allah 3ashan et3arfen whether
she can or cant post??

o how sweet of u to state that ur
not a hater wala i qoute
(if you are really sick then god be with you)
maga9artay b3d 3omre

all that said am speechless, actually if i could express my self i would shove my hand down ur throat and pull ur heart out and trow it on the ground :D

because i too wonder why
have one if not use it in good means :D

Shayouma said...

Lala: Allah esam7ich she need support or you say something disrespectful like that?! if you don't believe or like then don't read..

Anonymous said...

lala :S ya mal el shagool esh hal galb eli feech w 5lach tktben hal kalam !!
9aly 3lnbi w estree7y
ashk ena feech dam :S tabeen attention ? ft7y ur own blog w goli am cancered chofi chan 7ad dara bech :)

Salem said...


inshallla ya rab ey7osich cancer o t3rfeen how it feels okay? I will make sure eny ad3y 3alych kilyom 3alshan la etbalyn 3al awdem chethi fahma?

afkrich al khara khalehom 7agich!

o sem3ay 3adil, al dinya dawraa, eygolich la t3yeb, tn3aab..

ya rab ya kareem tably lala ib sar6an ey3lmha sheno y3ni sar6an, leanha thlmaat fourme eb kalmha.. ameen!!!!

PaLoMiNo said...

Anony 7ayaty entay ma tabeen tgolen al kilma, BUT sm7eeeli abi agolha ana :)

"lala" ya ZBAALAAA

WELI EY3AFECH "zbaalaaa" like you mabi ashof around here...

sm3eeni 3adil YOU DUMBSHIT...


PaLoMiNo said...

7ubyyyyyyyyy fufu :****

layhmich kalaam al losers :)

egraay al mo3wthaat lay9koonich 3ayn :) shftaay al losers shloon??? 7ata 3al maarth y7sdon al nas...

ur gona get well soon :***



the boudoir. said...

Palomino ta3jibeeni!

Fourme i feel for u..the medication is taking its toll on u right now..this is the worst..hold on kills me ur feeling this pain..fakray ina its all going to be ok after this ina hatha 7ada wilbaji ahwan ya rab..adri bara ilmawthoo3 bas that last paragraph wayd mu3abir im not ignoring ur actual pain and agony i actually felt it as if it was me goin thry it,the way u have described it!..u can b a writer mashallah..who knows maybe one day,inshallah,u will collect the posts and have them edited into a book to show ur battle with cancer and to inspire all

Smart CoOKie said...

OMG this Lala is a bitch. Lala, if you don't have something nice to say then shut the fuck up. It's not like she's taking from your energy to update her blog. 8ooly mashallah ya 7soodah. Waja3.

FourMe stay strong babe XOXO.

Shoush said...

7abeebti :* Allah ysahil 3alaich and u get ur health and strength back in no time inshala. Hang in there, inshala this pain will end soon. :*

Oo seriously who's sick enuf to pretend they have cancer just to get attention? 7mdila wilshokor, as they say: kilman yara ilnas ib3ain 6ab3a. Only a sick n twisted mind cud think this is just a scam.

Ma3alaich min hal 7achi ilfathi babe. Allah ygaweech oo ya36eech il9i7a wil3afya. Keep blogging and expressing urself. That's wat ur blog is here for. Wili moo 3ajba moo ila yigra! Wili ma3inda something nice to say, yakrimna ib skoota wayid a7san.

mimi said...

lala just shut the fuck up,, seriously wish u had the cancer 3ashan u see if u can write or talk ,,sejj nas ma t5af rabha,,anyways even if u think shes acting
6uzzz fech its non of ur fuckin business
ouffff nas terfa3 elthag6

FourMe,,it will pass baby ib ithn allah it will w soon insha2allah
even my mom is praying for you,,
never stop smiling ,,ur gonna kick the fucking cancer's ARS :)

Q80thug said...

fourme: stay strong dear. bite the upper lip and endure it. it will pass for sure.

to all the people who responded to lala:
Do not feed the trolls

atoona said...

it's so funny how someone can say the meanest things aiming to put others down, but Little do they know that their tiny little comment actually does the total opposite.

it is so obvious that this person is envious of our love and support towards our dear Fourme.
And this will only grow, because we believe in her and are here for her.

fourme, we love you, and no heartless person with a keyboard can ever change that :**

PaLoMiNo said...


Anonymous said...

Q80thug, thank you for the words of wisdom.

However, some ambiguities get cleared when readers express their support and opinions.

Not only does it drive the point through, but also fortifies the support and love which many have got for FourMe.

'Feeding the trolls' does not apply in this case.

- You know who

Yours Truly said...

Please can anybody provide me with Fourme UK address. If I want to send her something where shall I send it to? Please send me an email with her address on this link


Fourme, I read your blog everyday. You are a true inspiration. A True fighter. You will never realise the huge effect that your blog has on many of us. I honestly can not find the words to describe it. You are in our prayers and our hearts. You will beat this. We know you will.

SheWaShi said...

7ayate ! .. i know your going through a lot .. And I know it's not ok .. i know you're tired and I know its hard ..

i don't know you .. but i strongly believe that you can do it .. Because many people have done it, though many people did.. you can do it hunny ..

te9abeery oo theekry allaah doom galbii .. oo fe ad3eya igolhaa il mareth dayman goleiha .. oo 7ubi keilhatha ajeer leich yarab bethnallaah .. oo yarab allah yashfeich oo ye9aabrich oo yer7emech oo yer7amna ib ra7meta ..

maykhalief 7abebti i know its hard i know its tough .. but you are a fighter and i know that you can do it!

Post any thing you like .. express your feelings that what the blog is all about .. some times you cannot talk but you can write them .. and we all understand that ..

for lala .. i think all the poeple replayed back oo baredaw chabdna :P oo athen tha7akty 3alihom lianna 9ej tha7ekoni keilhom LOL :P .. oo asasn il isem stuiped khali9aw il asami .. shno lala :P LOOL ma agol ilaa 7mdeila weshekker ..

7beebti Be Strong because you can do it ;*

Unknown said...

I think we should keep our focus on Fourme right now. There are always idiots like Lala around to try to take our positive energy. Ignore it [lala] and it will go away to fester in its hole. I hope u r feeling better today, Fourme xx