Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Good day :)

Honest to God I feel so humbled with all the love I'm being showed.. Alf il7amdillah that I'm blessed with such! I truly feel lucky..

Today was a good day.. Though on the physical end I was more tired and my breathing is getting worse. If I move or talk I feel short of breath and kinda start breathing like a 90 year old. Dizziness is coming back as they took me of the "May kill you" steroid meds cuz apparently they're super dangerous..

One of my good friends from university days flew into London for a week to see me.. She came just for me! She put her work on hold and prior engagements and flew in from Turkey. She wants to be there for me during the 2nd chemo session. How sweet is that!

All day long we talked and behaved as if I was "normal" even though there was cancer talk but still I felt like me again.. Just hanging out with a girlfriend chit chatting about random life..

I'm very so grateful to have such people in my life.. Thank you God for today.. Good days are so very precious these days..

p.s. Thanks to Anony, Zawi, Sq, and Atoona for the beautiful flowers they sent my mother :* You really made her day and made her smile like you wouldn't believe.. And for that I cannot thank you enough :** You girls ROCK!!


zuz said...

This is a happy post! Glad you feel better :D

Allah esahil 3leeech ya raaab! Ur still in our prayers..


foshyaa said...

enshalla doom happy ya rab :*

Shayouma said...


Q8othug said...

hope you be like that always and always luv

Unknown said...

I am happy to hear u r having a good day!! Long may it last.

the boudoir. said...

ya rab kil ayamich chithi o a7san ba3ad..u have great friends! this is what real friendship is all about, feehum ilkhair wallah. Hopefully inshallah u will continue feeling this way(adri mu beedich) but with this attitude u will benefit urself and ur body:*

Fajer said...

Friendship... I don't think there's anything more beautiful...

*Offers a BIG HUG to you both*

PS. u should take my offer while i'm still ba6a tara 3ajeeeba my hug.

Keep Smiling,

Lots of love;*

CatEyes said...

the title brought a smile to my face.. im happy for u gorgeous ;* el 7emdelah ena everything has a bright side to it and im even happier that ur able to see it min nafsech.. and friends like that are amazing ya7lailha walah tyanen <3 salmayy if she's still there;p

*on a side note, fajer im so jealous ive never been hugged by anyone big we're all small.. so yeah fourme take the offer hehe;p have an amazing day tomorrow as well inshalah ;*

Hope said...

InShallah doum Goli Ameen
such a great friend u have.. ma tga9er wallah
I'm happy 4 u =D
U just made my day