Saturday, 1 May 2010


You know what's the only good outcome of this whole ordeal is? Feeling loved. I knew I was I loved by family and friends but never knew this much! Never in a million years would I have imagined that I was this much loved and adored by them. Well family members its a given but friends from boys to girls is just overwhelming.. Some have truly shocked me, I knew they loved me but not like this, they are doing the impossible to help in any way they can.. Some I haven't spoken to in a decade have offered the impossible..

By the way if this doesn't sound grammatically correct, forgive me.. I'm so high on meds that my head is barely attached to my body.. Back to the lovin part.. Even friends of my mother whom I met once apparently love me and spend hours upon hours praying for me.. quite humbling.. But the strangers part is the sweetest.. People whom I do not know nor ever met care to a shocking extant that I simple cannot put in words.. Yesterday mother went to pick up my prescription from my old doc and the secretary once hearing about what am going through was in near to tears! How cute is that!! She asked mother to pass her regards and best wishes.. Just little things like this of people that I have minimal contact with that show much emotions that makes me feel so loved..

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such people.. It's true what they say, only in your worst times you know who your true friends are.. Though I have been disappointed by a couple but never mind I have many to make up for them..

I wish you all to be blessed with pure Love..

p.s. I'm gona have to do another surgery next week for more testing and I'm scared.. Please pray for me..
Much appreciated :*


plastic said...

allah yshfeech 7bebtey o y3eenech

serenade said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all this,, inshallah Allah yshafeech and they find whatever mystery illness this is to start the recovery,,


Average.Q8i said...

Bel Salamaa; O Allah Yashfeech Love ..

ShoSho said...

Allah eshafeech habibti inshallah :**** let us know what happens we are thinking of you!

FourMe said...

ysalmich dear thank you..

Ameen Allah ysma3 minich..

ysalmik baq9ooma..

thank you dear, will do :*