Friday, 7 May 2010


Happy birthday to me.I turned 29.
And I just found out I have cancer..


Anonymous said...

la 7awl wala quwa ila billah. when i read the title of your post i was hoping it meant that everything was cleared and your tests came out negative.
3asallah yashfeech o yashfee kil mareeth.. inshallah you are strong and patient enough to see it through, and i truly think you are even if I don't personally know you. Hang in there!

moi said...

allaa yashfeech shefaa maba3dah marath wla ta3ab enshallaa..this post broke my heart but ana o wayed '3airii eb nad3eeelich yom eb yoma, o alla egawmich besalama o eshafeech we3afeech enshalla, hang in there and be strong..

Dont.Dwell said...

It may seem as if the worlds gone dark and there isnt anything at the end of the tunnel, but still theres God.

They always say stuff happen for a reason, but theres no reason in you suffering. Hang on, oo keep strong, intay akbar mn this disease wrabch ma yt5ala 3an 3ebada.

inshalla one day you'll look back oo realize that this was just part of your life. Don't let it beat you, and remember its not part of you! inshalla mar7ala wt3adee.

I want to say more oo help make you feel better but i can't because it all depends on you.

Your at the begining of a journey. You can either lead the way or let the circumstances lead you.

I hope you get what i mean, oo bl nehaya rabee ygawmch bl salama inshalla wshafeech :)

Dont dwell

Errant said...

I don't know what to say .. honestly, when I saw your post starting with "il7amdellah" I was smiling hoping to hear good news. But at the end, it's God's well and in this life everyone will have his share of testing.

You seem to be like a smart, strong, kind, lovable person .. you can do it .. and God will help you inshallah.

I'll pray for you my dear every time I pray for myself.

Anonymous said...

:) el9aber 3la el bala w kellah ajer 3nd rabech
ALlah yashfeech

serenade said...

:'( Allah yshafeech inshalla wygawmich bisalamah,, in a way at least now you know what the problem is for you to be able to fight it,,, and based on your writings,, i can say that you're clearly a fighter,, as don't.dwell said,, you're bigger than this,, and Allah is bigger than it all,, keep your faith and be strong winshalla you'll overcome this,,

kilina nad3eelach sweetie,, wish i could do more or say more to help... xoxo

zuz said...

Ajir o 3afia enshallah, kella eb meezaan a3malich. O rabbich mayensa 3ebada. Just be strong and don't let it beat u. Allah eshafeech we3afech wegawmech besalama enshallah. Will pray for you

CatEyes said...

im so shocked wallah galbi 6a7 eb ba6ne.. ive been following you throughout ur posts about ur back problems and this really broke my heart.. im speechless.. mu msadga are they sure? if it was cancer this whole time shouldnt they have been able to find it? you've been having back problems for so long it couldn't have been cancer this whole time bedoon la ylagoon shay.. please 6amnenna 3alaich i will pray for u everyday alah yshafeech wenshalah kel hatha ajer.. happy 29th birthday gorgeous <3 3oqbal el imia inshalah yarab;* from reading thru ur posts ur strong enough to make it there =*
much love,

Some1 said...

And .. ?? more details please , they can remove it or what ?!

Lamoona said...

never lose faith.. Allah Kareem.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and may you live long and prosper.

Which stage are you in?
Is it treatable?

Amethyst said...

Happy birthday!

And el7emdillah indeed. I know you're strong enough to kick that cancer's ass. May you kick more ass than any cancer patient has ever kicked before!


Anonymous said...

La 7awla wala 8uwa. I'll tell you one thing. You are strong, you are capable and you will battle it, not because you can, because you WILL. With God's great will and your deep faith you will over come. I salute you and my prayers will forever be with you. LOTS of love,
your sister:
Ghalya AlDhafiri

Anonymous said...

stay strong, hang in there.

Glitter said...

كل عام وانتي بخير و صحة وعافية
وان شاء الله بعيد ميلادج الياي تكتبين بوست حلو و متفائل وكله أخبار سعيدة

تفائلوا بالخير تجدوه
وأنا كلي ثقة وايمان انج بإذن الله راح تغلبين المرض
مو المرض اللي راح يغلبج

Our hearts and prayers go out to you :*

falantan said...

صاجة الحمدلله على كل شي.

A drunk 60 year old I met 2 nights ago on the walkway said to me:
الله اعطى و الله أخذ. الحمدالله

and he said that smiling cheek to cheek.

و أمر المؤمن كله خير ان اصابته سراء شكر فكان خيرا له.
و ان أصابته مصيبة صبر فكان خيرا له.
و ليس هذا لأحد الا للمؤمن

sickness is a blessing too as it humbles us and reminds us where we really stand.

3asa Alla ysabrech ya Rab. o 7erse 3al3elaj like a mofo!

Journal Entries said...

happy birthdaaay!

enshallah mako illa il 3afya just be strong and faithful u can overcome it eb ethin allah i know that! =*

asameee said...

I have just come back to read some blogs i would visit frequently, and happened to pass by here. it's been quite long since i read any blogs. i remember your lovely blog and the smiles you spread. Allah ybashrech bl kheir w yfarrej hammech w y3afeech. My genuine prayers during sjood will go out to you this evening.