Friday, 14 May 2010


So my tantrum worked. They broke the protocol and started me on chemo today.

Its for 6 months and each month I have 2 sessions, in total 12 sessions. 1 down 11 to go.. Its so funny when the bring the chemo from the pharmacy it has to be accompanied with 2 nurses! You'd it was a Harry Winston wreath and they were afraid of getting high jacked! Way3aa kila sim! Bloody poison so why the extra escort.

I feel better that I started at least now I know what to expect and how to deal with days to come.. But sitting in the recliner chair for 2 hours while I'm being poisoned with chemo has to be the most boring thing ever!

Anyways am beat as they gave me stronger painkiller and chemo's side effects have started.. Ya rabi inshallah inshallah I won't get the horrible side effects in days to come..

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel :) ya rabi alf il7amd wil shikir lik 3ala kil 7al..

Chemo girl Over and Out.. ..


CatEyes said...

so i guess it was better than u expected alf el 7emdelah ! min na7yat pain at least.. if boring is all u have to say about it ya3ne it went pretty well considering the circumstances;p twice a month is a good deal raya7teeni shway ;*

Dont.Dwell said...

It's nice seeing ina ur feeling more confident than ams :)

Theres always light at the end of the tunnel, but at times u have to look hard.

serenade said...

not that it's anything like reality,, but remembered lynette complaining of the same thing in desperate housewives,,

you can always kill time by watching a movie or a series marathon,,,
or be more productive and read Quran,,

whichever works for you,,,

hang in there sis,,, you will overcome this bithnAllah xoxo

WSS said...

I liked nafsetech eb hal post yarab you see the light sooner than you ever imagined

Standy said...

i've been away from the blogosphear for almost 2 weeks now, and 4 days back my sister asks me if i read your blog recently, i told her no i havent and she gave me your news.. i couldnt believe it, i was shocked for most of the night.. Allah yeshfeeki inshallah o inshallah the treatment will work and ma ra7 yekoon feeki ela alf 3afiya..

You are always in my prayers and du3a.. Allah ye7fa'9ik..

Unknown said...

Inshallah those 6 monthes will be done in a flash!

Q80BOY said...

yula good luck .. ma bagi shay .. close your eyes open them and it's November :)

For your boring 2 hours I'd recommend Laura Bush's book Spoken From The Heart .. or if your more into thrillers and crimes .. then Patricia Cornwell and Jeffrey Archer will entertain you.


eshda3wa said...

there is light at the end of the tunnel..

there always is !

praying for u :**

the boudoir. said...

see it wasnt that bad..7imdila wilshikir..u reek of optimism im so proud of u..i guess the escorts were probably bcoz people can use it to kill others with it or themselves if the wrong dosage is taken probably..anywayz i really wish u dont feel any more pain like u have endured before inshallah ya rab..after the session's effects wear off treat urself with something nice..a dinner some shopping live life ignoring ur woes thats the perfect medicine.stay strong:*

Anonymous said...

7ayaty i came across this website tawa, check it out..

Smart CoOKie said...

You are strong mashallah. Allah ykoon fi 3onk. =]

nosa said...

im so glad ur feeling better.. its all about ups n down.. n inshalah hal 6 months will pass n ul remember these days..

the light is 11 sessions nearer :D

Fajer said...

el 7emdelaa enna you're calm and gathered. Mashalla ur very inspiring. Enshalla you don't get the worst of el side effects. Even if u do, gad'ha enshalla. Love the attitude. lots of love;*

RainDrop said...

Chemo girl ROX!