Monday, 31 May 2010

My Cancer Card!

-This card should be with me at all times.. I actually have a Cancer Card! I feel so special, like I belong to group of elitists.. My lifelong dream was to get a PhD before 30 and before 30 what do I get? Cancer! Talk about getting fucked upside down.. Lets hope I get cured before 30 inshallah.. At least that would be an achievement worth mentioning..

-If you can't tell I'm MEGA pissed off and in a shitty mood..

-This tuesday is my 2nd chemotherapy.. How on God's green earth does one muster up the courage to go and get poisoned.. They say from the second session onwards it goes downhill and starts getting worse and worse! Possible hair loss begins.. Yay.. Super Yay! Pray for me that it won't be so difficult and I can endure it :(

-La 7awla wla quwa this really won't be easy.. I don't know how the days will pass..

-il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al.. shay ahwan mn shay..

p.s. Its taking me a while but I intend on replying to all the emails I'm getting as soon as I can.. Forgive me if it takes me a while to respond..


mimi said...

Baby,, u r special with a card or without to us ur :)
i will never stop praying for you inshalla the 2nd session of the chemo will be much easier,,just keep ur faith strong like always ,, god with you ,,and all of us are your second family,,and dont worry insha2allah w ib ithn allah u will beat it b4 ur 30,, after u finish on the cancer wait a little bet have fun little more ,,then goooooo for the PHD ,,, u will do it baby sis,, luv u alot :***

Anonymous said...

Love your positive attitude! Inshallah, you will be fine. Get well soon :)

Unknown said...

As i understood from your posts that you are getting your treatment in London. I just wana say that if you were here in Kuwait, we would have definitely gave you a visit! even if you think that we are totally strangers, am sure we can cheer you up :)
hang in there alright ! we all support you here and think you have alot of courage!

wet knickers said...

hey u!!!
like u said.. focus on the bigger picture.. don't let the card get u down!
people love u!
and people are praying for u!
and inshallah once ure fully well (which inshallah will be soon) u'll have ure own life back... and better!
ure blog is inspiring even when ure down!
please try to keep up the positiveness...
everyone's touched by ure fight!!! be strong! ;*

тσσηα said...

life is giving u the worse and keeping the best for later dnt rush into it just yet and wait until ur best comes to ur door ;)

Slashy said...

Inshallah ib 7ail Allah one day this card will be history. Hopefully soon.

Stay strong :*
We're praying for you.

the boudoir. said...

think about the card as a "red badge of courage", a medal. U went thru something hard and no one blames u for ur mood and not replyin to emails or whatever. allah y7afthich

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now don't you abuse that card.

- You know who

Q8othug said...

well i say: you already had it once (the poison) why not do it one more time (3an el 7alal wel 7aram)


funny, no ?

no. k


p.s. stay strong dear and be like nike: Just do it ! :)

KQ-Designs said...

ALah ygawmech besaLAmah .. :) O tfa2Lay beL 5air ..

enshalah everything gonna be ok ! I know words are not enough .. and hugs are not enough .. no one will understand what you feel ..

my mother kan feha breast cancer stage 4 ..

o 3arfaa kil shay t7seen feeh o kil shay tmreen feeh ..

mako shay bedniya yry7ch elaa eL quran O sometimes writting what you feel will help alot ..

I used to write in

any thing you need just email me at

luv u ;*

P.S : grait kil your posts hehe adre eni crazy bs 7sait eni abe a3rf everything abt you dear sis ..

alah yewafgch sis o yshafeech o yshr7 lich 9adrech ya rab :*

Shayouma said...

Allah e3eenich o yigawmich bilsalama inshallah :***

PaLoMiNo said...

ALAAAHHH :-D thakrteeny ib my card!! ;D

Mine was either YELLOW OR PINK!!!! :-D MA ATHKIR!!

Leme look for it, etha 7a9lta i'll send it to you :)

Some see a hopeless end, while others see an endless hope. ~Author Unknown

Shayouma said...

I love that Quote Palomino :*