Monday, 26 April 2010


And just when I thought it couldn't get worst of worse ..

The last hope didn't know jack shit.. And said I can't help.
My doctors gave up and transferring me to another professor in a different field.
I will now have to be cut open and have them snoop around my insides and try to find something or anything.

My case is going to be whored around London, Germany, and the States. Possibly Mars and Venus too!

NO ONE KNOWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS no fucking doctor in this country knows! My doctors were at a conference last week and every doctor they approached said I DON'T KNOW!



Anony said...

Kheth ro7e, kheth galbe, kheth 3umreee ya haneyali;*

Snow said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Stay strong, I'm sure the answer will come, don't give up until it does, even though I'm sure it is so hard and you feel like you want too. {{hugs}}

Anony said...

agrab men 3roge o sa3ben manalik ;*

enro7 rome 7ag elmobara? ;p

secrets said...

don't worry inshalla kilshay i3adi 3ala khair, hatha ibtela' min rab il3alameen don't give up yet

allah igawmich bl salamah inshalla

Anonymous said...

donate money to some needy ppl and do good things .. i just heard about a woman who suffered from some pain and when donated money her sickness was all gone .. allah yashfi il jamee3 inshalla