Friday, 16 April 2010


Just when I thought it couldn't get worse..

6 doctors.
2 different labs.
Each lab is sending it to a different one.

and NO ONE can diagnose me.

Doctor says they have never seen a case like mine.
They don't know what to do.
Waiting for response from 3rd hospital if they can figure it out .

If not then I don't know what else to do or who to see..

Might sound silly but please pray for me because it seems no one can help me except God.

Alf il7amdila 3ala kil 7al..


Anony said...


Arabzy said...

Not silly at all..

Allah yshfeeky ..

I will pray for you..

Never give up...

Le kole da2 dawa2..

God put this in you for you a reason..

Stay strong n rely on Allah..

serenade said...

:( ma tshofeen shar inshalla...

ajir o 3afyah xx

Anonymous said...

egry gur2an 3la roo7ech w 9ali 8alat ellail

ZoN said...

allah yshafeech ya fourme w yrzqech il 9e7a w il3afya inshallah. kil shay eb ajrah.

hatha 7adeth 3an il rasol 3alaih il9alat w ilsalam:
ما من مسلم يشاك شوكة فما فوقها إلا كتبت له بها درجة، ومحيت عنه بها خطيئة
fa e7tasba il ajir inshallah w allah yshfech inshallah

Smart CoOKie said...

الله يشفيكي. كله بأجره إن شاء الله.

PaLoMiNo said...

baby ur amazing :-) I wuvvv u :*
Dont worry okay? trust me inzain??? :)

allah al7afeth :*

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you.

CatEyes said...

allah y3eenech wesahhel 3alaich wenshalah mafeech ella el khair.. the good thing about them not detecting anything is that atleast u know its not a serious illness lana they would know about those.. fa el7emdelah they've ruled those out.. laish ma tsafreen bara? try more experienced doctors.. is it that they cant find anything or that they found something but they dont know what it is? alah y3eenech bad3eelech inshalah <3

Anonymous said...

6ahoor inshala ;** drink zamzam water .. my heart and prayers are with u .. hope u feel btr soon ..

FourMe said...

Thank you darlings I truly appreciated :*

I'm in London and elmafrooth they know better bs 7ashach kilhom 6la3aw 7ameer! They found something they just don't know what it is or how to treat it :(
thank u dear