Friday, 1 October 2010

Chemo Party

You know sometimes I surprise myself at how accepting I am of my destiny and how I choose to live with it. I think that's what makes me so tolerant of taking chemo. Even my nurses say 12 chemos every 2 weeks is quite TOO much and more than what the average cancer patients gets (4 or 5 chemos, once a month).

Anyhow silly enough I look forward to chemo! Maybe it's because I wanna finish quickly or simply I know its a necessity that cannot be avoided. On chemo's tuesday I told you I make an effort to dress up, from new clothing, to make up, to new scarf for the head, to accessories. I wake in the hospital with a smile on my face and greetings to my nurses. But damn it once I sit down and look around the faces bloody hell do I get depressed!! There is not 1 single smile in the house!! You'd think they were at a funeral. Okay so maybe they're not far from it but we're here, most had multiple sessions and know the drill, nothing new nothing shocking. So why the gloom!? I look around the faces and smile and try to make conversation to break the tension of the room. I kid you not when I say I light up the room when I'm in it. Minutes later you see a ripple of laughter and convo's breaking out everywhere..

I made friends there mind you I'm 1 of the youngest that attend on tuesdays. My friends are 2 ladies in their 40s. 1 of them on first conversation where we were discussing my cancer she hugged me! Literally 5 minutes after meeting her! If this was another situation I would have probably smacked her as I don't like to be touched! But odd enough I hugged her back and put my head on her shoulder. She understood what I was going through, and probably because I look much younger than my age they tend to feel sorry for me.

There are 3 chemo rooms, main hall seats about 25 ppl, and 2 smaller rooms seat 4 patients each. I always choose to have my chemo in the smaller room, the hall is too depressing and sounds of machines indicating chemos finish going off every 2 seconds, annoys the hell out of me. So last chemo I open one of small rooms and tell nurses am having my chemo here, even though they didn't want to, but hell I bake them cakes they can't say no to me :p

After settling in I told my 2 friends to come and have chemo in my room, its quite a small room so imagine it was me, my turkish friend, both ladies with their husbands, 2 nurses, and later my cousin passed by. You literally had to jump on chairs to be able to walk. So what do I do? Start talking and joking with them to an extant we were causing too much noise that nurses kept coming in asking what's going on here!! Not only that but I open chemo bag and distribute chocolates, crisps, fruits, and cokes hehe yaa FourMe on a picnic :p I tell you it was nothing short of a party! Imagine 3 of us ladies hooked up to chemo machines joking, laughing, and eating! Why play dead when getting poisoned!! We all know we got 1 hell on painful week ahead of us to recover so I try to make the most of it :) One of their husbands told me you got a good mind on you, you're trying to make the most of it.

Well why not?! I try to make chemo day fun because the second I finish my last drop of chemo I will endure 10 days of absolute HELL that no one can imagine. It is beyond painful and soul torturing.. Yala alf il7amdillah 3ala kil 7al, 3athab ednya wla 3athab elakhra. Only thing is I really wish I won't need more than 12 sessions of chemo.. Alah ysahil inshallah, Alah sob7ana w ta3ala ma yensa a7ad o ra7mta was3a am sure ma ra7 yensany o ra7 yr7amny eb ra7mita inshallah :)


الزين said...

صباح الخير يالشيخه

اليوم الجمعة
وبعد شوي الصلاة جامعه
وسويت استنفار بالبيت
وطلبت من اهلي كلهم يدعون لج
ووصيت اللي رايحين المسجد يطلبون من امام المسجد يدعي لج ويطلب من المصلين نفس الشي

وماكو شي على الله صعب

تدرين صار لي ثلاثة ايام اقرا بمدونتج
من البدايه
من 2008
اول شي حسيت اني قاعدة اتطفل
تالي قلت ابي اعرف هالإنسانه الرائعة
منج السموحه
بس تصدقين
صج لين قالوا الأرواح جنود مجندة
منها من يتآلف ومنها من يتخالف

احبك في الله
وعسى ربي يستجيب الدعاء

keep on going
i luv ur high spirit

Aurous said...

yalla enshalla you'll be done soon ;***

Anonymous said...

Fourme walla walla enty zooqa;*
o metheel ma gelty ra7mat allah kebeera o kkeep up the high spirit
wenshalla etgomen lena blsalam sooooon ya raab ;**


reemas said...

أسأل الله مالك الملك
الذي يهب ملكه لمن يشاء
أن يغمرك بنعيم الايمان
و عافية الأبدان و رضا الرحمن
و أن يسكنك أعلى الجنان
جمعة مباركة

دعواتنا و قلوبنا معاج
الله يرزقج القوة و الصبر
الله يخفف عنج كل الم
الله ينعم عليج بالصحة و الشفاء

i used to answer to those who send me such a long msgs on Fridays.. HAPPY FRIDAY :p
so Happy Friday dear :D


Hope said...

Allah YeShfeech honey
ma buga shay.. u've come a long way

Yours Truly said...

*HUGS* :~)

noora said...

absolutely LOVE LOVE LOooOoOooOVE the new attitude of yours ;*****
3ajeeeeba 3ajeba hal fourme yazeenich ;D allah e7afthich o etamim 3aleech o tqomeen bil salama adir ya kareem ,, 3asa rabbi yemsa7 ib hal marath killll thnobich o yej3al saf7etich beetha methel gulbich
its amazing how i feel ur happiness and excitment!! wallah its amazing..
allah lama e7ib il 3abd yebteleeh
o allah lama e7ib il 3abd yej3al 7obbah yanzil ben enas
guess allah e7ibich wauid wauid fourme :) 3asa rabi ehaneech bily 3a6ach, family friends spirit and attitude :) allah ya7fithich

Unknown said...

I wanna hug you right now :***

Anony said...

enzain ed3eeli allah yaghfer thonobe ba3ad :P

madre laish wedi astekhef dame o asta3be6 3ala el comments :P bs a7es ra7 an6ag :P

Well Wisher said...

One of your best posts so far FourMe!! I absolutely loved it!! I also loved the 'Me Time' one as well, you should do more things for yourself when u can :)

Ee wallah innich 9ajja! Why the gloom, I know there might be some days where you don't feel up to partying and talking with others, but the days you're up for it, you should go for it! Believe me you have lighted up their day!

I'm sure this hopeful attitude also affects the way your body takes the chemo! The immune system is stronger when your happier. Inshallah ya raby ayamich kiliha sa3eeda chithy ya rab :D

اللهم لا سهل إلا ما جعلته سهلا، و أنت تجعل الحزن اذا شئت سهلا-

Rumaitha said...

Al7amdililah, and i8tas so true what one of the husbands said to you..!!
You really have a good mindset on you and that alone is enough for you fight off whatever you get hit by.

3asa rabii yeshfeek w ye7meek ya rab. You are always in my prayers.

RainDrop said...

Ok u seriously cracked me up with this post! I wont lie to u, but u teared me up too!

R u a sagittarius? :P

You need an after cure party.. I'm already having a party planned in my head haha.. Yallah once u get cured come to dubai and i'll give u the best party ever.. ill get u snacks dont wry.. ;)