Sunday, 5 September 2010


-I'm sick and tired of being sick and the endless questioning about my sickness.. It's as if there is nothing more about me, now it's all about my survival..

-Through this ordeal I truly found out who are my real friends are and who aren't.. As well I learnt there are some people who are mo kafo o mafehom khair.. Shagool yahood? 3yal 7aram? Nas matqadir el3shra?! Wala no words of insults or tbhthil will be enough to explain how such people are mo kafo!! Magool ela 7asby Alah w ni3ma elwakeel..

-My mood swings are at their worst.. One second am fine and the next I can smack you and boiling with anger:/

-Mother wanted me to buy something new for Eid (as if am doing anything). I went to look for something instead I came back with garments to be worn for Chemo day.. Cheba7 chemo :(

-What are your plans for Eid?


Anony said...


Anony said...

loo a7ebech lo amooooooooot feech wakheth men 3umreeee wa36eeech :P

sweetd said...

:******************** akeed ull find out who ur real friends r...especially at a time like this..:) remember to be positive even when ur feeling bad! We are supporting u oo inshallah u will fight this:)

Yours Truly said...


I'm reading Quran right now and I stopped to check your blog and now will go back to reading and silently praying with my heart and mind that god cures you. My heart goes out to you. Kella ajer o thawab dear. Alla nshalla be3aweth sabrech khair denya o akhra goolay ameen.

Q80thug said...


afa 3laich bs! 7adhreen: pass by my place for the usual lulz....


everyone usually prays and talk around here but nobody usually asks, how about you comment this time:

nabi muwa9at el doctooor aw el mumaridh el 7leew elli 6ay7a feh khaz chethe -->@@

el youm shlabsah ? patient gown wala shay thany ?

shno el oghniyah el kuwaitiyah elli weddich tesmi3een-ha awwal youm el 3eed ? (3shan ndhab6ich etha mo em7a9lat-ha)

Standy said...

inshallah i wil be travveling =)

its nice to have a break..

do you want me to get you anything?

Anonymous said...


you gotta see this :D

nabee 3eediyaa, 3a6ooona 3eediya *dances*


meem said...

da3aitlich the other day eb lailat 27 =)
n.shallah ew9alatlich my prayes =) ?!

meem said...

prayers** =)