Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Chemo - 8

- 8 Chemo's down 4 to go inshallah

-I usually take a mixture of 4 chemos but they  only gave me 3 and dropped one because they are afraid it caused lung damage. Will see specialist next week.

- The girls sent me gerg3an it's amazing!! Ely ygargi3ly a36y 7alaw em7azir :p

P.s. M. Al-S Thank you dear s000 much for the beautiful Quran's most beautiful I have ever seen and the most precious gift! Thank u so much 7abooba :* 


Anony said...


Anony said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL chathabaa em7azer looooooooool hatha gerge3aan omy el 3uda :P charity for a good ccause ya3ni (A)

sektay zain rerhaw ydezona agola alla ykhaleek :P agola gerge3aan gerge3aan :P

Anonymous said...

3alaich balf 3afyyaa oo enjoy them whenever you can!
e7tert madre which one to send , theyre too pretty ,so dazait both :p

- M al S

Danderma said...

Wanasaa they sent you gerge3aaaan!

3ad ams ana ga3d aa6al3 il gergr3an o a6al3ich bel chemo chan agol chanzain dazeen for 4y gerge3aan but chood ma yerthon yedkahlonah UK feeh seeds o nut etc. etc.

gerge3an kakawat won't hurt either

ashwa the girls ism Allah 3lehom ma y6ofhom shay dazolich gerge3an :*

Anonymous said...

Saaallim fourmee yallaaah khalhaaa lomhaa yallaah *dances*


the boudoir. said...

3alaich bil3afya 3al girgee3an and the quran:*

Yours Truly said...

Mashalla you've come a very long way! :) Alla nshalla etammem 3alaich o yeshafeech o treddeen el kuwait eb 7aq hallayaly el fatheela goolay ameen nshallaa :)