Sunday, 18 July 2010

To Atoona :*

It seems like July is a blessed month.. All the darling wonderful girls are born in it!!

This sweet sweet darling I came to know by chance.. I usually don't take to people very quickly but this sweetheart I absolutely adored from the minute I met her and felt like I already knew her from long ago..

To the dearest
Atoona I wish you an absolutely fantabulous year that brings you joy, happiness, and makes all your dreams come true :*

Ladies and Gents kindly wish this beautiful girl a Happy Birthday and a fabulous year to come!


p.s. I still laugh about the cab incident :p
p.p.s. So pissed at the twins for not telling me earlier its your birthday!!


Kindly wish another dear blogger a Happy Birthday..
May all your wishes and dreams come true this year..
Happy Birthday Standy :*


Hope said...

Happy B-Day to both Atoona o Standy
May all their WiShes come true =D

zwena said...


atoona said...

Ooh my gooshh!
im actually blushing LooL!
Thaaankkss Fooooof *hugs*

Wallah a person can only dream to know such a kind and caring wonderful person like you :**
3asAllah y7aftheech golay ameen :***

Thanks again for the post, i can't stop smiling =)
happy bday standy and Danderma ;p


Danderma said...

Happy birthday my July Twin :*

where on earth have you been all this time! Yalla 3ad i miss u!

Standy said...

lool.. omg i didnt see this coming.. wallah it means alot to me =)
THank you fourme for your wishies =)

ATOONA.. i am a day older, regarless of the year lool.. Happy birthday and may all your dreams come true =)