Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hope in April?!

Oh this is going to be toughy!! I will either commit suicide by the end of the month, become like you calm people, or the rest of my 40% of coloured hair will go grey :/ See i LOVE Feb,(feb was an asshole to me), April, and May as for the rest of the months of the year I don't like them, especially from July onwards they're just blah.. Yes I know I make no sense.. But when did I ever make any?! So in April I wanna try something new.. Normalcy that is! Shocking no?

Okay this is the deal from the 1st of April to 30th of April this Blog, Twitter account, FourMe, and ME will be Anger/Rant/Psychotic free zone!! I will attempt in April to be a less Me and more "Normal".. I will smile :/ more and have a more op.. Opt.. Optmissss.... See I can't bring myself to say it! Crap! OPTAFUCKINGMISTIC See I said IT :D Yes Yes it is the end of the world! The end is near run for your lives! I will try to be Optimistic for ONE month and ONE month only (i wanna cry already). I will suppress my anger for one month, be happier, and try a different outlook on life. I will probably rapture an artery but hey all for the sake of experimenting and will power!

I wanna test myself. I usually have very very strong will power but this is going against the essence of ME the miserable angry bitch.. Now comes in your part.. I will try to post cheerful lovey fucking dovey crap and all enthusiastic and pissing optimistic and crap like that.. I will probably fail after the first 2 days but hey this is your queue.. You people if bothered and 'love' my well being and give a flying fuck about me which I highly doubt but hey optimistic right? You gotta leave me inspirational comments, happy cheerful crap talk, and encourage me like a toddler on her first day of nursery.. Seriously this will be very very difficult :(

Emm dare I say I'm actually looking forward to this little experiment! I like to break me and prove her wrong and kick her ass from here to Tanzania.. I hope <--- see already started! Am hoping for shit now :D No really I hope I can succeed in this and prove I have the strength like I used to do and can tame my own ass.. Let's hope in April I can bitchslap me into happiness and serenity.. Amen!

I FourMe pledge that April will be a HOPEFUL month no matter what happens!
And will NOT
Be Angry

Or a Pessimist!

shite this means I only have a day and a half of being miserable and angry :( Fuck this shit I'm off to cause some havoc :/


Anony said...

Haw @@

Unknown said...


use it
love it

it shall cheer you up.

zwena said...

wallaaah o ghalaat 3yoooonik :P

doona said...

i hate all year until 2100
(ya3ny akeed ill be dead by then, so no need for mroe hate ;P)

Standy said...

why Tanzania?

Stuck in Lab said...

Thats it. OWN your ass!!

Show it who's boss!!

zwena said...

i think i like this idea 7ata an basaweha :P

Sumaiah said...

hello sunshine, how's the conversion proces going with u?
yallah good luck, wish that i could be as strong welled as u are:)