Sunday, 27 September 2009

too painful

Slept at 6 and woken at 7 by another episode of excruciating back pain.. Took two different painkillers and barely working. This has to be one of the worst pains I have ever felt in my life. I need to take my mind of it cuz if I don't I will collapse from how painful it is. This motherfucking disc pain tops all pains. Its fucking painful the life is being sucked out of me. Tried walking around to ease pain and not working. Three days without pain and now this horrid horrid pain. This is what torture is. A thousand knives are being dug in my back. Alf il7amdila bs I beg of you God I can't handle this pain please make it stop I beg of you..


Anonymous said...

توضع اليد مكان الشكوى ثم يقال : ( باسم الله, أعوذ بعزة الله وقدرته , من شر ماأجدو احاذر)

keep on saying it lain ykhef/ yroo7 el pain eb 2ethn Allah.. from experience, it works like magic! *sub7an Allah*

+ salamaat


Standy said...


Allah yeshfeeiki inshallah..

Faith said...

I agree with Anonymous try those ayaat and other Quran verses while massaging your back and I read that lentil is good for back pain. The way you describe it is so serious please go see a special clink or a well-known dr. that can actually help. Will pray for you sweetie:*

Jack Ass said...

Hey Lady,I think you must do something serious about it.Go to a sports specialist and don't take it lightly like you seem to be....

What if you are unable to lift and spread your legs for your man ? ;-)

Now you know how serious it is eh ?

Average.Q8i said...


Errant said...

allah yeshfeeki o salamat

R.. said...

ma tshofiin shar ;/
salamaaat ;*
walla ma tistahlain !!!!!!

Anony said...

I so freaking miss ur blog !!!

ZoN said...

matshofen shar fourme, ajir w 3afya inshallah

Anonymous said...

6ahor inshalla:* salamat w ma tshofen shar! Hope ur flng btr nw


Ahmed's 819 said...

you got disc pain? what are you, 150killos?

it happens rarely *the disc pain* for average people* cant explain why it happened to u

anyways, matshoofeen shar.

Shoush said...

Hiii! :* Salamat babe, matshoofin shar inshala. Isn't there anything to be done about this pain??

FourMe said...

alah ysalmich hun thank u :*

eysalmich dear.. ameen :/

Ohh its very painful :( i did go couple weeks back and had everything checked, doc said it'll go by itself and for time being just painkillers.. thank you sweetheart :*

jack ass:
hahaha oh my God! you did not just say that!! the vulgarity of that comment is hilarious!!

though no worries about lifting and spreading as I don't have a man yet..


alah ysalmich dear..

shar mayeech hun.. alah ysalmich :*

i s0 missed u :*

shar mayeek dearest..

shar mayeech.. as long as i take painkillers morning and night I'm fine :/

minus the 100 is my weight.. neither can I.. shar mayeek..

OMG!!! I was just wondering where you disappeared off to!! alah ysalmich.. so far just painkillers and hoping the pain goes away by itself :/

btw you were missed!!

Shoush said...

7abeebti iwlahat 3alaich il3afya, missd u all too wala! ;*