Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ripple Effect

During Chemotherapy days my friend used to come from Turkey every 2 weeks to London, stay 3 days and leave, this went on for 6 months. I have never witnessed such act of kindness and didn't know how to repay her. Nothing materialistic I could give her would repay her for what she did for me, the support and kindness she showed me is second to none.

I promised her I'd repay her one way or the other one day. 6 months after I was in remission I received an email from a stranger asking for hospital recommendations as her 19 year old niece has been diagnosed with Cancer. I replied and promised to help the young lady. That beautiful young woman is Elmohandisa that I've mentioned couple of times here. I have never met her or knew anything about her, yet I went with her to 4 or 5 Chemo sessions, I'd sit with her and try to make her forget about the torturous treatment she was about to receive. Throughout her treatment and till now I've tried by best to support her and be there for her, like my friend did for me.

When she was cured and in remission she promised to pay it forward and help others in time of need as I helped her. Couple days ago she told me she's being there for 2 of her friends that have Cancer and undergoing harsh treatment and surgeries. I couldn't be happier and tears of joy streamed down my face, as what my friend has done for me, and what I did for Elmohandisa has had a ripple effect and more people are benefiting in their worst time of need.

I never thought she will go through it and pay it forward, I thought I'd do my good deed and let it go unaccounted for. But to my shock and my friends' dismay, it HAS! One act of kindness by my friend has been paid forward and Inshallah those two ladies when in remission will pay it forward.

Help a person out, even when they don't ask for it, you will never know how many people will benefit from it.

Pay it forward people :)


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ever since i've seen the movie, years ago.. i've been engrossed with the idea! i mean, what's more beautiful than doing so?!

bows to ur friend for starting it! May this keep going on and on forever and ever!

1001Nights said...

I'm so proud of you for taking it upon yourself to support a girl you didn't even know. So so proud of you.