Monday, 22 May 2017

The Beauty In It All

Collateral Beauty. A beautiful movie so well made, it's despair, sadness, loss and suffering wrapped in a bundle. It talks of time, death and love. 

We've all lost. Whether it's people or parts of ourselves. Do we ever get over that loss? A loss so great that it imprints on your soul till the end of time. Shall we brush it under the rug or bury it in the depth of our minds and go on living? What do you do when that loss pops up in your mind and remind you of what is not there anymore? Do you bury it again? Or do you pray time makes you forget what you've lost? What do you do when you've lost your life? 

You hear time heals all wounds. Does it really? Or do we just live and pile on the memories and bury our loss? What do you do when time doesn't heal your loss or doesn't mend your broken body? 

Love yourself? Is that what we're meant to do? How can you love a piece you lost that you cannot forget which time won't heal? How can you love broken? 

At this point do you step back and appreciate the pain of it all? The collateral beauty of your life and your loss. Do you detach yourself from your own situation and look at the grand picture? 

What if there is no beauty in your collateral beauty? 

What if the beauty that came out of it all benefits everyone around you except you? Do you set yourself aside so others can bask in it? Do you stay in the darkness so others enjoy the light? 

But there are moments when you see the beauty of the situation and you bask in it yourself but then it's gone. What do you do then? Retrieve into the darkness and morn your loss? 

Till when? Till when is it okay to morn if time is on your side and you have it? Aren't you wasting precious time then? 

It's a viscous circle and you can only break out of it when you love the mess that it has caused, to appreciate what has been lost and what has been gained even if it isn't worth what was lost.  

Maybe the only way forward is to appreciate the lessons you were taught.. 

To live and hope one day to see the beauty behind it all.. 


Anonymous said...

Nothing is truly lost. Nothing is truly broken. Nothing is truly forgotten.

It is our thoughts, which create our reality.

Life can be agonizing and suffering can be more than tormenting.

Nevertheless, the beauty of life, is to endure.

I am going to die one day, and you too.

The strings which bind us, however invisible, will die too.

We are here and that is what counts.

We create the beauty or otherwise.

I wish peace to you. Take care of yourself.

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