Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Die Fone Die

Death to phones. ALL PHONES! 2 weeks ago my beloved Blackberry decided to freeze and go insane on me along with losing all my 570 contacts!! I had couple of heart attacks along with a handful of rage episodes. No it refused to backup hence all my other setting etc have been lost! Yes FML To eternity and back. Got a replacement, the latest Bold and it sucked BIG time, went back to the 9900 even though shitty shit phone. If only iPhone comes with buttons!

Ashamed to admit it but I like the iPhone now. But still back to BB. Oh if that isn't annoying enough, I had to switch providers cuz mine is just shit. Another headache. Hours upon hours with sales people and trying to do the switchover and all that shite.

Technology will be the death of me.. But thankfully I'm finally back on track with working phones, and somehow by the power of mermaids I got my contact list back.

What's wrong with pigeons?! Why can't we use them instead of all this crap!

- And you just wasted a minute of your life reading absolute bullshit. My deepest sympathies to you-

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RainDrop said...

phones r such a stress.. so not needed with everything else going on. If only we could go back to home phones and msn?! ya not far back, can't go to pigeons myself sorry.. lol