Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Crushing Bad.

I'm crushing. And I'm crushing bad! No scratch that. I'm in love with the character Harvey Specter of Suits, played by Gabriel Macht.

Sighhhhhhhhh.. Yes I'm sighing like a friggin teenager that's got the hots for her English Lit sub. teacher.

I want Harvey! All to myself and not to share. He's my only crush since Pitbull. Fuck I've got an odd taste in men.

It's his character that's got to me, intelligence, assertiveness, and cocky personality. Sighhhhh. Everything I love in a man..

Suits is a must watch show if you're into lawyers and the lot.


Qumar 14 said...

i love him..

FourMe said...

Back off woman!

Jacqui said...

I grant you permission to ooze and drool over my Harvey Specter! Yes I called dibs on all Hollywood TV Show men! :P And some Movie men! :P

I can't help it until angered o atzawaj I will forever be married to a million hot actors both straight and gay ones :P