Wednesday, 13 June 2012

a Train into the Abyss

What if you could foresee the future? The good. The bad. The ugly. Would you choose to still live it? If a tape was played out for you at the age of ten and told this is how your life will pan out; would you still live it?

That's one thought that lingers on my mind for time and time. Would I choose this life? I'm tempted to say no but there are times when the contentment of simply being alive is worth a thousand miserable moments. But is it worth the loss, the pain, the sadness? I wonder what my choice would be.

If you could truly and clearly convey how you feel and think, the things that you cannot tell a living soul apart from your inner self, that voice in your head, if you can play that out for your ten year old self, make it vividly understand your torment; would it still choose to live?

On a different note, humans are becoming the scum of the earth. Each consumed with their petty life, needs, wants, desires, and personal gain. We live in the land of plastics, Barbies and Kens, all equally empty. An empty bullet shell, looks deadly, but does no harm, leaves no mark, useless.

Have you left your mark on the world? Or in a persons life? Are you remembered as a good or bad encounter? If bad, then you're nothing but a poisonous memory..


Anonymous said...

The good thing is we don't know the future. Even if we did, its not worth remembering. Even if we did convey truly and clearly the feelings and thoughts and show vividly all the torment we have gone through, the child might not understand it fully, as walking the line is way different than knowing the line. Its what you are now and choices you will make that matters. If you are looking for Barbies and Kens... you will find them everywhere. Its how you see that's important, not what it is. Forgive the long para.

RainDrop said...

I would live it the way it is, with all it's shit.